Z-Blocks 1.2 released

New blocks added to display on catalog and/or product pages:

Catalog and product blocks

  • catalog-sidebar-right-top
  • catalog-sidebar-right-bottom
  • catalog-sidebar-left-top
  • catalog-sidebar-left-bottom
  • catalog-content-top
  • catalog-menu-top
  • catalog-menu-bottom
  • catalog-page-bottom

Product only blocks

  • product-sidebar-right-top
  • product-sidebar-right-bottom
  • product-sidebar-left-top
  • product-content-top
  • product-menu-top
  • product-menu-bottom
  • product-page-bottom
  • product-sidebar-left-bottom

AJAX Cart Pro 1.2 released

Release summary:

  • plain add to cart links support added
  • setAttribute bug is fixed

New extension – Who Bought This Also Bought

Who Bought This Also Bought

Who Bought This Also Bought module is a Magento implementation of a well known Amazon.com invention.

Providing such kind of additional content for your product pages this extension not only enriches your store – it gives valuable and unmistakable ideas for additional and future purchases. By putting several items to shopping cart your customers transparently share their thinking between each other, proposing highly targeted set of related items for people considering the same purchase.

There is just no other choice for large inventory stores as the process of related items creation is completely automated.

This extension is ideal for store owners who are aimed at enriching their store sales pages and having much more cross sales by means of perfectly crafted user-defined content.


  • No occasional items – we display only items with the highest rate of cross selling, creating a perfect and mistake-free related products set
  • Considers all your existing orders during the installation process – you can see the results immediately after copying the extension files!
  • Super-fast extension cache which excludes page load time penalty
  • Integrated into standard Magento template – looks and acts like a native code
  • Easy 2-minutes installation
  • Meets Magento programming practices for most versions and customizations compatibility

Screenshot 1

More information and demo on the product page: https://ecommerce.aheadworks.com/extensions/who-bought-this-also-bought.html

Review Rotator 1.1 released

Review Rotator Magento ExtensionReview Rotator displays random set of product reviews from your store. A random review intrigues visitors and entices them to learn more about subject of the review.

With “Consider category” option enabled Review Rotator would take reviews from the current category only, helping customer make a wiser choice or attracting their attention to alternatives.

Any number of Review Rotator blocks can be easily put in any place(s) of the store using the standard Magento CMS.


  • Instant installation and integration
  • Unlimited number of extension instances within a Magento installation
  • Can restrict reviews to the products from current category and subcategories
  • Configurable number of reviews
  • Ability to set minimum rating for reviews to show
  • Ability to display last X added reviews
  • Reviews rotation to avoid displaying the same results
  • Flawlessly integrates into any design and layout

Review Rotator Configuration

More information and Demo: https://ecommerce.aheadworks.com/extensions/review-rotator.html

AJAX Cart Pro 1.1 released

Release summary:

  • Magento 1.2.1 support added
  • JS code size optimized
  • IE tabs focus bug fix
  • Multi-select processing fix

Advanced Menu 1.7 released

Release summary:

  • Left folding menu view mode added

AJAX Cart Pro 1.0 released

AJAX Cart ProAJAX Cart Pro extension removes annoying page reloads on add to cart and delete from cart user actions. Items added instantly with animation effects.

You are able to control every aspect of the extension:

  • Progress animation – defines progress block position
  • Cart animation – defines cart update animation effect
  • AJAX activity indicator – you may override activity image with your own using this option


Advanced Menu 1.6 released

Release summary:

  • Fix: Layout troubles for IE8 in “plain” mode
  • Magento 1.3 flat catalog compatibility added

Sudden error in admin area (Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach in Feed.php on line 84 )

We are receiving some requests regarding the following error:

Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() 
in /app/code/core/Mage/AdminNotification/Model/Feed.php on line 84

I’d like to let you know that the magentocommerce.com is down at the moment and this causes the error. It comes from the Admin Notifications native module.
We have nothing to do with this.

Help Desk Ultimate 2.1.1 released

Release summary:

  • E-mail Headers storage
  • SSL support for POP3 service added
  • UTF-8 characters support added
  • E-mail binary attachments fixed
  • Non-text attachments now are sent
  • HTML tags in customer’s area bug fixed
  • Minor security bugs fixed

Help Desk 2.1.1 released

Release summary:

  • Minor DB changes
  • UTF-8 characters support added
  • HTML tags in customer’s area bug fixed
  • Minor security bugs fixed

Search Autocomplete & Suggest 1.6.3 released

This is bug fix release.

Bug description
Search returns all products when flat catalog and flat product options are enabled in admin panel.
Magento version: 1.3

Bug is fixed and update is available on Downloadable Products page in customer area.

View extension page.

Help Desk Ultimate 2.0 released

Help Desk Ultimate

This is a new much improved version of our Magento Help Desk extension. It includes all the features of standard Help Desk extension plus:

Unlimited departments
Each department has a title, email address, and a set of email templates. When submitting a ticket in customer area interface, the user must select a department to which the ticket is submitted to.

Two-way e-mail parsing
Our email parser will automatically convert e-mail messages into tickets or tickets responses. You just need to configure this extension to collect emails from POP3 box at regular intervals (Magento cron jobs file utilized for this purpose and no additional cron setup is needed).A staff user can reply to a ticket by e-mail. This reply will be processed by the e-mail parser, recorded in the help desk and forwarded to the end-user (ticket creator).

Create new tickets by e-mail
Optional feature to convert initial e-mail messages sent to parser mail box into new tickets. Extremely useful for Magento contact form.

Autoexpiration option
Will close tickets without any activity from end-user after specified number of days.

Unlimited departments
Two-way e-mail parsing
Create new tickets by e-mail
Autoexpiration option
Full integration into Magento admin & customer areas
Ticket threads and statuses
File attachments
Ability to create ticket from admin
Quatation option in customer and admin areas
Customizable email notifications for administrator and customer
Unlimited number of tickets
Easy to use administration and customer interfaces
Complete history of all communications
Easy copy-and-run installation
Price $159 $99

Help Desk 2.0 released

New features:

  • new kernel/engine
  • Separate CSS Files
  • quotation option in customer and admin areas
  • email attachments
  • upload files limit configuration option
  • tickets can be created from admin
  • replies order changed, new ones first
  • status can be set w/o posting reply to ticket
  • UI changes

Magento World Newsletter (April 8, 2009)

This is March newsletter of aheadWorks Magento World store – the house of market-demanded Magento extensions and themes. Below is the summary of the results of our development efforts in Magento extensions sphere – new releases and updates of existing products. We invite everyone who wants to be informed about these events immediately to subscribe to our blog. If you are interested in a particular product(s) information only – please use the product(s) tags for your subscription.
We’d also like to point to our store improvement – the visual extensions map. We are getting more and more products and sometimes it becomes difficult to understand at a glance which one you could be interested in. Just move your mouse pointer over an extension title on the map to see a short information, click to go to the product page.

New Extensions

Please do not forget to check product page of the extensions that might interest you – there is much more information like tips, FAQ, changelog, demos, videos etc.

Help Desk Ultimate

This is a new much improved version of our Help Desk extension. It includes all the features of standard Help Desk extension plus:

  • Departments – now you can add unlimited number of support departments with their own attributes – email address, templates, etc.
  • POP3 fetching and parsing – the extension gets all correspondence from a defined email address parsing the messages into tickets. It’s able to keep threads and add messages to the existing tickets by ID.
  • Create new tickets from e-mail – any message sent to the parser email address without ticket ID can be automatically transformed into a new ticket, followed by admin and customer email notifications.
  • Auto-expiration – automatically sets “Closed” status to tickets inactive for a defined number of days.

Don’t forget to check the product page for other features, these are not all.

Advanced Menu

This extension allows you to change your store navigation look easily. No need in PHP or HTML knowledge – just go to the configuration page and choose from one of the predefined looks and see how does it fit your store. It’s absolutely XHTML 1.o Strict compatible and has an all-browsers-valid CSS. In this version you can choose from the following modes: default, dropdown boxes, plain, advanced plain and static.

RSS Reader

Looking for an easy blog or a feed integration? Then RSS Reader extension is for you. It fetches and parses any RSS feed and integrates it into your Magento store. No troubles, fits any style and design, can be placed in any block, sidebar, header or footer. Besides other features we can highlight:

  • Unlimited feeds – create any number of feeds in different locations of your store.
  • Cache – instead of fetching the content from a remote server each page load the RSS Reader stores the data into its own cache.
  • Custom CSS and templates – RSS Reader uses its own CSS file and custom template. In fact you may create as much output patterns as needed and use them on per instance basis.

Please go to the product page to know more about other options.

Browser Search

Give your visitors another comfortable way of searching in your catalog – integrate your store search directly in the browser! With the help of a simple XML you can add your search engine to the visitor’s browser, the search suggestions will be handled by the extension PHP code. Simple and effective.

Updated Extensions

Don’t forget to check full changelog on the product pages.

Featured Products

Current version: 2.2.2
Upgrade: Recommended from any previous version
Upgrade cost: free for all versions
What’s new:

  • Completely compatibe with XHTML 1.0 Strict
  • All CSS Warnings fixed
  • Invisible products are not shown any more
  • One product can be added more to one category
  • Added option to display product in slideshow only on main page
  • Shows warning message if no products found
  • CMS block syntax is shorter now
  • Dropped support for magento 1.1.x due to magento layout bugs

Help Desk

Current version: 2.0
Upgrade: Highly recommended from any previous version
Upgrade cost: free for all versions
What’s new:

  • New kernel
  • Quoting
  • Attachments are sent through email
  • External CSS files
  • Tickets can be created from admin area
  • Upload files limit
  • Re-order replies, newer first
  • Status can be set w/o posting reply to ticket
  • “Waiting for customer” auto-status


Current version: 1.1
Upgrade: Recommended
Upgrade cost: free for all versions
What’s new:

  • Ad rotation function!

Promotion of the Month!

Enrich your customers experience with our Z-Blocks and Help Desk Ultimate extensions, today we give 40% discount when purchasing them both. Please use the following coupon:


The offer expires 17 April 2009!

That’s all what were going to inform you about. Do not forget stay in touch, leave ratings and all kinds feedback, we are always happy to hear your thoughts. If you need a new feature in our product – just let us know – it has good chances to be implemented.

Thank you for being with us and good luck to your busines,
Sincerely yours,
aheadWorks Magento department