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What is Magento extension

What is the main feature of Magento though, is that its functionality can be further improved and enhanced with the help of Magento 2 extensions. The extension are third-party software that brings new functionality, such as subscriptions, email marketing, improved navigation to the store. Along with Magento 2 ecommerce themes, that improve the store look and create unique store style. That is where Aheadworks – a leading Magento extensions provider comes into play. Aheadworks has been with Magento since the very release and happy to offer its expertise in extension development to Magento community. We are offering 26 extension to cover the most basic and advanced aspects of store sales, marketing and user experience areas:

Why migrate to Magento 2

Magento started in 2008 and in few years become the largest ecommerce platform with the market share of more than 30%. With 2015 bringing new Magento 2.0 version to the world many are either considering Magento migration or have already migrated to 2.0 version. Magento Extensions by Aheadworks. Here are the reasons why: