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What’s New in Magento Universe? Learn More about The Community Events from Thomas Fleck

Thomas_FleckEditor’s Note: The series of posts are provided exclusively for our blog by Thomas Fleck, CEO of the Netresearch App Factory.

What is Meet Magento?

We started organizing Magento events back in 2009. The first Meet Magento took place in Leipzig, Germany with about 270 attendees. Since that, the event has grown steadily and also spread to other countries like the Netherlands, Belarus, Poland and Brazil. Last year all Magento events together reached more than 1,500 attendees.

The target group of the Meet Magento events is the whole Magento ecosystem. It is a platform to bring merchants, developers, agencies and partners together. There is no other event which facilitates such interaction with the whole community. Therefore, Meet Magento is the leading independent community-powered Magento conference.

Watch this video for a better understanding of what Magento community really is.

The App Factory Does Not Plan to Compete with Magento Connect

Thomas_FleckEditor’s Note: This post is provided exclusively for our blog by Thomas Fleck, CEO of the Netresearch App Factory.

I believe, you have already heard about the App Factory marketplace and now you wonder what it really is and how it is related to Magento Connect – rival or affiliate? Today I’ll give you the answers to these questions and explain how we accept modules in there.

The App Factory is a platform for Magento extensions, operated by Netresearch. We worked as a Magento Enterprise Partner in the past and currently we are a Preferred Extension Development Partner of Magento. Furthermore, we are organizing lots of Magento events like Meet Magento Germany, Meet Magento Brazil, Developers Paradise and will keep aheadWorks blog readers posted about the upcoming meetups.

What is the App Factory?

The App Factory is an international marketplace of verified Magento extensions aimed at online retailers and agencies.