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Display the Actions of Your Customers with the Activity Stream Magento Extension

We are glad to announce that the Activity Stream extension for Magento has been officially released. Now you can buy it in our store and bring a sense of reality to your online shop.

Activity Stream

This module is extremely useful for merchants who want to display the activity of customers in the store. Visitors will see what actions other clients carry out. Special customizable block shows who has registered, logged in, what product has been viewed and so on.

Seeing what is happening on the website at the present moment, customers get additional recommendations for further discovering of the store. It’s evident that the more time people spend on the website, the greater is the probability of purchase.

The following features are implemented in the Activity Stream extension:

  • Activity Stream block is automatically inserted on all store pages
  • Six predefined positions for the overlay
  • Overlay customization
  • Hide activity streams from unregistered customers
  • Numerous types of events
  • Limit the quantity of activities displayed in block
  • Select specific customers’ activities to appear
  • Use predefined templates for activities or edit them up to your taste
  • Define time interval for activity stream overlay updating
  • Insert activity stream widget in any CMS block or page

Need more information about this module or want to buy it? Visit the Activity Stream page right now.

Working on Call-to-purchase Message? Pre-order the Activity Stream Extension and Your Customers Will Do the Job

Visitors of physical shops always feel the presence of the community. They see other people coming, taking goods off the shelves, putting items into shopping carts, passing cash desks… It’s much easier to make a purchase in a public place, when people around are shopping actively.

Online store visitors, on the contrary, are left alone. Nothing reminds there about peer clients giving users one little push to dispel their hesitations and doubts.

Our Activity Stream Magento extension will bring a fresh breath of reality to your store, letting users see actions of others and the way they interact with your products.

Activity Stream

Activity Stream displays recent activities of the Magento store visitors in the form of the activity stream block. Your clients will see who has recently registered, what pages have been visited, which products have been added to a wishlist or a shopping cart, and many other activities.

Time to pre-order Activity Stream right now for only $74! After the official release its price will jump 25% higher to $99.

Look at the features this extension possesses.