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Event Tickets Ver. 1.1 – Printable Tickets and 8 More Features

The Event Tickets module update to the 1.1.0 version enriched it by numerous extremely valuable features and capabilities.

Many of them introduce absolutely new functionality and provide Magento store owners multiple options for managing and selling event-based products.

New Features

Printable Tickets

Order confirmation emails may contain printable PDF ticket copies. This option is enabled from the backend: Catalog -> Event Tickets -> Manage Products -> Edit Product -> Event Booking tab -> General Settings section -> Generate PDF Tickets.

PDF copies are individual for each ticket and contain general information about the event, unique QR codes, event logos, or any other dedicated information.

Customers may use included QR codes and get detailed information about the event from the My Account area on your site.

The size of QR images can be easily configured from the admin panel.

QR Images Configuration

QR Images Configuration

Flexible Tickets Redeeming System

Starting from the 1.1 version, the Event Tickets extension obtains a powerful and flexible redeeming system. The system allows Magento store owners to keep records of sold tickets and assign unique IDs to them.

Magento administrators can redeem tickets in three ways:

QR codeVia QR code scanning using any mobile device
This functionality is available, if PDF tickets generations is enabled. In this case, the extension adds QR codes to every ticket and allows logged-in admins with corresponding permissions to redeem them.

Manual ticket code input
The extension generates an alphanumeric code for each ticket with an option to add code prefixes per ticket type. Product detail pages contain a link to the code submission page, where admins can enter and redeem necessary codes.

Manual Ticket Code Input

Manual Ticket Code Input

From the Manage Tickets page
The Manage Tickets page contains a Redeem Status column, which contains active redeem status designations. You can click the status that redeems tickets automatically.

Redeem Restrictions

The module allows Magento admins to settle redeem restrictions and entitle only authorized backend users to redeem tickets. This option is available for each event and, thus delineates redemption opportunities of users with certain roles.

Redeem Settings

Redeem Settings

Manage Products in Backend

Managing products from the backend is simple and can be performed via the Mange Products section: Catalog -> Event Tickets -> Manage Products. The section displays all the products, which ever had the Event Booking functionality enabled.

"Manage Products" Grid

“Manage Products” Grid

Manage Tickets in Backend

The current version of the extension provides advanced opportunities for managing tickets from the backend. The enhanced Manage Tickets grid allows store admins to filter tickets by IDs, event IDs, ticket codes and yet five columns.

"Manage Tickets" Grid

“Manage Tickets” Grid

Magento admins are able to redeem individual tickets or initiate mass-action operations, which change redeem or payment statuses of multiple tickets.

Note: The Manage Tickets table allows you to cancel tickets, but this operation does not automatically refund the corresponding orders. You should refund them manually. On the other hand, order refunds do not cancel tickets, as well.

Customer Area > My Tickets

The updated customer area contains a list of tickets with event details, locations, prices, and ticket details. The My Tickets section allows customers to enter event pages, explore ticket details or ask sellers to resend confirmation emails to get tickets.

"My Tickets" Area

“My Tickets” Area

New Event Properties: Event End Date, Event Location

This feature adds new attributes to events, including event end dates and locations.

Note: You can specify only one date for each event. If you hold several similar events with different dates you should create individual products for each event.

Note: You can insert HTML codes into the Location field.

Transactional Email Templates Support

The Event Tickets ver. 1.1 extension supports native Magento Transactional Email Templates for confirmation and reminder emails. But it also has two own predefined templates: “[aW Event Ticket] Ticket Confirmation” and “[aW Event Ticket] Event Reminder”.
It also uses standard transactional email variables and several own ones:

Variable Code Description
{{var customer_name}} shows the First name of the customer
{{var event.day_count_before_send_reminder_letter}} shows the value of days specified in the Send Reminder Message Before filed for the product
{{var event.location}} pulls the Location details
{{var event_end_date}} shows the end date for the event
{{var event_start_date}} , {{var event_date}} displays the start date of the event
{{var event_ticket.title}} shows the Ticket Type title

Instant Messages HTML Support

Since the 1.1 ver. the extension supports HTML insertions into instant messages to customers by means of the WYSIWYG editor.

Instant Messages HTML Support

Instant Messages HTML Support

The Event Tickets Magento extension


If you are planning to sell or selling already event-based products, you will find the Event Tickets extension perfectly suitable for your goals.

Visit the product page of the extension in our store and find out all the extension’s features or better try it yourself in our demo stores.



about 5 years ago

Dear, Is it possible to have a customer create/buy a ticket and have that customer set the price? That is what I am looking for! Thanks, Mike


Dmitry Shatkov

about 5 years ago

Hello Mike, Unfortunately, the module does not allow your customers to create and edit tickets, including the price attribute. This is an a1dmin's prerogative entirely.



about 2 years ago

Hello Sir , When i make ticket with 0 price under product, its not creating pdf attachment. Thanks


Dmitry Shatkov

about 2 years ago

Hi! The issue is unique in our practice, so we can't definitely explain the reason of this behavior. Please contact our support team via https://ecommerce.aheadworks.com/contacts/ and send them all the details on the issue. We'try to help.



about 2 years ago

Hello, I'd like to know if the "Event Tickets" section in admin allows for each option to decrease the global stock. Let's say that I have a play ticket to sell. An elder would pay less but still occupy a seat. So I want that in the play ticket window to see the inputs for specifying how many elders, minors and adults to buy with all those options decreasing the same stock quantity. Is that possible?


Dmitry Shatkov

about 2 years ago

Yes. You can add custom product options to event tickets and define separate prices and quantity for them. Here is the back end demo you can take advantage of. http://evticket.demo.aheadworks.com/index.php/admin/catalog_product/edit/id/169/tab/product_info_tabs_aw_eventbooking/awBackUrl/YWRtaW5odG1sL2F3ZXZlbnRib29raW5nX3RpY2tldHMvbGlzdA==/key/2155b51b279a9205d3bdabc8b492b536/



about 8 months ago

hello, I have your extension. I'm wondering, how would door men at the event quickly redeem tickets with their smart phones? When you scan the QR code it goes to the frontend. How can they redeem it quickly ?


Anton Lashuk

about 7 months ago

Hello Alex! You can always contact our support team https://ecommerce.aheadworks.com/contacts/ with any questions regarding our Event Tickets module.


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