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Beating your competitors with our Price Match Magento extension

The Price Match Magento extension allows you to be ahead of competitors with the help of your customers, reporting about lower prices on your products in other stores.

Now you can provide your clients with the hottest discounts at just the right time. BUY PRICE MATCH NOW

Simple and easy.

Put a special button on the product page and your customers will inform you about lower prices on the same products in other web-stores, thus you’ll beat any advertised prices right away, always keeping your own prices competitive and up-to-date.

You can customize the Price Match form, specify whether this form appears in a popup, a separate window or a product page.

The Price Match form provides all the necessary information to be defined:

  • Your name and email address
  • Telephone
  • Product name
  • Competitor’s product link and competitor’s price
  • General information field

After all the required fields are filled in and the Submit button is clicked, the message is sent to store admin, where it gets to the list of pending price match requests, waiting for an approval.

In all, the Price Match Magento extension allows sending email notifications to both customer and administrator after a price match request submission, so you’ll never slip the chance to outgo your business rivals.

Increase your up-sells with new Checkout Promo

Customize and enrich your promotion strategy with Magento Checkout Promo extension v1.2.0.

To be a successful retailer. It’s simple.

You are free to easily push up your up-sells and cross-sells. The Magento Checkout Promo module offers a number of motivation options:

  • Placing configurable blocks both on checkout and shopping cart pages
  • Targeting your promotional messages basing on customers’ groups or websites
  • Differentiate all your promos by creating various rules, thus making them appealing to all customers

In the new version of Checkout Promo we have fixed the following bugs:

* admin.xml file added
* Rules based on payment method don’t work
* Some other minor bugs

Find more information on the extension page.

iPhone Theme for mobile Magento has been released

iPhone ThemeMore than a skin.

It’s not just a simple mobile Magento template – actually it’s a revolutionary hybrid of a superior theme and a full-value extension.

We’ve enriched its functionality with AJAX cart and integrated advanced navigation.
Say goodbye to annoying page reloads when adding items to cart or searching the store, and browse with ease and simplicity.

Fully automatized.

The iPhone Theme for Magento has its own automatic identification.
It detects device, when your visitors get to your website using iPhone, switches between iPhone or desktop theme, and then pushes them to the right one.

Advanced User Interface.

Theme layout and UI elements are developed especially for mobile devices:

• Large fonts and buttons,
• Instant search without page reloads,
• Cart access from any page,
• and much more

Everything eases your iPhone clients browsing.

All our existent customers, who have at least one completed order, get the discount automatically – you can find the coupon in your customer area.

Remember that this offer runs only till the end of this month. So you’d better hurry up!

The cost of the iPhone Theme for Magento Community Edition is $149.00 and for Enterprise Edition – $499.00

With the discount, you’ll get

  • Community Edition for $99.00 (save $50)
  • Enterprise Edition for $332.00 (save $167)


Reach your audience with new Pop-up+ extension by aheadWorks

Pop-up+ Magento Extension

The Pop-up+ Magento extension allows you to push your products, news, ads and special events through attractive popup window. It’s a great solution for those who want their visitors to be aware of all hot stuff.

The popup window can be displayed on any page. Just load the image and create a popup and that’s all – the Pop-up extension puts the content of your proposal in a chosen place with background-fading effect, accenting your offer.

The Pop-up+ extension for Magento offers you a perfect opportunity to notify your customers on all significant events by means of a popup window.

You can fully control the appearance of your pop-ups by defining the following options:

  • duration and auto-hide time
  • window dimensions and its alignment on the page
  • the start and end date (specify the window time period when the popup is active)
  • sort order (determine pop-ups displaying order)
  • popup title
  • and many others

New popup

Differentiate your pop-ups according to their subject.
They can be placed in various positions such as: home page, product page, CMS, checkout and customer account pages.

The Pop-up+ module for Magento gives you a chance to reach the widest possible audience and be sure that the proposal will be surely ran across by your customers.

Keep your customers aware of all your hot updates

The Product Updates Notifications extension v1.1.4 has been released.

You can always keep your customers informed about new products, updates and special promotions with the Product Updates Notifications module for Magento.

You store visitors can subscribe to the updates notifications just in one click, while you are able to easily configure the notification defaults. Be sure that all your existent customers and potential clients are aware of the hot and latest stuff.

In this release we have fixed the following bugs:

  • “Notify me about updates” link worked incorrectly in footer in CMS block
  • Several “Notify me about updates” links on the page problem
  • Minor bugfixes

Find more information about the extension on the Magento Product Updates Notifications page.

Socialize your store with Facebook Link extension

Facebook Link v1.0.7 has been released.

It connects your Magento store with the whole Facebook network just within few clicks.

This module allows your customers to login and make purchase in your store with the Facebook account, automatically posting order details on your customers Facebook walls thus effectively promoting your store worldwide.

In the new version of the Facebook Link extension we have fixed the following bugs:

  • Products bought displayed incorrectly on Facebook wall
  • Links variables displayed incorrectly on Facebook wall
  • Incorrect product price on Facebook wall
  • Unsecure content error
  • Not all required fields are displayed at Facebook Link login form
  • Facebook Link doesn’t send confirmations

For further information on the extension, please visit Facebook Link page.

“Help Desk Ultimate” Video Guide — Part 1

Today aheadWorks Co. has released the first part in a series of video guides about the Help Desk Ultimate extension for Magento platform. This module supplies you with both advanced methods of customer care, and the opportunity to lead the process of consumer support in a convenient and efficient way.

In the “Help Desk Ultimate” Video Guide, we ease the process of extension usage and setup. We touch on such points as creating and replying to tickets, auto-converting email messages into tickets, and ticket responses. You will also learn about Help Desk Ultimate configuration and its specifics.

Take a look at our new video manual on the Help Desk Ultimate page.