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Motivational Speech for eCommerce Merchants and Developers about the Importance of Taking Risks

Justin ButlionThis inspirational post is written by Justin Butlion exclusively for eCommerce & Magento merchants and developers who regularly read aheadWorks blog. Justin Butlion is the Content and Social Marketing Manager of Yotpo*.
Justin loves to blog about eCommerce, online marketing, web development, and entrepreneurship.

Our world is full of choices. What should we eat for breakfast? Where should we go on vacation? Every choice leads to a decision, and each decision to an outcome. Whether consciously or unconsciously, we make these decisions based on our perceived benefits from each possible choice.

In the eCommerce world the “benefits” that we are focusing on are increased sales, and increased profit. We want to make money, and each business choice that we make should bring us to that end. But seeing what is going to lead us to make the most money isn’t always easy, and sometimes even when we see a great opportunity, we shy away.

Why is that? Generally, it’s because we’re scared; we can’t risk it.