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Coming up this month: Video Testimonials extension by aheadWorks!

Online video marketing is very important in today’s ecommerce. Build your customers trust, increase sales, prove that you are the best merchant to do business with. Potential customers want more than just promises from your website – they want to see satisfied customers sharing positive experience using your product.

Video Testimonials Magento extension by aheadWorks allows your customers to upload video testimonials and reviews, your potential customers – view videos on your website and rate. All videos are stored on youTube. Store administrator is able to select user groups able to upload video or disable public upload feature at all – this makes sense when you use this extension to add your own video guides and reviews to your products.

Extension will be released later this month – keep an eye on updates!

April 6, 2010 Incident

April 6, 2010 some of our customers were experiencing problem accessing admin panel. This caused by our AW_All extension which is included into every aheadWorks extension. The reason of this problem was a hardware failure in our hosting company which had made our site and XML feed AW_All is looking for inaccessible for some time.

In order to prevent this in the future and give our customers 100%  guarantee this will not happen again we will move XML feed to Content Delivery Network  (CDN ). As an additional benefit, the XML feed will be accessible much faster due to the CDN distribution.

Updated AW_All will be released within 2 weeks. We will provide all our customers with detailed AW_All upgrade instruction.

AW_ All functions:

  • Display all aheadWorks extensions installed, its versions and availability of updates
    Extensions with updates available are marked with update icon.
  • Display direct links to products purchased
    You may visit extension page in one click to get additional info, updates user guides and demos.
  • aheadWorks extensions logging
    Logging helps customers provide aheadWorks support and developers with more information about extension behavior.
  • Notifications
    You are able to subscribe/unsubscribe form aheadWorks notifications as well as specify  area of your interest: your extensions updates, new releases, promotions and discounts.

We are back online!

During the last few hours some of our customers were experiencing problems while working in admin panel caused by our AW_All extension which is included into all our extensions. The reason of the problems is a hardware failure in our hosting company which had made our site inaccessible for some time.

We are extremely sorry for any problems caused by this incident and can assure you that we will elaborate a number of measures which will guarantee stability of AW_All behaviour under any circumstances, even complete failure of our site or server. We’ll make an additional announce in our blog with the description of these measures.

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Refer a Friend 1.0 released!

Refer a Friend Magento ExtensionAccording to the investigation conducted by Forrester Research 83% of North Americans rely on the opinion of a friend who has used the product or service when only 60% trust consumer reviews on a retailer’s site. Use the power of word of mouth!

Our new viral marketing module “Refer a friend” stimulates your customers to invite their friends to your store. As a result the customers who referred their friends get % or flat rate discount and you gain more clients and more benefit. Let your customers promote your on-line store for you!


  • Flexible rules basing on targets: signups quantity, purchased items quantity, purchase amount
  • Rules actions: apply discount percent, or fixed sum percent
  • Unlimited number of rules
  • Customer can trigger several rules at once and get a combined discount
  • Rules work per each referred customer, or for all referred
  • Rules priority
  • Statistics module for admin
  • Advanced tracking – cutomers will never loose their referrals
  • Customer panel in the user area with statistics and notifications in case a discount has been earned
  • Easy 2-minutes installation
  • Meets Magento programming practices for most versions and customizations compatibility

Product page:

Blog 1.0.1 released

Blog Magento ExtensionDue to the lack of activity in this highly demanded extension development, aheadWorks has agreed with the owner and previous developer lazzymonk on moving the ownership rights to our company.

We are already well known in modules development sphere and decided to take our chance to make a valuable contribution to the community.

So we must answer the first question that could arise immediately – yes, the extension continues to be free and open source despite it changes its license and owner.

We’ll try to dedicate more efforts to the development to make this extension better and better and satisfy growing needs of the community.


Sure, we made the new version compatible with the previous one. It doesn’t delete any information, everything from your old blog will be integrated. To ensure proper migration please refer to the upgrade instructions and follow them thoroughly.

What’s in the new release?

  • Last Magento version compatibility
  • Switchable WYSIWYG
  • Excerpt field
  • Tags added
  • Tags cloud block added
  • If user is logged in comment fields are pre-filled
  • Ability to show blog menu only on blog page
  • Settings menu shortcut
  • Add post menu shortcut
  • .htm rewrite added to post link
  • This is not a beta – the release is stable and for live stores use

Extension page:

P.S. In fact this is a pre-release. We will submit new version to magento connect next week.

Magento Dedicated Team

aheadWorks is proud to announce the launch of a brand new kind of service – Magento Dedicated Developers Team. Now you can have a group of programmers fully at your disposal. Hire your Magento Programmers now

Checkout Promo 1.0.1 released

Bug fix release:

  • Bug with not working coupons is fixed

Custom checkout for Magento

News and Updates feed launched!

aheadWorks news and updates feed launched! It will deliver extensions news and updates directly to your store on daily basis.

Product Questions 1.1 released

Release features:

  • Complete breadcrumbs
  • Customer-defined status
  • Ability to insert PQ blocks via layout
  • Link to admin area from e-mail
  • Bugfixes

More information, demo, screens are on product page:

Checkout Promo 1.0 Released

Checkout Promo Magento ExtensionsThis is another powerful sales motivation extension – you can entice your customers to spend more to receive this or that benefit. “Buy X to get a discount”, “Spend not less than Y to get a gift”, “Buy product N to get K for free” and many other sales formulas can be successfully implemented using this extension. You can create as many rules as you wish and satisfy requirements even of the biggest ecommerce players.

Sample View


  • Multiple configurable blocks positioning on checkout and shopping cart pages
  • Customizable rules based covering any combination of order and cart items attribute set
  • Rules priority, start and expiration datesRule information
  • Websites and customer groups based rules
  • Customizable blocks defined in CMS Static Blocks section
  • Unlimited number of rulesRules List
  • Multiple promo blocks on page
  • Easy 2-minutes installation
  • Meets Magento programming practices for most versions and customizations compatibility

Extension page:

Magento World Newsletter (June 3, 2009)

This is May newsletter of aheadWorks Magento World store – the largest stock of commercial and most useful Magento extensions. In this message we highlight our new modules and updates for the old ones.

New Extensions

Please do not forget to check product page of the extensions that might interest you – there is much more information like tips, FAQ, changelog, demos, videos etc.

Follow Up Email

Follow up emails is powerful tool for any ecommerce site. It gives a comfortable and flexible way to automatically reach your customers by email on day X after an order had been placed.

Some features:

  • 3-tiers follow up system
  • Ability to setup tiers in dependence on order status
  • Unlimited number of rules
  • Native Magento templating and mailing systems
  • Integrated into standard Magento template – looks and acts like a native code

Frequently Bought Together

Frequently Bought Together extension continues our line of Amazon’s innovative techniques adaption on Magento platform. This module has been created to substitute and significantly improve functionality and usability of Magento core module Related Products.

During the installation Frequently Bought Together turns off Related Products block and allows you to choose where to display its content by inserting a simple code in your CMS. Once embedded, the extension displays related products in a neat, comfortable and modern way, employing smooth and eye-catching AJAX and JavaScript effects. Frequently Bought Together does not only enrich your store content and make it look web 2.0 – it also attracts and encourages your customers to put additional products in their cart, increasing your cross sells and total purchase amount.

From AJAX side the module is powered by Pico JavaScript library – an in-house project of aheadWorks Co.

Frequently Bought Together takes its honored place in our set of perfectly crafted Magento sale motivation extensions.

On Sale

This extension allows you to add graphical labels to your special products images.

Attract your visitors to special items – the labels can be displayed in catalog view as well as in product. The label image and text are easily customized: you can use a label that comes into the package and upload you own; you can not only write your text on the label but also use the following variables: Discount Amount (calculated automatically), Regular Price, Special Price, Save Amount (calculated automatically). So it’s possible to label your products with texts like “Save $10 on this item today”, or “Buy for $29 save $10!” – all price values are calculated for each product individually. Label appears only when there is a special price for the product.

This way you save a lot of time when running e.g. seasonal discounts campaign, with a simple 3-minutes setup you can put labels on a category or the whole store.

Some features:

  • Separate catalog and product view labels setup
  • Ability to upload your own images for catalog and product labels
  • Labels appear when special price is set
  • 6 predefined label positions
  • Special variables to use in your label texts
  • Ability to disable labels for catalog or/and product
  • Compatible with all major browsers (IE6, IE7, IE8, Safari, Opera, FireFox 2, FireFox 3, Google Chrome)
  • Separate CSS files for catalog and product labels

Updated Extensions

Don’t forget to check full changelog on the product pages.

AJAX Cart Pro

Current version: 1.2.1
Upgrade: Recommended
Upgrade cost: free for all versions
What’s new:
+ Language files added
* Configurable and grouped products render fix
* Progress bar position fix
* Default values fix

Frequently Bought Together

Current version: 1.1.2
Upgrade: Recommended
Upgrade cost: free for all versions
* Structure corruption during clicking flood fix
* Currency delimiter fix
* Product with required options displaying fix
+ Considering product special price
+ Related products section hiding upgrade

Help Desk Ultimate

Current version: 2.3.1
Upgrade: Recommended from any previous version
Upgrade cost: free for all versions
What’s new:
+ Auto-assign to departments on e-mail reply
+ Ability to hide departmnents selector from customers
+ One-click Contact Form integration
+ One-click Product Questions integration
+ Improved parsing mechanism for html emails
+ Per-store default department
+ Ticket Lock
+ Ability to hide departments selector from customers
* catalogrule_apply_all cron job conflicting rule
* No back link when viewing closed ticket
* Parsing of text emails

On Sale

Current version: 1.0.2
Upgrade: Recommended from any previous version
Upgrade cost: free for all versions
What’s new:
* Getting image size fix
* Extension CSS layout change
+ Clickable label

RSS Reader

Current version: 1.0.10
Upgrade: Recommended
Upgrade cost: free for all versions
What’s new:
+ “Summary max chars” and “summary max words” configuration parameters added

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That’s all what were going to inform you about. Do not forget stay in touch, leave ratings and all kinds feedback, we are always happy to hear your thoughts. If you need a new feature in our product – just let us know – it has good chances to be implemented.

Thank you for being with us and good luck to your busines,
Sincerely yours,
aheadWorks Magento department

Advanced Menu 1.7.3 Released

Release details:

  • Native menu style affecting fix
  • Left folding menu type top categories without children now clickable

Magento Menu