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Magento 2 Pack Builder: Get Up to 55% OFF

Aheadworks is opening the November discount season with the introduction of our super flexible Magento 2 Pack Builder.

Before the year runs out our customers may expect a bunch of pleasant surprises. We are planning major product updates, Black Friday level discounts, and new buying options. And to kick the season off we are introducing our new purchasing tool – Pack Builder for Magento 2.

Pack Builder

The pack is aimed at brand new stores built using Magento 2 platform. At the very start many stores will face the harsh reality of having to buy several extensions at once and the bill might run pretty high. This is where our Magento 2 Pack Builder comes in. For anyone launching a new store or migrating from Magento 1 the pack provides an opportunity to get up to 55% discount when buying more than one Magento 2 extension.

Magento 2 Pack Builder: Get Up to 55% OFF

Magento 2 Pack Builder allows you to save up to 55% of the regular price while purchasing any combination of products. This time you decide how many products you want in your pack and which products to choose – the discount will be adjusted automatically. For example, the combination of Blog, Layered Navigation, Coupon Code Generator, RMA, Social Login, and AJAX Cart Pro with half a year of support will cost you $920 instead of $2050 at original price.

To use the Pack Builder go to the pack page. You’ll have to be logged in to access its functionality. Once there you will see a list of all Magento 2 products on the left. Just grab them by the icon and drag them to the right – this is where your pack is and this is where your final price will be calculated. Drag icons back to remove products from the pack. As simple as that.

Suggested Packs

So, you can try and evaluate any number of product combinations before you go to the checkout. But if you get lost trying to find out the most advantageous options we have some ready-made bundles for different purposes all made to get the most out of the provided discounts.

Best Sellers

Blog, RMA, Follow Up Email, Gift Card, Automatic Related Products, Layered  Navigation
$198 per Extension on Average, Magento 2 CE, 180-day Support

Best Sellers

On-site Promotions

Custom Static Blocks, Automatic Related Products,
Popup Pro, Who Bought This Also Bought, Who Viewed This Also Viewed, Product Questions

$146 per Extension on Average, Magento 2 CE, 180-day Support

On-site Promotions

Improved Administration

Advanced Reports, RMA, Help Desk Ultimate, Coupon Code Generator,
Layered Navigation, Custom Static Blocks

$187 per Extension on Average, Magento 2 CE, 180-day Support

Improved Administration

Better Customer Services

Help Desk, Follow Up Email, Coupon Code Generator, RMA
$240 per Extension on Average, Magento 2 CE, 180-day Support

Better Customer Services

Easy Shopping

Layered Navigation, AJAX Cart Pro, Product Questions, Social Login,
Store Locator, Who Bought This Also Bought

$138 per Extension on Average, Magento 2 CE, 180-day Support

easy shopping

Of course, these are only several available options and you can add to packages any number of products you like. You can make the decision independently or ask your development partners to suggest you the required set.

If you have any questions regarding this offer or need some consultancy contact our support team please.

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