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The Only Lady in aheadWorks Support Team Answers 40 Customers’ Questions per Day

Ekaterina_Sobolkova_aheadWorksHere in aheadWorks blog we publish a lot of information regarding our Magento extensions and development process. It’s such a shame we tell you so little about our support department.

aheadWorks support team is just as big as our development crew (!). Support engineers and customer care specialists literally work days and nights to make you, our customer, happy. You communicate with them daily, but barely have an idea of who they are, and we feel guilty about that. Today we put a spotlight on aheadWorks support starting from the talk with the only lady in aheadWorks support team – Ekaterina Sobolkova.

Ekaterina Sobolkova is a Customer Care Team Leader in aheadWorks. She has been working in our company for 1.5 years and has already answered 5,142 tickets so far! It is about 40 customers’ questions per day. It is rather impressive for such a fragile girl, isn’t it?

Ekaterina has kindly agreed to answer our questions and share some private information with our blog readers.

What types of questions do you usually answer?
E: The majority of my tickets are presale questions – whether the extension can do this or that, what are the main functions of the extension, is it compatible with the merchant’s Magento version, can he or she get the discount, can we customize the extension for customers. Also it happens very often that a presale question turns into technical.

Ekaterina, you have answered so many customers’ questions. What are the most popular?
E: Typical support questions for Magento development company are:

  • Can your extension do this or that?
  • I can’t place the order. What should I do?
  • I can’t log in. What should I do?
  • Can you give me the discount?

Is it hard to be the only lady in the support team?
E: It’s quite OK! In childhood I used to play with boys more often than with girls. Moreover, our team is very friendly and willing to help, so there is no big difference between men and women here.

aheadWorks Story: Why We Upgraded Our Magento Industry Partnership to a Platinum Level

The Magento market keeps steadily growing. More and more online merchants use the Magento platform for their online stores. The number of developers at Magento market is increasing as well – there are 800 000 worldwide. Partnership with Magento is an awesome possibility for any company to move to a new level of quality and reliability.

Qualification requirements for Magento partners are very high, though. They are especially high for Industry partners. It is not enough just to pay for Magento partnership – it is necessary to have an irreproachable report of service, to be an active member of the ecosystem and recognizable leader in your niche.

We’ll tell you the reason why aheadWorks decided to reach the sky and acquire the highest – Platinum – Magento Partner status.

Magento Industry Partnership

Save $30 on New Order Attributes Magento Extension!

Sometimes online merchants need much more information about the order or customer than native Magento functionality can involve. It leads to additional emails, calls and negotiations. Finally, heaps of time goes by before customers get their order. No wonder that next time they prefer your competitor.

There is only one solution – ask all required information at checkout! The Order Attributes Magento extension from aheadWorks allows you to add as many fields as you need. With Order Attributes, various field types are at your disposal. So you can let your customers specify, for example, the preferable delivery date and a notice for a postman. You can ask different questions and allow customers to answer Yes/No or offer multiple select.

The Order Attributes Magento module is very flexible for configuration. When creating a new attribute or edit the existing one, you can specify various parameters. Make sure:

Wanna more features and screenshots? Find all of them at the Order Attributes page!

Good news for everybody who has been waiting for such module from aheadWorks. You can pre-order the Order Attributes for $69 and save $30 before its release.

Order Attributes Pre-Order

Stop wasting time on finding out the additional information! Get all you need to know at once!

aheadWorks Newsletter – July 2013

It is high time to sum up what we have done for Magento community in June. I should say that it was the period of improvements – we updated 6 Magento modules. Besides, we released 1 new extension. Keep reading to learn the details!

New Extensions

eCommerce Gamification SuiteThe eCommerce Gamification Suite extension is an essential tool for turning your visitors from passive observers into assertive buyers and store promoters basing on gamification principles.

Your website transforms into a computer game with its gamers, competitive playing field, and passion. All customers compete with each other for gaining points, getting achievements and ranks. Not one action escapes attention, so all users know who is the best at the store and what he/she has done for it.

Try how eCommerce Gamification Suite works in live demo.

Updated Extensions

Catalog Permissions

Catalog Permissions v.1.3
3 features / 6 bugfixes
View features
Buy Now



Subscriptions and Recurring Payments

Subscriptions and Recurring Payments v.1.9.1
1 feature / 17 bugfixes
View Features
Buy Now


One Step Checkout

One Step Checkout v.1.0.2
2 features / 9 bugfixes
View Features
Buy Now


Follow Up EmailFollow Up Email v.3.5.2
5 features / 12 bugfixes
View Features
Buy Now


Help Desk UltimateHelp Desk Ultimate v.2.10.3
1 features / 3 bugfixes
View Features
Buy Now


Checkout PromoCheckout Promo v.1.0.2
2 features / 9 bugfixes
View Features
Buy Now

Meet 5 Winners of “Magento PHP Developer’s Guide” Contest

Last month we organized a giveaway of the “Magento PHP Developer’s Guide”. We received a lot of feedback from our Blog readers and it’s really great – thanks to all of you!

We took all your comments for both posts (the “Magento PHP Developer’s Guide” review and contest) and randomly selected 5 readers. They got free digital copies of this Magento tutorial. So meet the winners:

Kamil Borkowski,
Miguel Ignacio Balparda,
Mario SAM,
Yogesh Sharma,
Susan Kieser,
the USA

In a private conversation, it turned out that almost all of them are Magento developers – no wonder taking into account the contest prize 😉 I wish “Magento PHP Developer’s Guide” will help you improve your Magento knowledge!

As 4 of the winners are our regular Blog readers, I asked them what they would like to read in our Blog about. Here are their answers:

Kamil: “About some custom development solutions, some ideas, tutorials, examples.”

Miguel: “Regarding the blog, I think more technical articles will be really good for developers!”

Mario: “You could show good development standards models for Magento, and how it can help in time to take a certification.”

Yogesh: “I would like to read articles about eCommerce logistics, different integrations and of course Magento.”

Susan: “Out of the box ideas or unusual ways to utilize the different extensions.”

Thank you for your ideas! We’ll definitely consider them when planning our future posts.

Boost the Effectiveness of One Step Checkout with 7 Magento Extensions

Recently we have released the One Step Checkout Magento extension. As you have probably guessed (or know), this must-have module reduces the number of checkout steps and allows customers to buy products in one simple click.

Besides a lot of cool features, One Step Checkout has one more great advantage – it is compatible with 7 aheadWorks extensions for Magento! Together they make shopping in your store much easier and faster for customers. Keep reading to learn all the details!

AJAX Cart Pro

Everybody knows how cross-sells and up-sells can boost sales. The Checkout page is a great possibility to stimulate your customers to spend more. The One Step Checkout extension doesn’t remove the related products block, so your customers can always add something else to cart until they click the Place Order button.

Nevertheless, there is one important “but” – interested in related product, customers leave the checkout page and can never come back! They can be distracted by various product options or change their mind, or… anything else can prevent them from completing the order. It means that all your efforts to reduce the number of abandoned carts are in vain!

The AJAX Cart Pro extension from aheadWorks can rescue you and your business in these situations. No annoying redirections, no distracting moves. With AJAX Cart Pro installed, your customers can add related products to cart and select all required options directly on the checkout page.

One Step Checkout + AJAX Cart Pr

aheadWorks Newsletter – June 2013

Summer is the time of vacations. That’s why I tried to make this monthly aheadWorks newsletter as short as possible. So it won’t take much of your time to find out the information on new and updated Magento extensions.


Recently we shared the review of “Magento PHP Developer’s Guide” where you can find our independent unbiased opinion on this recently published tutorial. And now we organized a Giveaway of the this book. Five lucky winners stand a chance to get 5 digital copies of “Magento PHP Developer’s Guide”.

Go to our Blog to find out how YOU can be one of the Lucky Winners.

Magento Education: Six Indispensable Free Resources For Magento Developers

Editor’s Note: The series of posts about Magento education for users and developers are provided exclusively for our blog by Graeme Caldwell, an inbound marketer for Nexcess.

We have already taken a look at six best Magento resources for online retailers. It’s time to address a thriving community of developers. Two of the causes of Magento’s immense popularity are its openness and extensibility. Anyone willing to learn PHP can develop an understanding of how Magento works under the hood.

Whether you want to become a Magento master, develop a decent comprehension of how Magento works to be a better retailer, or simply scratch an itch by creating an extension that adds functionality, there are plenty of freely available resources for learning how to hack on Magento.

It can be hard to find the diamonds in the rough when it comes to educational material on the Internet, so we’ve compiled a list of six resources that every Magento developer should have bookmarked.

Magento Development

Win Free Copies of Magento PHP Developer’s Guide from aheadWorks!

Recently we shared the review of “Magento PHP Developer’s Guide” where you can find our independent unbiased opinion on this newly published tutorial.

Now we prepared some cool stuff for our blog readers! I have teamed up with Packt Publishing to organize a Giveaway of the “Magento PHP Developer’s Guide”. Five lucky winners stand a chance to get 5 digital copies of their new book. Keep reading to find out how YOU can be one of the Lucky Winners.

How to Enter?
All you need to do is head on over to our review of “Magento PHP Developer’s Guide” page. Then look through it and drop a comment below this post to let us know what interests you the most about this book. It’s that simple.

Winners will get an e-copy of the guide.

The contest will close June 30, 2013. Winners will be contacted by email, so be sure to use your real email address when you comment!

Magento PHP Developer’s Guide: Detailed Review from aheadWorks Experts

Magento PHP Developer's Guide

We were lucky to get one of a few copies of “Magento PHP Developer’s Guide“. It was published in April 2013 by Packt Publishing Ltd., one of the most prolific and fast-growing tech book publishers in the world.

Allan MacGregor, the author of “Magento PHP Developer’s Guide”, has a reputation for being professional, skilled and accurate developer easy to work with. I have happened to communicate with Allan and I should say that he is very responsive and friendly as well.

Allan MacGregor started working with Magento when he was a freelance developer little over 4 years ago and now he is a Magento Certified Developer Plus.

“Before Magento, creating an ecommerce website was difficult, expensive and slow,” tells Allan. “Magento changed all that! I enjoy working with Magento because it’s challenging, the framework is very powerful and flexible. And overall, I have fun working with Magento!”

Allan understood that there was a lot of information online, but he felt that there was a need for book that was an easy entry point for new developers and a bit of reference for developers that are not so new to Magento.

“I wanted to write the book that I wished I had when I was starting with Magento. A guide that covers the fundamentals, that gives me the tools to start developing with Magento.”

And Allan did it. Though it was his first writing experience, “Magento PHP Developer’s Guide” turned to be an easily accessible tutorial, designed and written to give the reader maximum understanding of the powerful Magento framework.

Continue reading this post to find out aheadWorks impressions on guide illustrations, contents, and writing style.

aheadWorks Magento Products: Magento Extensions, Magento 2 Extensions

Magento Education: Six Indispensable Free Resources For Magento Merchants

Editor’s Note: The series of posts about Magento education for users and developers are provided exclusively for our blog by Graeme Caldwell, an inbound marketer for Nexcess.

Magento is by far the world’s most popular open source online retail platform. Much of that popularity is the result of Magento being a very powerful piece of software while at the same time having a fairly low barrier to entry. Anyone with the dream of selling online can have a store with all the features they need to make their business a success.

However, like any complex piece of software, Magento comes with a learning curve. Online retail is a specialized domain of knowledge. Access to decent learning resources can make the difference between getting a Magento store deployed and generating revenue quickly and wasting time making needless mistakes.

Fortunately, both Magento and its community have created a large amount of valuable educational material and made it freely available. In this article we’ll have a look at six of the best resources for getting up to speed on our favorite retail platform.

Get More Control Over the Catalog Permissions Magento Extension

Catalog Permissions

Learn More
If you want to configure the visibility of different categories, products or their prices for specified customer groups, you should install Catalog Permissions from aheadWorks. This Magento extension allows you to run more targeted marketing by customizing your product catalog.Today we release the updated version of the Catalog Permissions extension. The following issues have been fixed in version 1.3:

  • Product wasn’t restricted in anchor category
  • Some customer actions caused errors in system.log
  • Issue with products which were not assigned to any category
  • Problem with products from several categories when one of them was disabled
  • Issue with ‘Browse by price’ filter (layered navigation)
  • Issues with search results

This release is also remarkable for the new features which make the Catalog Permissions Magento extension more flexible for configuration and give you more control over the global module settings.

Put the ‘Spotlight’ on your Products – Pre-order the Auction Pro Magento Extension!

Marketers use various methods and try different sales approaches to increase profit. Offering alternative sales models is very effective when you want to single out some products, raise customers interest, attract new visitors or sell the product at the highest price.

Auction is one of the most effective marketing methods. Today we are glad to announce the pre-order of the Auction Pro Magento extension which can help you get maximum profit from this powerful strategy.

If you ever wanted to organize auction at your website, right now is the best time to get the Auction Pro Magento extension. It’s pre-order price is $99! After the official release it will jump to $129. Hurry up – you have only few days.

Auction Pro Pre-order

aheadWorks Newsletter – May 2013

I want to start this aheadWorks newsletter with the awesome news – aheadWorks leveled up to Magento Platinum Industry Partner! This transition to a new partnership level is anticipated since at present more than 25,000 Magento merchants and 40+ official partners in 100 countries are using our high-grade extensions and themes.

‘Platinum Partnership means a lot to us. It acknowledges our expertise in Magento extensions and themes development and provides guarantees that our customer service is top notch.

It was a long way to go to become leading players in Magento universe and it looks like we made it‘, – Artyom Rabzonov, the CEO at aheadWorks, states.

Magento Platinum Industry Partner


aheadWorks Newsletter – April 2013

I have a lot of information for you today in this April aheadWorks newsletter – new extension release, new service launch, new project start, posts worth your attention, and updated modules. But I won’t drag my feet and start!


New Extension

Nowadays people are more likely to buy from companies they are confident about and whom they trust. That’s why visitors always pay attention to the manufacturer of the product and look for a reliable one.

The Shop By Brand Magento extension allows you to create new brands and connect products to them. So your customers have a possibility to find the necessary manufacturer with its items or recognize the brand that the required product belongs to.

Find the list of features and demo on the Shop By Brand page.

Shop By Brand