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Bundle Your Pack for best-deal purchases

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Reward Yourself for your loyalty to us

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Delivering top-notch extensions of smart functionality, exceptional usability and proven code quality, essential for anyone who owns or is about to start a store on Magento 2. A 25% discount is quoted to all our M1 customers.

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Magento 1

Magento has been our primary platform since its inception and over the years we have assembled a comprehensive portfolio of extensions covering most, if not all, areas of running an eCommerce business.

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What Our Customers are Saying
«Advanced Logic is Aheadworks Partner since 3 years and in 2014 they became our Select Partners that brought to a successful cooperation on completion of several custom works for worldwide clients.Advanced Logic is a one-stop-shop for Magento eCommerce merchants»
Davide Consonni
Founder and CEO, Advanced Logic (Italy)
«Aheadworks has literally opened the rich world of Magento development for us. We’ve got many valuable opportunities from AW that allowed us to bring our Magento department to the completely new level, that would be impossible to achieve without having such an amazing partner»
Andrey Labunskiy
CEO, WDevs (Ukraine)
«We’ve developed hundreds of Magento projects using aheadwork’s extension’s and so far, we’re pretty happy with their products. They work as expected and the integration process was fast and easy. We hope they keep doing a great job with Magento 2 extensions»
Trieu Duc Trong
Marketing Manager, SmartOSC (Vietnam)
«You guys are the best»
Gentian Shero
Co-founder, CEO & Marketing Consultant
«We love using Aheadworks extensions because we know they will work well right away as they are well tested. If there are any questions, they get answered right away.Our clients are depending on us to help us grow their businesses, and we partner with Aheadworks because they help us grow our business.»
Brad Kort
President, Web 2 Market
«Last year, we lifted our partnership with Aheadworks to a higher level, which allowed our clients lot of benefits while using AheadWorks’ extensions.As a company, they are very friendly, ready to help and collaborate, and always deliver on time. Real trustworthy partner in the Magento community. It’s great to have them on our side!»
Inchoo team
Inchoo (Croatia)
«We trust Aheadworks to produce reliable, scalable, well maintained extensions. We also trust the support team is there to help. Very recently we had a challenge needing to develop a one-step checkout, Aheadworks was the only solution that offered the granularity in configuration we needed. Great work guys!»
Andrew Bailey
Production Manager, Nublue
«We’ve been working with Magento since version 1.3 and with Aheadworks almost as long. During the development and improvements to the Magento platform we have regularly required to extend and improve our client sites. Over the years we’ve tried many extension suppliers with varying results, however we discovered that Aheadworks offers the best range of extensions and solutions combined with great support. By purchasing from one vendor we know that these extensions will work together and in the rare cases where they didn’t work well with orders Aheadworks support took care of the issues. These were done quickly and well notated so you knew what had been changed which helps avoid over writing the fixes.
Overall they are in our opinion the best Magento extension vendor.»
Mike Reid
Max Q Designs (US)

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