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Help Desk Ultimate 2.3 – a must have version!

Today we release a new version of Help Desk Ultimate for Magento. It includes the following updates:

  • Auto-assign to departments on e-mail reply
  • Ability to hide departmnents selector from customers
  • One-click Contact Form integration
  • One-click Product Questions integration
  • Improved parsing mechanism for html emails
  • Per-store default department
  • Ticket lock
  • Ability to hide departments selector from customers

Plus some minor bugfixes. If you own a previous version you would definitely wish to upgrade – the upgrade is free! If you don’t have one – get it and make your customers much more happy.

AJAX Cart Pro 1.3 released

Release summary:

  • HTTPS support fix
  • Details popup for configurable products fix

Magento AJAX

New Free Magento Extension – Visitors Online

Visitors OnlineVisitors Online is a free Magento extension that alows store owners to add a block indicating number of visitors on the site.

To embed the extension on the site one only needs to insert the block through CMS – visitors online information would appear immediately. Let your shoppers know they are not alone 😉

This is a free extension – just login and download it.

Visit product page – https://ecommerce.aheadworks.com/free-stuff/visitors-online.html

New extension – Frequently Bought Together

Frequently Bought Together

Frequently Bought Together extension continues our line of Amazon’s innovative techniques adaption on Magento platform. This module has been created to substitute and significantly improve functionality and usability of Magento core module Related Products.

During the installation Frequently Bought Together turns off Related Products block and allows you to choose where to display its content by inserting a simple code in your CMS. Once embedded, the extension displays related products in a neat, comfortable and modern way, employing smooth and eye-catching AJAX and JavaScript effects. Frequently Bought Together does not only enrich your store content and make it look web 2.0 – it also attracts and encourages your customers to put additional products in their cart, increasing your cross sells and total purchase amount.

From AJAX side the module is powered by Pico JavaScript library – an in-house project of aheadWorks Co.

Frequently Bought Together takes its honored place in our set of perfectly crafted Magento sale motivation extensions.

For more information and demo visit the product page – https://ecommerce.aheadworks.com/extensions/frequently-bought-together.html

AJAX Cart Pro 1.2.1 released

Release summary:

  • Language files added
  • Configurable and grouped products render fix
  • Progress bar position fix
  • Default values fix

AJAX Magento Cart

Review Rotator 1.2 released

Release summary:

  • Ability to specify IDs of review which should be displayed
  • Ability to specify IDs of products which reviews should be displayed
  • Now reviews being displayed of visible products only
  • Bug with one default option (was undefined) fixed
  • Bug with review numbers fixed
  • Bug with ignoring parameter ‘count’ fixed
  • Some minor changes and memory usage optimization

Advanced Menu 1.7.1 released

Release summary:

  • Bug with partially incompatibility with flat catalog fixed

Z-Blocks 1.2 released

New blocks added to display on catalog and/or product pages:

Catalog and product blocks

  • catalog-sidebar-right-top
  • catalog-sidebar-right-bottom
  • catalog-sidebar-left-top
  • catalog-sidebar-left-bottom
  • catalog-content-top
  • catalog-menu-top
  • catalog-menu-bottom
  • catalog-page-bottom

Product only blocks

  • product-sidebar-right-top
  • product-sidebar-right-bottom
  • product-sidebar-left-top
  • product-content-top
  • product-menu-top
  • product-menu-bottom
  • product-page-bottom
  • product-sidebar-left-bottom

AJAX Cart Pro 1.2 released

Release summary:

  • plain add to cart links support added
  • setAttribute bug is fixed

New extension – Who Bought This Also Bought

Who Bought This Also Bought

Who Bought This Also Bought module is a Magento implementation of a well known Amazon.com invention.

Providing such kind of additional content for your product pages this extension not only enriches your store – it gives valuable and unmistakable ideas for additional and future purchases. By putting several items to shopping cart your customers transparently share their thinking between each other, proposing highly targeted set of related items for people considering the same purchase.

There is just no other choice for large inventory stores as the process of related items creation is completely automated.

This extension is ideal for store owners who are aimed at enriching their store sales pages and having much more cross sales by means of perfectly crafted user-defined content.


  • No occasional items – we display only items with the highest rate of cross selling, creating a perfect and mistake-free related products set
  • Considers all your existing orders during the installation process – you can see the results immediately after copying the extension files!
  • Super-fast extension cache which excludes page load time penalty
  • Integrated into standard Magento template – looks and acts like a native code
  • Easy 2-minutes installation
  • Meets Magento programming practices for most versions and customizations compatibility

Screenshot 1

More information and demo on the product page: https://ecommerce.aheadworks.com/extensions/who-bought-this-also-bought.html

Review Rotator 1.1 released

Review Rotator Magento ExtensionReview Rotator displays random set of product reviews from your store. A random review intrigues visitors and entices them to learn more about subject of the review.

With “Consider category” option enabled Review Rotator would take reviews from the current category only, helping customer make a wiser choice or attracting their attention to alternatives.

Any number of Review Rotator blocks can be easily put in any place(s) of the store using the standard Magento CMS.


  • Instant installation and integration
  • Unlimited number of extension instances within a Magento installation
  • Can restrict reviews to the products from current category and subcategories
  • Configurable number of reviews
  • Ability to set minimum rating for reviews to show
  • Ability to display last X added reviews
  • Reviews rotation to avoid displaying the same results
  • Flawlessly integrates into any design and layout

Review Rotator Configuration

More information and Demo: https://ecommerce.aheadworks.com/extensions/review-rotator.html

AJAX Cart Pro 1.1 released

Release summary:

  • Magento 1.2.1 support added
  • JS code size optimized
  • IE tabs focus bug fix
  • Multi-select processing fix

Advanced Menu 1.7 released

Release summary:

  • Left folding menu view mode added

AJAX Cart Pro 1.0 released

AJAX Cart ProAJAX Cart Pro extension removes annoying page reloads on add to cart and delete from cart user actions. Items added instantly with animation effects.

You are able to control every aspect of the extension:

  • Progress animation – defines progress block position
  • Cart animation – defines cart update animation effect
  • AJAX activity indicator – you may override activity image with your own using this option


Advanced Menu 1.6 released

Release summary:

  • Fix: Layout troubles for IE8 in “plain” mode
  • Magento 1.3 flat catalog compatibility added