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24 Ideas How to Conduct an Efficient Email A/B Testing

A well-thought-out email strategy helps businesses to notably increase conversion rates, especially during the holidays when the demand for particular products is considerably higher than usually.

24 Ideas How to Conduct Efficient Email A/B Testing

But how can you know what emails can produce the desired effect on customers and encourage them to make a purchase? Only by experimenting with different variants of letters! In this article, we will give you some tips on how to organize an effective email campaign through A/B testing (or split testing) of emails.

Email A/B Testing

If you are running a Magento 2 web store and need to test different versions of emails, a smart choice here is to use the recently updated Follow Up Email Extension 2.0. The solution provides the A/B Testing Mode, which can be enabled on the Edit Email page in the Magento 2 Admin Panel.