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Improve Your Store Search with Our Updated Magento Extension!

Advanced Search
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Have you ever thought about the reforming native Magento search functionality? Make the process of search easy and pleasant for your visitors. Help them find what they really want.

The Advanced Search extension uses an external search engine Sphinx and gives you a possibility to make your search faster and displays results in an attractive and convenient way.

In the end of October, we are ready to gladden you by the release of Advanced Search v.1.3. With the updated Advanced Search extension, it becomes much faster to set up this Mageto module.

Advanced Search v.1.3 makes the server connection testing much easier. After defining the required server path, address, and port, you can click the “Test connection” button to find out whether the settings are correct and the connection is successful.

Reward Your Visitors for “Like” in Facebook!

Facebook Link
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Almost every online merchant offers his visitors to “Like” products at his website. But customers do not always yearn to do this because they get nothing in return. With our updated Facebook Link extension, you can encourage your clients to promote your products by rewarding them for it.

Facebook Link makes your store more social and up-to-date and it is a wonderful tool for viral marketing.

We are happy to announce the release of Facebook Link v.2.1.4 compatible with the Points & Rewards Magento extension.

The updated Facebook Link extension allows you to give points to customers if they “Like” your products. You can define how many times visitors can click the Like button during the certain time interval and specify the delay between Facebook “Likes”. It gives you a possibility to control the process of earning points and avoid unfair balance increase.

Cross-Selling Gains Renewed Momentum with Automatic Related Products 2!

Automatic Related Products 2
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It’s a generally known fact that cross-selling helps to increase the income derived from your clients. This selling technique allows you to draw customer’s attention to products that are related to the one he/she is interested in.

The Automatic Related Products 2 Magento extension puts a new spin on adding related products to your store. You can specify rules for items selection and spark the interest of your customers in buying more products in addition.

This October day we have great news for you – the Automatic Related Products 2 extension has been updated and has three new powerful features implemented.

With Automatic Related Products 2 v.2.3, you can display the block with related products not only on the category and product page, but also on the shopping cart page.

Display Video Testimonials on Any CMS Page!

Video Testimonials
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The more detailed your product or service description is, the higher probability that your visitors find out whether it is the one they are looking for.

The Video Testimonials Magento extension allows you to gain two goals at the same time – make your store pages fresher and more attractive and let your visitors get the information about goods of your store by visual aids. Insert video on product page and allow your customers to upload their own – that will turn the trick.

With Video Testimonials, your customers can share their thoughts in their uploaded videos about the items bought and make other visitors fully aware of your products as well.

Today we are happy to announce the long-expected release of Video Testimonials v.1.4 with three new amazing possibilities.

Answer Customers Questions Beforehand with Knowledge Base v.1.3!

The shortest way to turn visitors to customers is to convince them that they are looked after and their needs are taken into consideration. Make your customers feel confident by answering their potential questions beforehand with our Knowledge Base module.

Knowledge Base
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The Knowledge Base Magento extension allows you to create a base of answers to customers’ frequently asked questions and display them in an easy-to-read way.

Today we have great news for you – Knowledge Base has become much more SEO-friendly. The updated Knowledge Base extension v.1.3 allows adding meta data for articles and categories. Now you can define meta title, keywords, and description to provide your site with a higher ranking on search engines.

Besides, the following bugs have been fixed in Knowledge Base v.1.3:

  • incorrect articles and categories filtering
  • error if footer block was removed from layout
  • problem with KB block customization

Remember, if your support period is active, you can download the latest version of the extension absolutely for free!

Find the complete list of features on the Knowledge Base extension page.

Group Deals User Guide is ready to be downloaded!

Group Deals
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We are happy to share wonderful news with you – the release of the Group Deals User Guide. Group Deals is a fantastic way for those online merchants who want to organize collective purchases process.

User Guide gives you all the necessary information with illustrations and descriptions. You can learn how to:

A separate section is assigned to the way your customers can view all their deals on the frontend.

To download the User Guide as a PDF document, please visit the Group Deals page.