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aheadWorks Newsletter – March 2014

Occupying the lead position on Magento solutions market implies that every single day must be a step forward. We at aheadWorks follow that principle strictly, but never looking back is not wise – for it’s the past that we learn lessons from.

So what were our achievements in March, 2014? What milestones have we hit? It’s high time to recap!

Partnership Program Expansion

We have been lately putting much effort into developing a network of like-minded partners, and this endeavor is bearing fruit.

We’ve just recently introduced new (and definitely exciting!) partnership terms, and this month only, 7 new companies joined the ranks of our trusted official partners.

As of now, our network counts over 70 active partners, and we are working to further expand it.

If you represent a webdev company and deal with Magento often, you are welcome to join us!

Updated Extensions

In March, we have released 3 major updates loaded up with new exciting features.

Magento Events 2014

It goes without saying that one must keep pace with the latest news and trends to succeed in modern world, and in eCommerce world in particular.

But where to get these news from? What is the best place to hear important announcements, get insider information, establish beneficial relations?

The most obvious answer is attending specialized conferences. At the moment, everybody is getting ready for the upcoming Imagine Conference, surely the most important Magento event in existence. Being a Gold Sponsor of this conference, aheadWorks welcomes everyone to stop by our booth in Las Vegas.

Moreover, we have prepared something special, related to the Imagine Conf, for our fans and followers – just subscribe to our Blog to learn when the details are revealed.

But besides Imagine, there’re plenty of other important events in Magento ecosystem. The problem is that these events are scattered across the world – and across web. It is somewhat hard to keep track of them all.

To help you with that, we have compiled a reference list of the most interesting and promising Magento and IT events for 2014. Make sure to bookmark this page, and check it back – new events get confirmed and announced daily, and we will be updating this post with new entries as soon as any news appear.

*Updated on March, 25th: 3 new Meet Magento events have been recently confirmed, the dates are added to the list.


Nature flourishes in Spring, and so does Magento community. The number of major events and conferences scheduled for Spring 2014 is incredible, lucky is the one who has a chance to attend them all!

Dates Event Location
March 3-4 Meet Magento Spain Madrid, Spain
March 3-6 eTail West San Antonio, USA
March 5-6 Dx3 Toronto, Canada
March 7-8 CMS Africa Summit Nairobi, Kenya
March 10-14 CeBIT Hannover, Germany
March 11-12 Retail Business Technology Expo London, UK
March 18-20 eCommerce One to One Monaco
March 25 Bargento São Paulo São Paulo, Brazil
March 26-27 Internet Retailing Expo Birmingham, UK
May 5-7 eTail Canada Toronto, Canada
May 12-13 Meet Magento Germany Leipzig, Germany
May 12-14 Imagine eCommerce Conference Las Vegas, USA
May, 21-22 Meet Magento Netherlands Utrecht, Netherlands

AJAX Cart Pro in Action. Ideas for your Magento Store

Our AJAX Cart Pro extension doesn’t need an introduction. This tiny module has made online shopping easier for thousands of customers all over the world, as well as it has increased the sales volumes for thousands of store owners.

Modesty aside, the AJAX Cart Pro module is brilliant as it is, and it keeps gaining new features with each update. The recently-introduced rule system now allows turning this must-have customer experience improver into a flexible promotional tool.

Basing on our experience, we have compiled a short list of interesting use cases*. See below – we are sure you will be inspired by these ideas.

*NOTE: these use cases are generic examples; depending on the peculiarities of a store’s custom theme, and other specifics of the given environment, the applicability and implementation may vary.

Here’s how we can insert a Login form into the Confirmation Pop-up screen. Note, this form will only show up for Not Logged In visitors.
ACP: Login Form

Should a customer be aware of the updates in your catalog? Sure they should!

‘Functional Testing Automation for Magento Developers’ Free PDF Guide

Pay with a tweet to download the guide for free (1.0 MB)!

Any Magento extensions developer inevitably faces a situation where he gets overwhelmed by the number of product updates and the necessity to test each release.

With adding new products and following the regular updates of the Magento platform itself and the relevant online services (payment methods APIs, for instance), the amount of manual labor required to keep your extensions up-to-date gets really enormous.

But we’ve got good news for you: this labor doesn’t have to be manual! Contemporary technologies allow you to shift that burden to automated entities.  Let a robot ensure top-notch quality of your products; a robot that never gets tired or bored, never loses focus, and… doesn’t get paid!

Wanna know how? Make sure you download the ‘Functional Testing Automation for Magento Developers’ whitepaper.

Peter Samoilov, CTO at aheadWorks, and Andrey Ivanov, Lead Test Automation Engineer, are eagerly sharing our company’s own experience. The important thing is that this PDF guide provides steps on how automated testing is performed here, at aheadWorks.

This reading is primarily intended for developers and QA specialists and covers:

  • General principles of testing automation
  • Employing a Continuous Integration Server
  • Setting up a proper environment
  • Some hints on recommended tools and utilities

Whether you will adopt this model or a similar one for your own development workflow or solve the matter in any other way, you will certainly find a couple of useful hints and practical advice.

Pay with a tweet to download it for free (1.0 MB)!

NOTE: Find one more bonus prepared for a careful reader inside the guide. 🙂

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