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Is aheadWorks site empowered with their modules? Part II

A couple of weeks ago, we started the story about aheadWorks’ modules used at https://ecommerce.aheadworks.com. Today we offer the continuation of this case study.

Every our site visitor has probably noticed the home page promos, left-hand side banners and those on the account page. They all are displayed by means of the Z-Blocks extension.


Ultimate SEO Suite
We have come to the conclusion that so far Magento is not as SEO-friendly as we’d like it to be. That’s why we developed a special extension to improve not only our SEO but share this ability with you. It helped us improve our Google page rank and consequently increase traffic.

Checkout Promo
It is another module of ours which helps improving our conversion rate. The Checkout Promo allows displaying banners in the cart and during checkout. Add any our product to cart and see for yourself!

Checkout Promo

Customer Purchases
This Magento module significantly eases the work of our support team and saves them a lot of time by representing all customers’ purchases in one table view at the customer information page.

Knowledge Base
It helps our customers find the answers to the frequently asked questions quickly and easily, in a self-service mode. Money-wise, this means we don’t lose customers because of scarce information or late assistance while our customer support team is busy helping other customers with uncommon inquiries. We grow 2 plants with one seed, so to say.

Knowledge Base

Market Segmentation Suite
This module greatly extends the functionality of some extensions in this list, namely Checkout Promo, Z-Blocks, and Advanced Newsletter. It helps specify more exact rules for blocks displaying and customers filtering.

Search Autocomplete and Suggest
With this Magento extension, we introduced the instant product search in our store. Already from the search result list, you learn the product name and price – everything is clear, compact, and user-friendly.

Search Autocomplete and Suggest

As you can see, a great dozen of our modules helps us to successfully and efficiently run our business. And the same aheadWorks Co. wishes to you!

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