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Joining Forces with Recognized Names in Magento Industry

Our Partner Program unites a constantly growing community around the globe. From day to day we become bigger, stronger, wiser, more powerful, and influential for Magento industry and merchants. We are excited to highlight three new members of big aheadWorks family and wish for a long and fruitful collaboration.

Gorilla Group


Combining award-winning website design, development, strategy, post-launch managed services and hosting, Gorilla delivers innovative ecommerce solutions to B2B and direct-to-consumer brands across industries.

Headquartered in Chicago, this Magento Gold Solution Partner has unmatched expertise creating unique, functional shopping experiences that connect brands with their customers, producing better ROI through the digital channel.

Since 2008 the Gorilla has been working with Magento and has got a very gifted group, boasting the highest number of certified and certified plus Magento developers worldwide. Their work speaks for itself: Peter Millar, Cutter & Buck, Munchkin, Book Pal, Signature Hardware, and 5.11 Tactical.

Welcome Four New Members of aheadWorks Partner Family!

Our Partner Program unites 63 official members from 27 countries. All these people represent a close-knit team of high-qualified and experienced specialists in the field of Magento development. Today we are proud to announce that four more companies have recently become our partners.

New Partners

Next I.T.

The first one is Next I.T. from Muskegon, MI, USA. The company switched their ecommerce websites to Magento 3 years ago and now works on a variety of projects on this platform.
Michele Ringelberg, Vice President at Next I.T.

“We appreciate the high quality and straightforwardness of aheadWorks solutions which became one of the main reasons of partnership.”

A Look Back at the Major Moments in 2013

As 2013 draws to a close, we’d like to take this opportunity to wish all of our partners and customers a Happy Christmas and New Year and say ‘Thank You’ for your support.

Now we’d like to share our achievements and major moments of this incredible 2013.

Happy Christmas and New Year

In the year of our 10th Anniversary we made a significant step and became Magento Platinum Industry Partner. This status proves our serious attitude to this platform and its community.

But our team never stops working and progressing. The results of our activities prove this fact better than any words. 19 new extensions and 2 services – OnPulse and aheadMetrics have been released this year.

19 new extensions and 2 new services have been released this year.

Moreover we have acted as a Silver Sponsor of the Magento Imagine eCommerce Conference and as Media Partner of the events in Palma de Mallorca, Sao Paulo, and Warsaw.

In order to boost the popularity of Magento Enterprise Edition, we’ve launched free trial services for all Enterprise extensions in our store. Magento Enterprise merchants can try out any of them before buying and it does not cost a cent.

This year aheadWorks team has put a lot of efforts into improving our partnership program, trying to make it more powerful and profitable for both sides. Currently we have 58 official members from 27 countries. Some of them used the opportunity to share rich experience and interesting projects with readers of our blog. We are always open to such collaboration.

One more peculiar event of this year is the opening of a Brazilian regional website, where we communicate with our customers in their native language. This contribution to Brazilian Magento market hasn’t gone unnoticed for merchants from this country.

While establishing regional stores we never forget about our main one. We recently upgraded our site. It’s simpler, cleaner, with big icons, and we think looks more sophisticated and user-friendly. Hope, you’ll take some time to explore it.

As you have finished reading this post the upcoming holidays became even closer. On behalf of the whole aheadWorks team, I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Now it’s time to wrap yourself up in a rug, make a cup of hot chocolate with a cookie (or two), and… relax.


Magento Price-related Extensions Review

Pricing is a complicated process that determines existence of any business. Its proper organization, when all essential aspects of price modeling are taken into account, lets a company receive greater revenue and profit. But serious pricing mistakes may even lead to bankruptcy.

Most merchants set the selling price after the analyses of two factors. The first one is the company’s average costs. The second one is how their customers perceive the products value in comparison with the one offered by competitors.

Magento Price - related Extensions Review

Numerous extensions offered by developers of Magento modules are aimed to prevent merchants from pricing errors, simplify and automate the process of product pricing in their stores. These powerful solutions allow store owners to boost sales, set tier prices, create various discounts etc.

aheadWorks is always ready to give Magento merchants a hand with business improvement. The following modules, created by our high class developers, turn the process of pricing into effective eCommerce tools:

Update Refer a Friend to v.2.1 and Limit Rule Triggering

Refer a Friend is considered to be the most powerful referral system for Magento. Its mechanism is quite simple – existing consumers invite friends and get % or flat rate discount for referrals. The amount of rewards is specified by store administrator.

Refer a Friend

Refer a Friend is an efficient tool for conversion of customers into partners. Encouraged by attractive discounts clients attract all possible friends and relatives to join the store community. As a result consumers save money, store owners get more clients who are also eager to get discounts for referred people. This process can become endless and cause a stable revenue growth.

8 Convincing Reasons to Buy aheadWorks Magento Products

Merchants who run Magento stores know that this feature-rich platform has a global community of partners and developers. Most of these specialists are highly qualified and offer a great variety of robust extensions and certified professional integration help.

That’s why when a store owner needs to implement additional functionality in a store he or she faces the difficult choice: which provider to give preference to? In this post you’ll find out about the benefits offered by aheadWorks to its customers. Let’s start!

Use Magento products from aheadWorks

How to Choose the Right Magento Theme for Furniture and Houseware Stores

Make yourself comfortable, ladies and gentlemen. We continue talking about reasonable algorithms to adopt while choosing themes for your Magento webstore.

In two previous posts we described the main design principles for shops oriented on retailing of electronics and apparel, shoes & accessories products. This post is aimed to help merchants choose a proper Magento theme correlating to their e-business selling furniture and housewares.

Magento Themes for Furniture and Houseware Stores

Organize Gift Wrapping Service with the Gift Wrap Magento Extension

People get pleasure from gifts in different ways: someone prefers receiving presents, others like giving out. And it doesn’t matter what occasion a present is dedicated to, it needs to be wrapped.

The Gift Wrap Magento extension helps organizing gift wrapping service right at a website. We are glad to inform you that such a useful module is released and you can order it at $99 in aheadWorks Magento store.

Gift Wrap

How to Choose the Right Magento Theme for Apparel, Shoe and Accessories Stores

We continue our series of articles about Magento themes. Last week we paid attention to general principles of choosing themes for electronics retail stores and Magento solutions on the market. In this post we will speak about designs for apparel, shoe and accessories stores.

Merchants can easily get lost among numerous themes created by a myriad of Magento developers. We will give some hints for those who are going to open a new online clothing store or have one and want to bring a new breath to their website. Some ready-made solutions from aheadWorks will be described here as well.

Create Events and Sell Tickets for Them Online with The Event Tickets Magento Extension

If your e-business deals with distribution of tickets for various events, this news is for you! Today we are glad to introduce our new Magento extension Event Tickets. You can order it for $199.

The module helps with creation of numerous events such as concerts, seminars, conferences, moving-picture shows, theatrical performances, and selling tickets for them.

As a rule, tickets differ according to the quality of seats or the date of purchase. The extension solves this problem dividing tickets into classes: VIP and Standard, Free and Paid or Adult and Child. The quantity of classes is unlimited. Each class has its own price and quantity. These figures are taken into account in the process of selling.

How to Choose the Right Magento Theme for an Electronics Retail Store

Choosing an appropriate Magento theme for a store is not an easy thing. Experts specify different options to be considered while selecting Magento templates to fit the store. Among must-haves usually are:

  • compatibility with desired products and audience
  • visual appeal
  • simple installation and activation

All above-mentioned criteria are important and shouldn’t be ignored regardless of the online store specialization. But what Magento themes are good specifically for stores oriented on selling video and electronic appliances, audio gear, cell phones, cameras?

How to Pay Less and Save a Lot of Money on aheadWorks Magento Extensions

From time to time aheadWorks Magento store visitors and blog readers can see our extensions available for PRE-ORDER. If you haven’t pre-ordered anything before, you wasted so much money, whereas you could save it.

In this post I’ll give you a solid $ reason to use the pre-order option whenever it is presented and describe the process behind the scenes.

How to Pay Less and Save a Lot of Money on aheadWorks Magento Extensions

Wikipedia defines a pre-order as “an order placed for an item which has not yet been released”. During the first half of the 2013 our customers have pre-ordered over 100 extensions among which the most popular were One Step Checkout, Add Free Product to Cart, Better Thank You Page, Extra Downloads.

Did users benefit from pre-orders? Absolutely! They saved up to 50% of the module price, and you can do the same. Read further how the pre-ordering option works for aheadWorks extensions and how to pay twice less for the module you need.

Ease the Problem of Choice with Product Color Swatches Magento Extension

What color is preferable: green or red, orange or black? What material is the most appropriate for this or that item? Tastes differ, and customers face the problem of choice each time they buy a configurable product. Merchants need to give them a hand in solving this dilemma.

Product Color Swatches

With the Product Color Swatches Magento extension, creation of configurable products becomes as easy as pie. Picture swatches added by a store administrator show visitors what variations for each product attribute are available. All they need is hover the mouse over these swatches to see how the item looks in the chosen color, material, size, etc.

The Search Autocomplete and Suggest Magento Extension v.3.3 Allows Your Visitors to Search by Tags

Search Autocomplete and Suggest

Learn More
Among key navigation elements of eCommerce stores the advanced search occupies nearly the first place. Do you know that there are a lot of people who spend their time browsing through numerous items endlessly? The Search Autocomplete and Suggest Magento extension lets visitors save time and find any product as quickly as possible.

Search Autocomplete and Suggest shows visitors relevant matches when just a part of the word is typed in, thus, improving usability of online stores.

Today we announce the release of Search Autocomplete and Suggest v.3.3! The module offers some powerful features which enhance store functionality and make product search effortless.

  • Backend and frontend options are refactored
  • Search by tags

Search by tags

  • Alphabetical sorting of results
  • Option to specify a custom text in case no results are found

No results found

The following issues have been fixed:

* SAAS overrode default page in System->Configuration

* Issue with translation in backend

* Incorrect behavior after pressing ‘Enter’

Find the whole list of extension features, demo and screenshots on the Search Autocomplete and Suggest page.