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More Security for Your Emails and Improved Positioning of Static Blocks. Welcome Advanced Newsletter and Z-Blocks Updates

Recent days were abundant in updates and we are glad to notify you about them. We start from our two really valuable extensions: Advanced Newsletter and Z-Blocks.

The Advanced Newsletter Extension for Magento

Advanced Newsletter

The Advanced Newsletter extension allows you to obtain great power and desirable flexibility over your email marketing activities and carry them out efficiently. This module allows you to enhance subscribers base, create exclusive mailing lists, segment subscribers by multiple attributes, create individual e-mail templates, give more security to your subscribers, send emails from any SMTP server, and much more. The new 2.4 version of the Advanced Newsletter extension comprises several great features.

New Features

“Email doesn’t look nice? View it in your browser” variable
When creating an email template, you can insert the above  variable into its content. It contains an external link, which allows your recipients to open the email in their browsers to be sure they did not miss any valuable information.

View the Email in Your Browser

View the Email in Your Browser

Add SSL to SMTP Configuration
We’ve added one more cryptographic protocol for advanced security of your emails. You can choose it in the Advanced Newsletter -> SMTP Configuration – > Add New -> Fields -> Use TLS or SSL drop-down list.

Add SSL Protocol

Add SSL Protocol

Possibility to sort subscribers by group
This feature allows you to filter subscribers by their group assignment from the backend in the Advanced Newsletter -> Subscribers section.

Sort Subscribers by Group

Sort Subscribers by Group

Advanced Newsletter 2.3: Letting Customers Unsubscribe from the Unwanted Content and More

Magento and MailChimp are complement goods when it comes to marketing success and sales growth. However, they are neither built into each other, not natively connected. Customizing them each time merchants wanted to deliver newsletters to customers other than directly through Magento was resulted in substantial time loss.

Things have changed with the release of the Advanced Newsletter extension. Its main function is to help increase the subscriber base with a highly customizable user interface and targeted sign-up options, while the segmentation features allow targeting subscribers with the most relevant content.

Today I am glad to introduce the Advanced Newsletter 2.3 version that is 2.3 times more advanced than its first copy.

Advanced Newsletter 2.3

Divide and conquer with the newest versions of our Magento extensions

Target marketing can be the key to business success. But what’s the secret? Divide and conquer.

This simple idea underlies the target marketing. Break the market into segments and concentrate your marketing efforts on the key group of potential customers.

Today we release the aheadWorks Magento extensions that were modified for you to get the best results in your target marketing. With their help, your promotions and sales become easier and more cost-effective.

Tell your customers that they’re special this Valentine’s Day

Tell your customers that they’re special this Valentine’s Day! Only for our beloved customers and only today we offer the updated version of Advanced Newsletter 2.1 with great discount: $69CE   $169PE   $369EE

Why is it important to clean your subscribers base

Large list of email addresses doesn’t mean efficient email marketing building. You can send newsletters to thousands of your subscribers but only a few open them.

We use Advanced Newsletter + MailChimp for our email marketing purposes. The Advanced Newsletter extension allows us to segment our subscribers and send them the information they are interested in only. MailChimp is very cool and useful email marketing service which lets us to successfully send our campaigns as well as thoroughly analyze them afterwards.

Three more updates to help you care about your customers

Order Tags

Order Tags v.1.0.1

The Order Tags Magento extension is a perfect solution for those who want to organize, prioritize, and filter orders by their attributes. Our tagging module for Magento gives store administrators an ability to set a tag (icon) for each order manually or specify conditions for their automatic assignment.

In the 1.0.1 version released today, several new features have been implemented in Order Tags:

  • Multistore support
  • Blank tag customization
  • Warning message after tag deleting

The following bugs have been fixed in Order Tags:

  • Incorrect work with the virtual and downloadable product types
  • Incorrect module disabling in System > Configuration > Advanced
  • Minor bugfixes

Find more on the Order Tags page.

Reap the highest ROI and reach the masses through newsletter marketing

Together with the improved newsletter sign-ups, flexible mailing list creation, and targeted audience segmentation, the Advanced Newsletter extension gives you everything you need to get the highest ROI (return on investment) from your newsletter marketing. Whether you are looking to convert, retain, cross-sell, or upsell, do it all with this powerful Magento module.

We highly appreciate our Forum members’ contribution to the development of the new Advanced Newsletter version – we tried to satisfy all your demands and implement all requirements as well as added our own ideas in Advanced Newsletter 2.0. Finally, this Magento extension has undergone serious enhancement and got a bulk of new astonishing features:

  • All synchronizations with MailChimp are run by cron
  • MailChimp → Magento synchronization with ability to sync list and statuses
  • Magento → MailChimp synchronization with ability to sync subscribers by status and with\without names
  • Ability to import subscribers and templates from native Magento newsletter
  • Ability to disable segment for frontend
  • Ability to subscribe customer to any segment at Customer Information page at backend
  • Ability to send test newsletter
  • “Select all” link for actions in auto-management rules
  • Newsletter segments at Create an Account page
  • Newsletter segments at My Account page
  • Template variables
  • Export subscribers to CSV/XML
  • Ability to send newsletters according to the Market Segmentation Suite rules
  • Segments column at Export Customers section at backend
  • Magento Enterprise Edition v.1.9 compatibility

The following bugs have been fixed in Advanced Newsletter v.2.0:

  • Redirect to homepage from https pages
  • Segments’ titles are not labels
  • Incorrect segment deletion
  • Sort order is not restored on mass grid actions at Export Customers section
  • Minor bugfixes

Try the possibilities of the enhanced extension in the demo at the Advanced Newsletter page.

Advanced Newsletter – now with Market Segmentation Suite integration!

We are extremely happy to announce the release of the new version of the Advanced Newsletter extension from aheadWorks. The new features added in the latest version allow you to avoid additional pages loading and considerably quicken and facilitate the process of managing customers’ subscriptions, especially if you need to apply changes to a specified group of customers.

The Market Segmentation Suite integration allows you to accurately segment your customers basing on any criteria you require – customer personal details, newsletter subscription or product details – and afterwards with the Export Customers option you can subscribe/unsubscribe the whole group from any newsletter segment.

Export Customers Page

Forget about time-consuming necessity of manually searching each customer who has bought, for example, a cell phone from Nokia or 5 T-Shirts, and subscribing them (again – each by hand) to a proper Advanced Newsletter segment. Just apply the required rule and subscribe/unsubscribe the found customers all at a time!

Moreover, in Advanced Newsletter v.1.3 the following bugs have been fixed as well:

  • Unactivated customers are synchronized with MailChimp no more
  • Incorrect activation when subscribing customer from admin
  • Fatal error when enabling compilation
  • Intersecting rules triggered incorrectly
  • Minor bugfixes

Try the extension demo on the Advanced Newsletter page and make sure what an ample opportunity for targeting your subscribers is now opened up for you!

Advanced Newsletter User Guide is available for downloading!

We are happy to announce that the Advanced Newsletter User Guide is available for downloading now! The User Guide is intended for the Advanced Newsletter extension users as well as for those who only planning to purchase this aheadWorks software.

This User Manual aims to explain in layman’s terms how Advanced Newsletter works. It introduces you to the software settings and gives you detailed and illustrated description of the following aspects:

  • Advanced Newsletter configuration
    This Guide will help you to escape any difficulties while setting up the Advanced Newsletter extension.
  • Managing segments
    Find out how to add new segments and edit the existing ones. From this section you will learn how the default subscription works as well.
  • SMTP configuration
    The User Guide describes how to create and configure a third party SMTP server.
  • Auto-managing rules
    If you don’t know how to set up auto-managing rules, this section is exactly what is worth reading.
  • Managing subscribers
    Learn how to edit, add new and synchronize your subscribers with MailChimp.
  • Customer’s subscriptions
    With this section you will be able to look at the extension work from customers’ point of view.

Download the Advanced Newsletter User Guide right now from the extension page!

Advanced Newsletter 1.2 – now with multistore support!

Those who understand the importance of newsletters in improving customer retention and boosting sales gain one more advantage – multistore support in the Advanced Newsletter extension! Set up this aheadWorks module individually for each store and get a higher ROI from your newsletter marketing.

Consider the Subscribe block/button not visible enough? With Advanced Newsletter you can place it anywhere you like. Everything you should do is to insert the CMS block at the place you require. Spend two minutes and watch how your subscriber base increases.

The new Automated customers subscription feature allows subscribing customers and moving them from one segment to another automatically on any order events (order became pending, canceled, complete etc.). You can specify the rules so when for example, customers change the order status to “Closed” in French store, to “Canceled” in the Furniture category or just include certain SKUs in the shopping cart, they will be automatically subscribed to the category(s) you’ve specified. Let Advanced Newsletter target your subscribers with the most relevant content!

Full overview of this release

New features have been implemented:

  • Ability to insert subscription button/form via CMS block
  • Automated customers subscription basing on admin-defined rules
  • Multistore support
  • Phone and Salutation fields added to subscription form
  • Delete, Subscription and Unsubscription options for subscribers from admin area
  • Adding and Editing subscribers from admin area
  • MailChimp unsubscription synchronization

The following bugs have been fixed:

  • New customer registration
  • Segment selection in customer area
  • JavaScript fixes and addings
  • Incorrect work with old subscribers
  • Ability to create duplicate of segment with the same code
  • Synchronization button works correctly with multistore
  • Correct work with https
  • Minor bugfixes

Please visit the Advanced Newsletter page to get more information about this aheadWorks extension.

Advanced Newsletter 1.0.2 released

This release includes minor bugs fixing:

  • Correct handling of “Not active” subscriber status
  • Unsubscription from the last segment changes customer status to “Unsubscribed”
  • Added all locale translations

Please find more information about Advanced Newsletter on the extension page.

Advanced Newsletter 1.0 released!


Bring your customers back for more, again and again!

Discover the power of a personalized and professional newsletter in improving customer retention and boosting sales. The Advanced Newsletter extension will help you increase your subscriber base with a highly customizable user interface and targeted sign-up options, while the segmentation features let you target your subscribers with the most relevant content.

Building upon all the inherent newsletter functionality that Magento offers, the feature-rich Advanced Newsletter equips you with a newsletter subscription and management system that will catapault your sales to greater heights.

More customers who buy more products – isn’t that what you are looking for?

Newsletters are undoubtedly a powerful marketing tool for online stores. A newsletter can frame the perception subscribers have of your business. And that could mean the difference between a subscriber and a customer! So, if a newsletter is a part of your marketing strategy – and it should be – you definitely need the Advanced Newsletter extension.

From newsletter sign-ups, mailing list creation and audience segmentation to the eventual mailing of the newsletter, Advanced Newsletter gives you everything you need to get the highest ROI from your newsletter marketing. Whether you are looking to convert, retain, cross-sell or upsell, do it all with this powerful extension.

Check out how Advanced Newsletter’s features can give your business an edge over the competition…

  • Increase your sign-ups with a flexible and appealing user-interface
    • Enriched standard newsletter subscription block: Make the subscription form more attractive with in-block or AJAX layer based subscription form
  • Drive up newsletter delivery and open rates
    • Inclusion of name fields for guests, making your messages look more personal, trustworthy, eye-catching and less vulnerable to spam filters
  • Deliver content with pinpoint accuracy: Achieve desired goals with unprecedented level of subscriber segmentation
    • Segment your mailing lists by subscriber groups
    • Display/hide segment(s) for particular categories/stores
    • Define a default segment for a category/store
  • Get greater control of your mailing list
    • Mailchimp integration: synchronization of lists with full support for export of data, including that of segments
    • Configure Mailchimp lists for automatic on-the-fly or manual synchronization
    • Insert unsubscribe from newsletter option in e-mail templates, instant or managable from the customer area
  • Give your subscribers more power with advanced subscriptions management
    • Segments are displayed in different styles: radio buttons, multi-select, checkboxes
    • Users can see the segments they are subscribed to and subscribe/ unsubscribe per segment
  • Send newsletters from any SMTP server
    • Third party SMTP server support means you are no longer dependent on your local server mailing software
    • Use any free or paid relay
  • Enjoy easy set up and integration with Magento
    • Takes only 2 minutes to install!
    • All subscriber data is retained, even when Advanced Newsletter is uninstalled. The native Magento newsletter will still work in such an event
    • Significantly enhances functionality of original Magento newsletter
    • Meets Magento programming practices for most versions and customization compatibility
    • 100% open source

Take your customer communication a notch higher – get Advanced Newsletter extension today!

Get more information about the extension on the Advanced Newsletter page.

Be ready for Advanced Newsletter release!

Today we are glad to announce the planning release of the Advanced Newsletter extension. The main features are the following:

  • lists segmentation;
  • 3-rd party SMTP servers support;
  • Mailchimp integration: lists synchronization on-the-fly and by admin initiation;
  • advanced subscription form with AJAX interface;
  • full compatibility with native Magento newsletter and subscribers.

To find out all the features and be first to learn about the release you can subscribe to the following tag of our blog – Advanced Newsletter.

The release is planned on the late October, the expected price – about $85.