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New Admin Product Grid Defeats Daily Routines

Each business activity, and ecommerce is not an exception, has two different sides – creative searches of brilliant ideas and daily routines of managing inventory, customers, orders, etc. And usually, the last ones take much more time and efforts.

Just like the bulk of the iceberg is hidden under the water the main part of each store management routine is carried out on the backend. Managing products, prices, stocks, categories, brands, vendors, etc. is so time-consuming and irritating that sooner or later you start looking for a solution to increase your productivity.

The Admin Product Grid Magento extension

Luckily, we have a great tool for Magento store owners able to save much time each day you manage product attributes and other product information.

The Admin Product Grid extension allows you to edit product attributes inline and easily create a custom view of the Manage Products grid, which fully meets your commercial needs.

Admin Product Grid Benefits

Time Savings
On the product page of the extension you can find a vivid use case describing the benefits provided by Admin Product Grid. In a nutshell, the use case describes the situation, when you manage 5 product attributes daily in average. It clearly shows that the process flow involving Admin Product Grid takes just 6 steps to edit the attributes, while the native Magento flow requires 12 steps to be done.

This way, the advantages provided by the module are evident.

Compliance with Business Objectives
Since each business has its own and sometimes very specific commercial objectives it usually needs exclusive backend tools and grid views to perform own tasks. Using Admin Product Grid you are able to create “100% right” Manage Products grids, containing all necessary attributes and special columns organized exactly as you need.

Advanced Control
The module provides you with advanced control facilities, which embrace automatic data validations, the opportunities to make critical attributes not editable or undo recent changes. All these allow you to reduce the number of human errors and needless corrections.