Tired of Losing Your Customers? Be Ready with AMP-ready Magento 2 Templates!

Without a doubt, winter brings us a lot of peaceful landscapes and cozy meetings.

Tired of Losing Your Customers? Be Ready with AMP-ready Magento 2 Templates!

All these alleys and trees covered with snow, warm drinks, and snowflakes falling outside create a truly charming atmosphere. Seeing that, don’t hesitate to relax. Although winter holidays have already ended, you still can enjoy winter mood. Thus, today is a nice day to have a cup of tasty coffee and take stock of the work you have done.

All in all, 2018 brings you another way of seeing. What do you think about your online project? Is it qualitative enough to keep the audience engaged? Well, we made this post for everyone, who is tired of losing their customers. As you can see from the article’s name, today we are going to introduce you AMP-ready Magento 2 templates. What is AMP and why do you need it? Let’s see!

What is AMP?

Originally, AMP means ‘accelerated mobile pages’. To make a long story short, this is a brand-new technique, which allows you to build an unbelievably fast online project. Actually, AMP module makes your website show a lightning fast speed when it is viewed on mobile devices.

The thing is that the third-party content will be displayed after the main information. Therefore, the online shoppers will see the needed content immediately. We are sure that you have visited various online shops multiple times. Can you remember how boring and irritating this 10-second waiting is?

Why is Mobile Traffic so Important?

Truly speaking, you can’t effort even a 3-second blank page! Don’t forget that we live in the time of smartphones, online consultancies, and virtual reality. For these simple reasons, people have a great variety of different web stores.

In a word, today you can find everything and anything online. Thus, you have to make sure that your website works ideally. In the end, the potential clients will be tired of waiting. As a result, they will simply leave your shop and find another one, which works faster. So what can you do? To start with, let’s take a closer look at the statistics (source: Templatemonster.com).

  • At the outset, 5 billion is the number of mobile users worldwide.
  • Secondly, 50 % of the population already use mobile phones.
  • Thirdly, 54,64 % is the number of internet traffic that comes from mobiles.
  • What is more, 3,5 billion is the number of active global mobile population.
  • Also, 80,6 million is the number of mobile internet users in the United States.

As you can see, mobile traffic matters and matters a lot. For these simple reasons, a mobile-first design has already become a quite popular thing. Still, today we are talking about another inimitable technique, which will make your online project impress people with its quality. By the way, accelerated mobile pages are good for the desktops as well.

So, now you know these impressing numerals. And we hope you realize how important the quality of your website’s mobile version is. Therefore, it is time to tell you more about the benefits of AMP.

Google and AMP

Needless to say, the importance of SEO is the thing that never changes. All in all, thanks to SEO readiness the most popular search systems can index your website without a hitch. Thus, there will be more users visiting your online project.

Although we can call AMP a young technique, there are already many benefits you will see. Even Google recommends one to use it for their website! Thus, as soon as you built your webshop with AMP, it will have a small lightning icon from Google.

Logically, the icon says that the website provides a lightning-fast loading speed. In a word, it results in audience growth and better traffic flow. Moreover, with it, your business site will look more trustworthy. What is more, Google automatically adds your website into its carousel. Without a doubt, here is an additional way for the prosperity of your business.

What else will you get? Obviously, the groundbreaking search results from Google! Given these points, now you can be sure that your online shop will quickly find its audience thanks to the AMP technique.

In the end, it takes less than 2 seconds to load your online pages. Sounds too good to be true? We knew that you may think so. That is why we have found a few handy Magento 2 themes. They are AMP-ready and already have the fresh demos that you can try.

Let’s Summarize!

Being a website owner, you may know that today everyone wants to increase the monetization or their websites. Undeniably, people also do their best to get more visitors that will help to put their projects on the top of search results. Still, according to the statistics provided by templatemonster.com, there are more than 50 % of online shoppers who leave the sites after 5-seconds wait or even less.

Without a doubt, we have forgotten about the quality of our pages. That is why these days you can see a plenty of slow, user-unfriendly online projects that have poor navigation. This is the problem that needs a solution. Are you the one, who prefers Magento? In this case, we have found a brilliant solution for you.

Are you ready to deliver your site’s content to the mobile visitors faster? Now you can do it even smoother using the ace AMP-ready Magento 2 templates! Let’s speed up the performance of your online shop together!

Basically, all Magento themes version 2.2 will be AMP-ready. Now you can view out the demo of 2 attention-grabbing products. What are they?

Magetique – Supreme, All-encompassing, and AMP-ready Magento 2 Template

The Magetique Template for Magento 2


We are sure that you already know Magetique, as this multipurpose Magento 2 template is a real pearl for everyone, who dreams about a qualitative online project. To start with, these Amp Magento templates have 5 different topics. As a result, you can run any type of eCommerce site you need. What is more, choosing this hi-res template, you will definitely save a mint of money.

That is why Magetique comes with multiple must-have plugins. For example, you will get a live search that provides the results while a user is typing. What is more, there is MegaMenu, which allows you to build colorful menus of any complicity. Don’t forget about a powerful Ajax Compare feature and an eye-catching Film Slider.

You can also introduce best items using Featured Products plugin. Moreover, Magetique comes with a deep Parallax and Video background to help you to create a marvelous visual content. To finish with, Magetique has 5 ready-made topic layouts and multiple pre-designed page elements.

Fashion Slash – Stylish, Minimalist, and AMP-ready Magento 2 Theme for your Fashion Boutique

The Fashion Slash Template for Magento 2


Although this ready-to-use Magento 2 theme has a minimalist interface, you will see a rich variety of features in the package of Fashion Slash. Thus, choosing this voguish product, you will get the comfortable filters that will help to organize the content of your online boutique. Moreover, Fashion Slash is an AMP-ready theme.

Thanks to the module, the content of your online shop will appear rapidly on the mobile devices. All in all, the module contains rich UI and UX design concepts. Seeing that, don’t hesitate to check the demos of this magnificent Magento 2 theme right now!

Trendy – Attractive, Strong, and Fast AMP-ready Magento 2 Template

The Trendy Template for Magento 2

In addition, there is another strikingly-colored Magento 2 product that is also AMP-ready. Before all else, Trendy has a powerful admin interface.

Therefore, you are able to set up a truly beautiful site even if you have no website building experience. Yep, no coding at all! Just use all the ready-made elements you will see in the package of Trendy. Still, in case you prefer Trendy you have to wait a little bit. The product is coming soon, so there is no live demo.

So, these were all the news for today. As you can see, the recent technologies allow you to manage an impressing online project without touching a single line of the code. What is more, you can make its content appear at the drop of a hat. Without a doubt, it is more than exciting! Thus, don’t forget to tell us what you think.

Would you like your website to be AMP-ready? Which of the introduced Magento 2 themes do you prefer? There are more AMP-ready templates coming soon, so stay tuned!

This guest post is provided by templatemonster.com.

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