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New AW_All extension – please upgrade

As a reaction to the April 6 incident aheadWorks releases a new version of AW_All extension which comes with every extension you buy from our store. As promised, now all remote content is stored in a CDN, what makes it 100% failsafe and much faster to load due to the distributed content nature.

We recommend everyone using our free or paid extensions to download and install the new version of the software. The upgrade is as simple as unzippping and overwriting all the files from the package to your store folder on the server – no more actions needed. Use this link to download.

Follow Up Email – new version 3.1

We congratulate our customers with a new release of one of our most demanded extensions – Follow Up Email – a “must have” marketing tool for Magento store owners. In this version we’ve added the following things requested by our clients:

  • Added filter by product  SKU, which allows you to create follow ups basing on a particular product
  • New filter – Customer group
  • Days, Hours, Minutes, and Before/After delay available
  • Integration with the aheadWorks Advanced Newsletter extension, targeting by its segments
  • ‘Send only to newsletter subscribers’ option moved from general settings to the rule settings
  • Some minor changes

Besides, “Duplicated messages on order status events” bug has been fixed.

As always, the update is free.

All Follow Up Email information can be found on the product page:

Important license change

After a number of requests from our valuable customers, and before the next bunch of new releases,  we decided to change the extensions license terms and grant more opportunities to deploy and use aheadWorks products. From now on, we license per Magento installation, not per domain. Hope this change will help you to cut costs and enjoy more top-notch Magento modules by aheadWorks Co. As usually, the whole text of the license can be found here:

Thank you for staying with us!

Be ready for the Facebook connection module!

This is announce of a forecoming product much anticipated by a number of our clients. Soon we are finishing the development but still there is space for some great ideas which we’d like to get from you by this post.

Currently our Facebook Magento integration extension will have the following:

  • Signup with Facebook connect
  • Automated updates on customer wall
  • Order variables can be embedded into the wall updates including product name, price, link etc.
  • Wall postings can be seen by all friends of the customer thus promoting your store between 20-milling Facebook audience!
  • Of course, all other usual benefits which you got with all our products: open source, great support, free updates, instant download, bug free warranty, great discounts when purchasing 2 or more products – everything you could expect from a brand product.

Estimated solution price – $99.00

Share your ideas today and become a beta tester and get a significant discount on the product!

Follow up Email 2.0.0 released

The release brings the extension to a new level of follow up emails control and performance.

Follow Up Email becomes an irreplaceable “must have” extension for any ecommerce store.
Its unlimited email tiers system and variety of triggering events make it a flexible and easy to use tool for store owners – now your chances to get  purchases from returning customers are as high as never before!

Add Rule interface

Add Rule interface

In this release:

  • Track and send notifications to abandoned carts
  • Unlimited number of tiers in mail chain
  • Product type in rule condition
  • Product category in rule condition
  • Flexible rules – send as many follow ups as needed basing on specified criteria
  • Mail log that can be accessed from admin area

Find more information on the product page –

More Info
The next generation of this extension Magento 2 Follow Up Email is compatible and perfectly suitable for newly created Magento 2 stores. The functionality is fully automated as before and doesn’t require any additional supervision, except for initial configuration. Still, the module is able to increase your sales and establish really valuable connections with your customers.

Help Desk Ultimate 2.4

This new release introduces a number of new features that make the solution even better!

Find in the package:

    • Departments stats on a separate page, displying total number of tickets, and number of tickets per status. A timeframe for the stats can be defined.
    • Link tickets to orders – you can allow your customers to select an order they’d wish to have support on
    • Tickets tab at customer edit for easier data access and management
    • Included name and email of customer in ticket reply email template
    • Added number of ticket messages so you see at a glance the length of communications
    • “Assign to customer” with search autosuggest so that you don’t have to wait for long select box with all your customers to render – just start typing and use the autosuggest

      More information on the product page –

      Booking and Reservations extension – finally available!

      Booking and ReservationsWe are glad to announce the release of our most complicated and anticipated by many users module – Booking and Reservations. Despite there are many things are to be implemented in the future versions, the first release is stable and suitable for many industries.

      Booking and reservations extension introduces a new product type, which as follows from its name allows you to create all kinds of bookable products – tickets, tours, attendances, all kinds of scheduled services, rentals, workshops, lectures, hotel rooms etc.

      Some of current features are:

      • Integrated admin interfaces – new “Booking” tab when editing a product, orders overview page, orders overiew calendar widget
      • Integrated customer interfaces – visual calendar and busy/free time periods for easy ordering, customer orders view page
      • Day or hour billable periods
      • Date/time/date and time based products, e.g. hotel room/consulting attendance/rental
      • Specify available time frame, e.g. 8 AM – 6 PM, all reservations can only be in this period
      • Specify date period of product availability
      • Quantity for the same time, e.g. car wash with 3 boxes would allow 3 reservations on the same time period
      • For admin: instant orders review on the product edit page using the calendar widget; separate orders page with

      Extension page:

      Booking and reservations extension – first demo

      OK, here are the demos. Please do not order long ranges, let others see it in action 🙂

      1. Hotel room – available for a year ahead.
      2. Theatre (or any other attendance) – 1000 tickets for the event on 26 June.
      3. A specialist accepting – consulting, services, anything
      4. Car wash – can wash 2 cars at once!

      Please do not request more information and admin demo – we’ll publish everything as soon as it becomes available.
      Booking and reservations Magento extension – $249

      Help Desk Ultimate and Follow Up Email – new versions

      Minor versions released, it’s recommended to upgrade. A major version of Folow Up Email must come out the next week .

      Help Desk Ultimate 2.3 – a must have version!

      Today we release a new version of Help Desk Ultimate for Magento. It includes the following updates:

      • Auto-assign to departments on e-mail reply
      • Ability to hide departmnents selector from customers
      • One-click Contact Form integration
      • One-click Product Questions integration
      • Improved parsing mechanism for html emails
      • Per-store default department
      • Ticket lock
      • Ability to hide departments selector from customers

      Plus some minor bugfixes. If you own a previous version you would definitely wish to upgrade – the upgrade is free! If you don’t have one – get it and make your customers much more happy.

      New Free Magento Extension – Visitors Online

      Visitors OnlineVisitors Online is a free Magento extension that alows store owners to add a block indicating number of visitors on the site.

      To embed the extension on the site one only needs to insert the block through CMS – visitors online information would appear immediately. Let your shoppers know they are not alone 😉

      This is a free extension – just login and download it.

      Visit product page –

      New extension – Frequently Bought Together

      Frequently Bought Together

      Frequently Bought Together extension continues our line of Amazon’s innovative techniques adaption on Magento platform. This module has been created to substitute and significantly improve functionality and usability of Magento core module Related Products.

      During the installation Frequently Bought Together turns off Related Products block and allows you to choose where to display its content by inserting a simple code in your CMS. Once embedded, the extension displays related products in a neat, comfortable and modern way, employing smooth and eye-catching AJAX and JavaScript effects. Frequently Bought Together does not only enrich your store content and make it look web 2.0 – it also attracts and encourages your customers to put additional products in their cart, increasing your cross sells and total purchase amount.

      From AJAX side the module is powered by Pico JavaScript library – an in-house project of aheadWorks Co.

      Frequently Bought Together takes its honored place in our set of perfectly crafted Magento sale motivation extensions.

      For more information and demo visit the product page –

      New extension – Who Bought This Also Bought

      Who Bought This Also Bought

      Who Bought This Also Bought module is a Magento implementation of a well known invention.

      Providing such kind of additional content for your product pages this extension not only enriches your store – it gives valuable and unmistakable ideas for additional and future purchases. By putting several items to shopping cart your customers transparently share their thinking between each other, proposing highly targeted set of related items for people considering the same purchase.

      There is just no other choice for large inventory stores as the process of related items creation is completely automated.

      This extension is ideal for store owners who are aimed at enriching their store sales pages and having much more cross sales by means of perfectly crafted user-defined content.


      • No occasional items – we display only items with the highest rate of cross selling, creating a perfect and mistake-free related products set
      • Considers all your existing orders during the installation process – you can see the results immediately after copying the extension files!
      • Super-fast extension cache which excludes page load time penalty
      • Integrated into standard Magento template – looks and acts like a native code
      • Easy 2-minutes installation
      • Meets Magento programming practices for most versions and customizations compatibility

      Screenshot 1

      More information and demo on the product page:

      Sudden error in admin area (Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach in Feed.php on line 84 )

      We are receiving some requests regarding the following error:

      Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() 
      in /app/code/core/Mage/AdminNotification/Model/Feed.php on line 84

      I’d like to let you know that the is down at the moment and this causes the error. It comes from the Admin Notifications native module.
      We have nothing to do with this.

      Featured Products 2.2.1 released

      We are continuing active development of Featured Products. The today’s release contains the following features which have been requested by our customers:

      • Ability to use any custom image. Yes, now you can upload any image to your product images and make it invisible in the catalog and product page, and only visible in the Featured products. This allows you to upload bigger banners, callouts and images of any size.
      • Faster images render due to server-side image resizing – a significant performance improvement.

      It also contains several bug fixes. You can find all of the information and updates on the product page.

      Your feedback and feature requests are always welcome!