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Magento Advanced Menu extension 1.0 released

Magento Advanced Menu Extension

Comfortable navigation is one of the most important steps to the best user and customer experience, so stop loosing visitors because of the endless nesting navigation.

Change Magento navigation look and feel just in minutes! Magento Advanced Menu price

Select desired menu view from already predefined menu patterns in admin panel. If you didn’t see a menu type you need – just let us know and we most likely to implement it in a few days.

At this moment only horizontal menu types  are available. We are working hard on adding some vertical navigation types for the left column.

After extension install you are able to select menu type in admin panel.Configuration

Menu types available in version 1.0

It uses standard HTML “select” element. Suitable for large stores with a lot of categories – your visitors can see all categories at a glance and make shopping route decision immediately.


DIV-based dropdowns which fit your store theme colors, without hidden nesting.


Plain (advanced)
The most advanced option! Probobaly the best for large categories number.

Plain (advanced)

No popups, no hidden nesting. You would definitely like it in stores with 3-5 navigation links.



Browser Search with Suggestion extension

Browser SearchHere is the release of another great extension – Browser Search for Magento. It’s half a module, half a browser plugin, anyway it makes your store closer to visitors and customers.

Basically, this extension allows your store visitors to add your site in the browser search engines list. PRICE & FEATURES

Our recent studies show that store visitors coming through the search box in their browser are more likely to turn into customers. The conversion rate increases up to 230%! And it’s easy to explain – people have already visited your store and liked it. Now they have an easy and comfortable way to find products in the store they liked. This traffic is very targeted and purchase-oriented, people not just browse the site, they are looking for a definite item and most likely are willing to purchase.

The extension supports Firefox2+, Internet Explorer 7+. Yes, there are other unsupported browsers, but these cover more than 70% of all used browsers ( data) and this percent is growing fast.

Besides presenting quick search interface this extension also displays search suggestions. Please note that on slow site sites or sites with a slow search the suggestion feature may not work.

RSS Reader Magento Extension v1.0 Released!

RSS Reader
Place RSS feeds on your store pages just in minutes with this extension. Fully customizable, with its own caching system it will make your store highly integrated with your WordPress blog or any other system/service that has RSS feeds. BUY RSS READER NOW

Works with numerous feeds even on the same page
Create as much RSS Reader instances as you need.

Full control of the output
You may control every option available on per instance basis, overriding default options set in administration panel. Options list is available here.

Powerfull caching
With caching option enabled, RSS Reader fetches the content from remote host and stores it in its own cache.

For store owners, developers and designers
You may put RSS Reader instances on your pages using Magento CMS pages and blocks. In this case you don’t need to edit any files, all can be done through administration panel. Need more flexibility – no problem. Call RSS Reader instances just from Magento layout XML files.

Custom CSS and Template files
RSS Reader uses its own CSS file and custom template. In fact you may create as much output patterns as needed and use them on per instance basis.

Next week we will publish in this blog detailed tutorial on achieving excellent Magento  customization results using 2 our extensions:  Z-Blocks and RSS Reader.


RSS Reader for Magento

We are happy to announce upcoming release of RSS Reader Magento extension. This Magento extension will allow you to display RSS feeds on your store pages. You can have multiple readers to display different feeds with full display control of each reader instance. RSS Reader will use its own cache for the best speed possible. RSS Reader extension is the best way to display your WordPress content on Magento store pages.

Video extension for Magento

Video Module Box

Another highly required thing for Magento – a Video extension. Despite it’s quite straightforward to create an attribute and use it, many people would like to see this functionality “out-of-box”. We decided to explore this possibility and start development of a video module. What we have now is a very simple code that adds a tab in the product configuration interface and allows to enter video embed-code. We’d like you, Magento users to contribute your ideas and needs and help us create a useful and poweful module.

The development has been started basing on this thread:

Waiting for your comments!

Product Questions extensions

We’ll try to implement all features requested in the first post of this topic: 
Estimated completion date – 3 Feb 2009.