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Infographic Time: What is aheadWorks Media?

By now aheadWorks is more than a company majoring in Magento extensions and themes development. Over time we created a strong media department which made aheadWorks famous for its exposure in various Magento events, active engagement with Magento community, communication with opinion leaders and series of eCommerce-related analytical reviews.

A pool of experienced staff marketers and content managers are working daily to deliver the most actual Magento news and eCommerce info through aheadWorks blog, newsletters and social services. We are also very appreciative of guest writers’ regular contributions to aheadWorks blog.

Eventually, aheadWorks media became a recognizable brand we all are proud of. Check the infographic as a proof.

We Announce Winners Who Will Attend Meet Magento Brazil 2013 for Free!

Haven’t you forgotten Meet Magento Brazil 2013 is just round the corner? I bet dozens of you haven’t ;). aheadWorks lottery with the main prize – two free event tickets – is over and we are about to report the results.

If for some reason you didn’t read our post dedicated to Meet Magento Brazil, that’s the main facts you should know about it.

The leading Magento eCommerce conference Meet Magento Brazil is taking place in Sao Paulo October 14, 2013.

You better get up and go because attendees will learn more about setting up Magento for the Brazilian market, hosting and extensions as well as email marketing, payment and responsive design. Furthermore, organizers promise to present several Brazilian Magento case studies.

And now the most exciting part – the results of our lottery!

Out of all participants we randomly chose two lucky devils to get them free tickets to Meet Magento BR. They are Lucas Negri (morphy.com.br) and Sergio Peñaranda (octopusmarket.cl)!!!

Congratulations to you, guys! We hope you’ll have a lot of fun in Sao Paulo and share your impressions with aheadWorks blog readers after all.

Don’t get upset those of you who didn’t win a free ticket. aheadWorks stimulates engagement and activism, so we deliver 55R$ discount on the ticket price to all lottery participants. I will contact every post commenter by email personally and send him/her the coupon code with instructions right away.

I also encourage all our readers to stay active and take part in aheadWorks contests and lotteries, because it always pays off. 🙂

10 Tips for Boosting eCommerce Profits with Facebook from CEO of StoreYa

Editor’s Note: This post is provided for aheadWorks blog by Yariv Dror, CEO of StoreYa F-Commerce platform designed for automatically importing web stores into Facebook.

As Facebook continues to add thousands of users a day, it’s become evident that businesses of any size (from huge corporations to individual-run companies) can achieve big revenues through the social platform. I’m going to lay out exactly what you can do to experience sales jumps – all through the power of Facebook.

1. Facebook-based store is of the essence!

What would you rather do? Setup a Facebook page or fan profile and then spend countless hours managing social media posts and constantly trying to lure people from your Facebook page to your webstore? Why not cut out that major step altogether and make it as simple as possible for Facebook fans to buy from you?

There are services that within minutes can import your web store onto Facebook, turning the social site into another sales opportunity without adding any extra hoops for prospects to jump through.

2. Help your Facebook store stand out!

Your store needs to reflect your company’s unique personality and approach in every possible way. This includes the language, the colors, and the currency.

Now, we’re not suggesting that you stick website screenshots on your Facebook page. That will just look clunky and won’t achieve anything. Instead, integrating your brand elements with your Facebook page and store will allow your familiar icons and logos to be more socially – as well as visually – engaging.

3. Engage with your audience!

Remember that Facebook is a social network. When you switch to F-Commerce, you shouldn’t forget that social element either. People are there to talk, to have engaging conversations, and enjoy positive interactions. If your Facebook page is nothing but ads and discounts, that’s going to turn away a lot of your prospects right up front.

Tom Robertshaw: “For Magento the Next Year Is Going to Be Very Interesting to See How eBay Continues to Absorb It”

It doesn’t happen to me every day to interview “crown jewels” of Magento community. But from time to time I approach the brightest minds in Magento universe and publish the results of my conversation with them (remember aheadWorks interviews with Andre Gugliotti, Mario SAM, Hirokazu Nishi, Kuba Zwolinski)?

This time I talk to the guy who is extremely popular in Magento development circles and famous for his in-depth eCommerce surveys we’re all looking forward to every half-year. Tom Robertshaw, welcome on stage!

Tom Robertshaw
Tom Robertshaw is on the left

aheadWorks Gives Away Two Tickets to Meet Magento Brazil 2013 for Free!

The leading Magento eCommerce conference Meet Magento BR is taking place in Sao Paulo October 14, 2013. As a media partner of the event, aheadWorks has really good bonuses up our sleeve – two FREE conference tickets for our blog visitors. Read further how to get them.

Netresearch, organizer of Meet Magento Brazil and official aheadWorks reseller, is expecting over 250 merchants, developers, partners and agencies. The agenda offers 20 various sessions.

Similar to last year, there will be two session rooms with lots of topics for merchants and developers at Meet Magento BR 2013. Attendees will learn more about setting up Magento for the Brazilian market, hosting and extensions as well as email marketing, payment and responsive design. Furthermore, organizers promise to present several Brazilian Magento case studies.

We Give Visibility to Magento Extensions That Are Currently ‘In Development’ Status

We expect you to be that type of a reader who regularly visits aheadWorks Magento extensions store and keeps track of alterations we bring to it. Anyways, it pays to do it, because we often announce time-limited sales saving you as much as 50% of the module price.

Most likely you could not help noticing that something new happened in our store. You might have detected it while browsing through our Magento extensions and suddenly spotting some products marked with the ‘Coming Soon’ label and not available for purchase. What is it and why are we doing this?

Modules in development

aheadMetrics 2.0 Works Five Times Faster! Get Reports Tailored Specifically to eCommerce Businesses for Free

Big news for aheadMetrics users! Just recently we upgraded our free analytics service to 2.0 version, and now it works 5 times faster! Enter your aheadMetrics account and check it out yourself!

Several months ago we have launched aheadMetrics service allowing merchants to access all-round analytics of their eCommerce stores real-time with sales, customers and products data measurable in any dimensions.

Now it’s a high time to pause for a while and analyze how aheadMetrics startup managed to survive and gain momentum as a powerful easy-to-embrace analytics tracking solution for eCommerce businesses.

We arranged a talk with Artyom Rabzonov, aheadMetrics founder, in which he explained why aheadMetrics is one of its kind analytics service at the moment and why merchants won’t be able to function properly without keeping the most important eCommerce info in one handy place.

aheadMetrics Setup

Flash Sale! 360-Day Free Support in aheadWorks Store

We announce FLASH SALE in aheadWorks Magento extensions store!

Buy any extension in our store within upcoming 3 days starting from today until September 2 and get free support all year long – 360 days.

See how it works.

1. Choose the extension to purchase.

2. Select “360 Days (FREE until Sep 2)” in the Support period dropdown menu.

Free 360-day support

3. Proceed to Checkout.

4. Enjoy your free support all year round.

Keep in mind that Flash Sale is available 3 days only until September 2, so hurry up!

Miguel Ignacio Balparda: “Magento in Argentina Is in the Early Stages of Adoption and Businesses Can Take Advantage of It”

Right after the interview with Mario SAM, Magento developer activist in Brazil, was published, that same day I got the email from another Magento enthusiast from Argentina willing to write something about eCommerce in his country.

Argentina! That’s awesome, we shouldn’t miss that boat,” I thought and arranged a talk with Miguel right away. Continue reading and dig deeper on eCommerce market in Argentina with Miguel Balparda and me.

Hello everyone! I am Miguel Ignacio Balparda, Senior Magento developer at Santex.

I have been working with Magento for 4.5 years. At first, I began to work for a small Magento company and then I got into developing on some Zend Framework based CMS. Once I became familiar with Magento, I started developing my own extensions and also working on a couple of large eCommerce stores.

Miguel Ignacio BalpardaMiguel Ignacio Balparda

I like sharing knowledge about Magento. I have co-hosted the online meetup from Italy where I currently reside for Santex Argentinean offices. We discussed the importance of eCommerce trends, considering that businesses are now “e-oriented”.

What’s the Magento status in Argentina? Is it popular?

Come Join aheadWorks Team on the Trip to Meet Magento Russia!

While the summer is reaching its end, new Magento meetup season is just starting. We are excited to see more countries getting involved in Magento community and Russia is one of them. Come join aheadWorks team on a trip to Moscow to attend Meet Magento Russia August 24!

Meet Magento Russia

Meet Magento Russia 2013 will be hosted in Moscow by dear friend and official partner of aheadWorks – Turnkey Ecommerce Solutions. aheadWorks is acting as a sponsor of Meet Magento RU with outstanding speakers from our team to be there.

Take a look at the presentations aheadWorks top managers will deliver to you.

Cyril Golub_aheadWorksCyril Golub, Co-founder of aheadWorks – “Moving from Projects to Products: How Newcomers Can Do as Good as Veterans of Magento Ecosystem in 2013.

A brief description:

Despite a huge number of vendors on Magento Connect, every Magento developer has an opportunity to introduce his or her own extensions. Development is not that difficult after all; but how to stand out from rival players and turn a product into a stable generator of cash flow?

What strategies do leaders embrace and is it possible to take a significant market share away from them? And finally – what’s the risk of copying someone else’s strategies and cloning third party products?

Peter Samoilov_aheadWorksPeter Samoilov, CTO at aheadWorks – “The Struggle for Time: Mechanization of Magento development on the battlefield.

A brief description:

* Who should think and who should work?

* Why do Magento extension providers need mechanization and how to use it?

* How can one automation save plenty of time to a bunch of folks?

* Continual integration: 1000 and 1 task for CI.

* CI server? Give me 2! Let’s use Remote Agent.

* Selenium? PHPUnit? Implement with caution.

We also have one presentation in reserve. Let’s keep it a secret for a while 😉 As always, we’ll bring flyers with discount coupons on aheadWorks Magento extensions, so don’t miss them.

If you understand Russian, find more about Meet Magento RU here. Otherwise, leave your questions below or contact Irina Tsumarava for more information. See you there!

Mario SAM: “We Respect Extension Providers Who Speak to Brazilian Magento Community in Portuguese”

It’s so much fun to be a part of Magento universe. The United States, Magento cradle, is no longer a sole proprietor of Magento mainstream; this eCommerce platform has spread far overseas with many outstanding local leaders eager to share Magento wisdom. Mario SAM, one of the winners of “Magento PHP Developer’s Guide” in aheadWorks blog, is such a Magento activist in Brazil.

We have already published the post about Magento in Brazil by André Gugliotti in our blog. Mario will be glad to tell more about Brazilian Magento market and his expectations on its prospects.

Mario SAMHi, guys, I’m Mario SAM from mariosam.com.br. I’m Brazilian and never give it up!

I started working with eCommerce in 2006, even created my own eCommerce system fully in J2EE (Java). Back then I was in love with the code and had been teaching Taekwondo classes.

When Magento was released in 2008, I accepted the possibility to abandon my project and fully dedicate myself to the business.

Mario, how did you decide to launch a website with Magento tips?

I had a site about technology in general, where I talked a little about everything I did – JavaScript, CSS, XML, PHP, Java, SQL, etc… the blog was a mess of information.

Later I noticed that Magento-related posts began to gain prominence. Besides, it was very difficult to find Magento tutorials in Portuguese, so I thought of creating exclusive blog tips for Brazilian Magento audience by myself. The blog was a success and won the TOPBLOG 2010 technology.

How do you recognize what tips should be posted?

At first, I reviewed frequently asked Magento questions on the forums and used them to write posts. To my surprise, the most simple and very basic Magento tips are the ones that generate more page views.

Add Files to Products with Extra Downloads Magento Extension

It’s time to announce something so basic and natural to eCommerce stores that I am surprised it’s not already included in Magento package by default.

How many of your products do have user manuals and different sorts of certificates? I think a whole lot of them! You may want to show your customers additional info about the product, often far exceeding the size of the description area.

We release Extra Downloads Magento extension to help you upload additional product documents in a moment!

Extra Downloads

Extra Downloads module allows you adding and sharing different types of files with customers on any product page.

We believe that the process of file uploading should be dead simple, and now it is! Look what you can do with Extra Downloads:

  • Share files with customers
  • Add documents to a separate block on a product page
  • Upload files of different types as many as you want
  • Upload files while editing products
  • Limit the size of uploaded files
  • View the statistics of downloads (!)

Want to clarify some Extra Downloads extension features? Visit a product page or drop a comment!

eCommerce Platforms Survey: Who Rules Olympus These Days and Who Will Gain Power in The Future?

It’s been a while since we published our last survey on shopping platforms and their growth/decline on a highly competitive eCommerce software market. If you wonder what was going on in the woods back in 2012, take time to read our February and September studies while we move forward with a new statistics and latest changes within half a year.

About the Survey

First things first, let’s clarify some issues. We have analyzed stores from the Alexa Top 1 Million and now publish the pie chart to illustrate the popularity of different platforms. Keep in mind that all numbers in this article are relative, meaning they have no absolute values and can’t be viewed separately.

I also anticipate your doubts regarding the impartiality of this survey, especially because we have reasons to play with data and highlight Magento greatness. I assure you – it won’t happen and I will tell you outright who is hard on Magento heels. Let’s get started then!

Survey Results

MagentoMAGENTO. No surprise, Magento Community Edition with almost 30% spread is favored by many newcomers, savvy merchants and those migrated to Magento from other platforms.

Magento Enterprise Edition is in a higher demand, jumping forward from 4.6% in September 2012 to 5.8% at the moment with the number of EE websites increased by 27% (!). What caused this progress? Several months ago Magento team announced a big bonus – a free upgrade from Magento CE to EE for a limited time, and turned out, this marketing move bore fruits.

The spread of eCommerce platforms in July 2013:
Survey data from aheadWorks

Visit Magento Developers Paradise in Palma de Mallorca with 35% off from aheadWorks

This year the Developers Paradise, powered by aheadWorks official partner Netresearch, will take place in Palma de Mallorca, September 16-19. aheadWorks is acting as Media Partner of the event, and you can take advantage of it!

The first 3 readers who leave comments to this post will get 35% discount coupons to visit the Developers Paradise in Spain and meet the best Magento developers from all around the world. [THE OFFER IS CLOSED, DISCOUNTS ARE GIVEN AWAY] 

Magento Developers Paradise

The Developers Paradise is a must-attend event for all Magento developers with more than 130 expected attendees. This year participants can look forward to a high-quality program including the latest Magento news and valuable content. You will get new knowledge and have a chance to network with other enthusiasts from the Magento scene. Furthermore, you will benefit from the know-how of the community and the single speakers. Netresearch will also provide attendees with diverse free-time activities and hack-sessions.

Most notably, event organizers are committed to making everything entirely transparent, announcing that sponsoring money will be divided between all the attendees!

It means, the ticket price will be reduced for all participants at the end of the Developers Paradise and everyone will get a piece of the cake back. If you want to support the Magento Community as well, become a sponsor and help attendees get as much money back as possible.

Right now, there are 2 sponsors and €8000 in the money pot, more than 50 attendees and a lot of Call 4 Paper suggestions.

Look how the Developers Paradise was held last year.

The Talk With Kuba Zwoliński: “I Can Honestly Say There Are Many Ideas For Online Businesses in Poland”

A world without borders makes it easy to spread the popularity of eCommerce businesses like fire. Just imagine – you can build a website from scratch and start selling novelties on it regardless of where you are from (though, you are dependent on local legislation and Internet connection quality). The same is true for developers: if they specialize in eCommerce development, it automatically means they are demanded throughout the globe.

Seeing how Magento expands further and further, I can’t help thinking of other corners of the world and their possible response to Magento invasion. For this purpose and also to learn how difficult/prestigious/risky it is to build eCommerce businesses in particular countries, we cover them step by step in our blog:

This time I virtually move to Poland to meet Kuba Zwoliński, a founder of Snowdog company (we are glad to have Snowdog as aheadWorks official partner!), Magento eCommerce consultant and organizer of the First Meet Magento Poland. We talk about his acquaintance with Magento, Polish eCommerce in general and the way he worked on Meet Magento PL.