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Dmitri Koteshov Posts

aheadWorks Welcomes Its 50th Partner Aboard

Shero Designs has become aheadWorks’ 50th partner! Congratulations! We’re honored to have so many Magento partners in our midst and we’ll do our best to make the partner program better and better.

Join the catalog of aheadWorks Partners, Resellers and Integrators and get our exclusive benefits to grow your business exponentially.

Shero Designs is a Hudson Valley, NY web design, development and marketing firm. These guys will businesses find the most practical and successful solution to online selling and presentation.


Advanced Logic: “With Commercial Leads from aheadWorks We Are Expanding Our Business Overseas”

Hi there! If you think Italy is just pizza and football, well, it’s not. We talk with Davide Consonni, CEO of Advanced Logic, about a proper customer communication, Magento popularity in Italy and the partnership with aheadWorks, of course.

aW: Hi Davide! How are you? Relaxing at the sun or hard-working?

Davide: Hi Dmitri, we are still working as this has been a heavy demanding year for eCommerce. But I hope to be able to spend two holiday weeks with my family in August. 🙂

aW: Please share with our readers some words about your company.

Davide: We are a digital agency focused on the development of eCommerce projects with Magento. We are Magento enthusiasts, and we like to define ourselves this way.

We started working on the platform about 4 years ago and now Magento is what all of us know: the most used and appreciated eCommerce platform in the world.

With Magento we develop an average of 10-12 complete projects per year and we manage numerous activities for our existing clients and for the new customers who decide to rely on us for the maintenance of their online stores.

We are Magento Solution Partner for the second consecutive year and we will continue investing time and resources in the platform as it is our core business.

aW: Why did you decide to become aheadWorks partner?

Davide: We have integrated aheadWorks extensions in our projects since years. aheadWorks is now the main Magento modules vendor and we are proud to be a Partner of yours.

Thanks to the commercial leads that we receive from aheadWorks we are also expanding our business overseas, that is very interesting.

A Partner in the Spotlight: Atwix Appreciates the Practice of Sharing Custom Development Projects with Partners


It’s always nice to communicate with partners. Different mentalities, values and even accents help me have a deeper understanding of the people living around the world. After all, the building of partner links, it’s all about the right comminication. This time I interviewed Viacheslav Kravchuk, CEO of Atwix, to share some thoughts on his company, current projects and future plans and, of course, the partnership with aheadWorks.

Q: Hi Viacheslav! Thanks for taking the time to talk with me and our readers. First, would you share with us a bit about your company?

A: Atwix is a Magento Silver Solution Partner with a highly skilled team of professionals. One of the highest priorities at Atwix is to constantly develop qualification and skills of our employees, which is being confirmed by the certifications we pass like Magento Plus Developers Certification, Zend PHP 5.3 Certified Engineer Exam, Certified Scrum Master Course and many others. Primary development office of our company is based in Khmelnitsky, Ukraine.

Q: How and why you became involved with aheadWorks partnership program?

A: We’ve met aheadWorks at various Magento conferences we were attending, like Magento Imagine in USA and Meet Magento across different countries. Seeing that aheadWorks shares many core values of our company helped us to establish and develop a really great mutual relationship.

Q: What are the particularities of doing business with aheadWorks?

A: We really like the terms of Development Partners program. aheadWorks is doing a nice job of sharing the projects for custom development with partners and this is truly profitable deal for both sides.

Q: Thanks! However, besides receiving leads, you’re intensively using our products as well. Just curious: what’s the most powerful aheadWorks extension for you and why?

A: We’ve found the Advanced Search extension to be very helpful, our customers enjoy how it improves search performance in their stores.

Q: What’s your biggest business wish for your company? Where do you see your company in five years?

A: At Atwix we are excited about how quick we grow both in terms of qualification and number of developers. We aim to keep it up that way and excite Magento Community with new implementations and products we release. Stay tuned!

Q: Any last words you might like to share with our readers?

A: Atwix is sponsoring Magento Imagine 2013 Conference and we are pleased to invite everyone who is going to attend this gorgeous event (and everyone dealing with Magento should do it!) to stop by our booth and meet us, we will be glad to see you!

Q: Thanks again, Viacheslav! We’ll definitely look forward to meet you at Imagine. So see you in Vegas!

P.S. If you would like to become a partner or tell your story, please feel free to contact me at koteshov@aheadworks.com

Magento Connect January 2013 Statistics

Hi there!

Here’s the first of “Magento Connect Statistics” reports in 2013. Let’s compare the results through the perspective of one year period: 2012 vs. 2013. I chose January as the month under report and the most popular categories as the criteria for growth.

The overall growth is approximately 170 extensions a year/14 extensions a month, except for the Category’s page – as you can see, the increase is 394/33 respectively.

The new extensions ratio per month is quite big, so it is fair to say that merchants are provided with a considerable number of tools to make their business grow and progress.

Meet aheadWorks New Partner: Inchoo

Officially announced on January 29, 2013, the partnership between aheadWorks and Inchoo aims at taking two companies to even higher level of cooperation.

Artyom Rabzonov, aheadWorks CEO, commented on the partnership, “I’m delighted to announce that Inchoo has become aheadWorks very first official partner from Croatia. With Inchoo as a partner, we will be able to serve the Magento market even better than we were able to previously, with the benefit of Inchoo’s special knowledge and experience.”

Famous for its high-quality services and popular blog, Inchoo is an accredited Magento Silver Partner, employing twelve developers officially certified by Magento. For instance, this number is among the highest in the world.

Aron Stanic, Sales Manager, Inchoo also clarified the reasons Inchoo had in mind before officially joining the partnership program, “We’ve already been a “silent” partner of aheadWorks for quite some time now. Being a Magento Silver Solution Partner, we’ve come across many situations where our clients used some of aheadWorks extensions, if nothing else, the blog was certainly there :).

During our work on various projects we’ve gotten to know the extensions offered by our Belarusian friends quite well, and we see this partnership as an opportunity, in addition to official certification, to get even more immersed in this vibrant network of great companies that were built around Magento, and perhaps even visit Minsk soon enough. We hope to see some of you at Imagine conference and we wish aheadWorks many more years of extending Magento!”

Without any doubt, this strategic partnership will enforce both companies position in the Magento world and will see the two companies coming together to take action on strengthening and developing Magento as the leading eCommerce platform.

aheadWorks Partnership Program Overview: 2012

So yes, we’re all safe and sound, no global devastation has occurred so far (let’s cross fingers) and the year 2012 became the part of history. It is a good time to draw some conclusions as long as the year 2012 was full of events, impressions and (what I like the most) – rich in meetings/conferences/chats/networking with good and talented people around the globe.

As a person who’s mainly responsible for establishing partner links around aheadWorks, I’ll focus on the partnership program and its large circle of partners.

In total, 36 partners from 18 countries helped us build the partners network in 2012. This way, we covered all the inhabited continents except for Africa.

Our partners are enrolled in Magento Industry and Solution Programs including 8 Gold, 4 Silver and 7 Bronze partners.

If we talk about the size, we’ve got small (up to 5), medium (10-15) and large (over 45 people) companies in our list of partners.

The services provided by our partners include programming, performance optimization, customization, hosting set-up, design and others.

The partnership program itself ran through several changes in 2012 as we changed its title, tiers and partnership levels.

For instance, in addition to several benefits such as discounts on aheadWorks products (up to 45% on the full range of products), dedicated support and consulting (see the full list on the partnership program page), we introduced a new one in December: now all our partners are provided with leads for the custom development services.

This latest offer is highly popular as seven new partners joined the program in December alone and I expect this number to keep on growing in 2013.

And finally, on behalf of the whole aheadWorks team, I’d like to thank our partners for being with us all through the year and we wish them to have even bigger ball in 2013. From our side, we’ll do our best to be good and trusted partners to you.

Magento Connect November Statistics


Sometimes a single letter or its place in a word changes the whole meaning of a notion. I’m 100 percent sure it happened to you at least once: you type Magento in Google search and you get…the pictures of a strange creature in an odd-looking helmet and special costume. Yes, I mean Magneto, the central villain of the X-Men comics.

So this was my misprint of the day. Don’t know why but I decided to know more about this fictional character. To my surprise, I found out that Magneto was ranked number 1 by IGN’s Top 100 Comic Book Villains list! Sounds familiar, huh? Yes, the same thing is about Magento who’s being the well-recognized leader (not villain, sure) in the world of e-commerce.

So this time I will spell it correctly. Please, welcome Magne..oops! Magento Connect statistics for your pleasure.

Magento Connect October Statistics

What ho fellow Magento ladies and gentlemen!

Earlier this day I thought that this piece of the unstoppable story about statistics would be done in Jeeves & Wooster style. And I did it. For those who are unfamiliar with the name, well, it is a series of books by P.G Wodehouse (who, incidentally, had a birthday in October) about an English gentleman and his valet in the entourage of 1920’s Great Britain. Not quite sure if this brilliant writer knew anything about Magento or e-commerce, but anyway, let’s be indulgent to classics 🙂

Bertie Wooster: Jeeves, I have to make one thing crystal clear.
Jeeves: Yes, sir?
Bertie Wooster: I am not one of those fellows who become absolute slaves to Magento extensions.
Jeeves: [as if shocked] No, sir.
Bertie Wooster: Just as long as we understand each other. In case you thought so. With all these monthly reports, it’s easy to make a wrong decision.
Jeeves: Not at all, sir.
Bertie Wooster: Very good, Jeeves! So what’s the news on Magento Connect?
Jeeves: It turns like the extensions for Category& Product Page Enhancements are the winner in October, sir.
Bertie Wooster: Ha! I knew it right from the very start! You’d better read the rest, Jeeves.
Jeeves: Very good, sir [clears throat]: Category& Product Page Enhancements (+36), Shipping & Fulfillment (+29), Catalog (+18) and Widgets (+16), sir.
Bertie Wooster: Hmm, widgets… Have you ever seen any extensions for widgets in this list, Jeeves?
Jeeves: I have not had that pleasure, sir.
Bertie Wooster: We should have one of these.
Jeeves: I shall do as you recommend, sir.

Just like Bertie Wooster, here at aheadWorks we also recommend you to empower your Magento store with any extensions you might find useful, because Black Friday and multiple hordes of customers are coming this month!

Magento Connect September Statistics

Hello and welcome to the Magento statistics world!

Sometimes I get the blues, especially, when I look at myself sitting in an office in the heart of autumn. It usually happens in the early morning when the rain keeps on falling and falling and the only warm thing around is the coffee mug in my hands. No, it is a not a funny feeling, this famous autumn sadness.

But on the bright side, things look great: more and more extensions on Magento Connect are ready to serve your needs. Just reach your arms and gear yourself up with the latest weapons to fight your way through the lack of clients and competition.

So the leaders for September are:

• Images & Media (+44)
• UI Performance & Ajax (+39)
• Category & Product Page Enhancements (+34)
• Checkout (+18)

Thanks for your time and goodbye!

Magento Connect August Statistics

Hi there!

This blog post is not going to be a usual piece of statistics at least for one good reason: one year ago, in August 2011, I started my research. So Happy Birthday to Magento Connect Statistics! Congrats! We’re one year old now!

During that year, many things changed: Magento Connect itself, the mood of the research (it started out with a simple one-time idea coming from one of my colleagues and now it is a regular blog post in aheadWorks blog) and the audience which considerably grew in numbers. Yes, you fellow Magento Connect fans, I really appreciate your interest in stats and your positive feedback and comments.

So I decided to do some annual statistics this time. I mean what if we compare the results for the most popular categories through one year perspective? Sounds interesting, huh?

Let’s check this table:

Not bad, right? The growth rate goes starting from 7.4 to 11.6 new extensions a month!

As you can see, developers do their best to provide the community with various super-duper tools to rule the world of Magento. In other words, with all these extensions and things, you’re definitely geared for success, so don’t waste your chance.

Long live Magento Connect, the statistics and extensions, and people who made it happen.

Stay tuned!

Meet new aheadWorks partners

aheadWorks is happy to announce the partnership with FXPLabs from Brazil. Our very first Brazilian partner is a Bronze Magento Solution Partner located in the beautiful city of Balneário Camboriú. FXPLabs works with Magento outsourcing, Amazon, Business to Business (B2B) complete solutions and ERP integrations.

And, surely, (as we talk about Brazil, don’t we?) I’m proud to say that aheadWorks is Gold Sponsor for Bargento Brazil 2012. This time Bargento is coming to Brazil, bringing together entrepreneurs, merchants, developers and Magento enthusiasts to share ideas and talk about eCommerce.

The next new partner is Agency Kent, a French web agency specializing in the creation of e-commerce websites, mainly using the most popular e-commerce platform in the world – Magento.

Here’s what Philippe Biaut, the company’s representative, said about the partnership: “We have chosen the first stable version of Magento and any of our customers do not regret it so far. Agency Kent, formerly StartFresh, exists since 2003 and is now composed of eight full-time employees. Agency Kent is pleased to announce the partnership with aheadWorks, cos’ we often use the extensions from aheadWorks’ catalog, and we have always been fully satisfied with the quality of the code and support. Now we will be able to strengthen our partnership and offer a full service on all extensions offered by aheadWorks. I’d like to thank aheadWorks for the confidence they have shown in us”.

And finally, aheadWorks has secured another partnership with UK based Magento agency The Distance. With a strong portfolio of enterprise brands built on long term relationships, The Distance looks after the creative, technical and marketing requirements of many of the UK’s favourite ecommerce sites including Moshi Monsters Official Store.

Ryan Akins, online director: “Maintaining long term relationships with our clients is our highest priority, it’s what defines us, hence ‘The Distance’”.

Thereby, aheadWorks partners now with 26 companies from 14 countries worldwide and the list is constantly growing!

P.S. If you would like to become an aheadWorks partner, please feel free to contact me at koteshov@aheadworks.com

Meet aheadWorks new partner: Creativestyle

We are delighted to announce that aheadWorks has partnered with Creativestyle from Germany.

Being active on the Web since 2000, the agency applies its creative style in the development and implementation of various Internet projects. Since 2009, Creativestyle operates as a limited company with over 20 employees who formed an experienced team of web designers and programmers. The company focuses on the creative design and technical implementation of web projects along with the long-term support and marketing.

Thereby, aheadWorks partners now with 23 companies from 12 countries worldwide and the list is constantly growing!

P.S. If you would like to become an aheadWorks partner, please feel free to contact me at koteshov@aheadworks.com

Magento Connect July Statistics


The first thing that literally strikes the eye of a devoted Magento Connect statistics fan is the leader: the modules for the Category&Product Page Enhancements are the winners for the 4th (!) time in a row. So the more developers produce, the more merchants need? Hey, let’s think together! What is your opinion on that topic? How do you suppose, what is the most demanded category for Magento extensions and why? Please leave your comments and share your opinion with the community.

The rest of the story might not be this exciting, so let’s just take a look at the new Magento Connect Statistics for the hottest month of summer – July:

• Category&Product Page Enhancements (+29)
• Advertising&Marketing (+26)
• Payments&Gateways (+24)
• Administration(+24)

Magento Connect July Statistics

aheadWorks, as one of the leading providers of Magento extensions, also contributed to Magento expansion, as we released 6 significant themes that are compatible with Magento CE v. and v.

As usual, we are ready to come back in September with the new Magento Connect statistics. Stay in touch with us by leaving your comments and feedback!

Meet aheadWorks new partner: Smile

We are glad to announce that aheadWorks has partnered with Smile, the French leader for the integration of open source solutions. The agency employs more than 600 employees in the world and has the open source expertise across a wide variety of areas.

Smile has 15 offices across the world: Paris, Lyon, Grenoble, Nantes, Bordeaux, Montpellier, Marseille, Barcelona (Spain), Amsterdam (Benelux), Geneva (Switzerland), Casablanca (Morocco) and Kiev (Ukraine).

aheadWorks would like to thank Smile for being our reseller. Welcome on board and good luck!

Thereby, aheadWorks partners now with 21 companies from 12 countries worldwide and the list is constantly growing!

P.S. If you would like to become aheadWorks partner, please feel free to contact me at koteshov@aheadworks.com.

Magento Connect June Statistics

Hello dear Magento Connect statistics fans! In my previous post on this topic in May, I expected Magento developers to stop creating extensions due to the appropriate weather for sunbathing and having summer fun. Lord knows, I was wrong. These guys are tough and nothing will stop them, except for the short circuit in their office or neighborhood.

So June is here this morning, and the sun is shining hot. The month for roses brought us the following results:

Category&Product Page Enhancements (+22)
Order Management (+19)
Images and media (+14)
Personnalization (+11)

Magento Connect June Statistics

aheadWorks, as one of the leading providers of Magento extensions, wishes you to enjoy this summer and spend it the way you’ll always remember. As usual, we are ready to come back in August with the new Magento Connect statistics.

Stay in touch with us by leaving your comments and feedback!