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Advanced Search 1.4 Completes Search Queries and Corrects Misspellings

Magento Advanced Search extension

Online merchants care much about abandoned carts and make significant efforts to reduce their rate. However, we much less care about site abandonment and forget that the average bounce rate of ecommerce sites is also terrific – from 45% to 55%, depending on a business area; and unsuccessful search is one of the most often reasons causing site exits. This issue is especially important for big and complicated stores containing 100+ thousand inventory items, sophisticated blogs and brand-related forums.

The Magento Advanced Search extension by aheadWorks offers a truly effective solution of the issues mentioned above for Magento-based stores. It uses an external search engine Sphinx and easily operates 100 000 inventory items and 10 000 blog posts.

Advanced Search 1.4 Release

Still, we constantly improve our extensions and add new features to them and that’s what exactly recently happened to the Advanced Search module – the 1.4 version of the module was released.

The new features released in this version improve search quality and let your visitors quickly find the items they need.

Wildcard Search (Incomplete Query Search)

Incomplete query search

Search results for the incomplete “came” query

The Wild Card search option allows you to return search results based on incomplete queries and save customers’ time and efforts. When you enable this option, the extension treats all queries as “incomplete” and finishes it with “*” in a specified position. You can choose one of three options to set the position of “*”:

  • Wildcard search type = *start – for the “son” query, the search will bring “Smithson”, and will not bring “Sony”
  • Wildcard search type = *middle* – for the “son” query, the search will bring both “Smithson” and “Sony”
  • Wildcard search type = end* – for the “son” query, the search will bring “Sony”, and will not bring “Smithson”

Improve Your Store Search with Our Updated Magento Extension!

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Have you ever thought about the reforming native Magento search functionality? Make the process of search easy and pleasant for your visitors. Help them find what they really want.

The Advanced Search extension uses an external search engine Sphinx and gives you a possibility to make your search faster and displays results in an attractive and convenient way.

In the end of October, we are ready to gladden you by the release of Advanced Search v.1.3. With the updated Advanced Search extension, it becomes much faster to set up this Mageto module.

Advanced Search v.1.3 makes the server connection testing much easier. After defining the required server path, address, and port, you can click the “Test connection” button to find out whether the settings are correct and the connection is successful.

Caring Attitude Is the Key to Long Term Client Relationship

To build business relationships, you need to pay great attention to your clients’ needs and interests. An ideal way to keep customers for life is to exceed their expectations consistently and provide services that are always at a high level. Clients are attracted to businesses that care about their convenience.

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If a site is large and content-rich, a user-friendly search engine will be an indispensable aid for customers. With the Advanced Search extension, your clients will be able to find any product in your Magento store within a few seconds.

Today Advanced Search v.1.2 has been released. The new version of the extension supports search through articles of Knowledge Base, an aheadWorks extension for Magento. Moreover, some other features have been added:

  • stripping tags in search request
  • ability to specify path to Sphinx searchd daemon

Besides some minor bugs, in Advanced Search v.1.2 the issue of disabled indexes state in grid has been fixed.

To find the complete description of the module features, visit the product page of the Advanced Search Magento extention.

The Knowledge Base module for Magento contributes into making your online store informative and convenient for clients. The Knowledge Base page can contain FAQ that might occur regarding products or services.

We are glad to present Knowledge Base v.1.2. Now you can find ‘Store views’ column in ‘Articles’ and ‘Categories’ grids in backend.

The updated version contains the following bugfixes:

  • Magento PE compatibility
  • incorrect redirect if article suffix is not defined
  • incorrect page titles in administration panel
  • multibyte string problems
  • incorrect attachment name on file uploading
  • fatal error occurs in ‘Articles’ grid if administrator has limited rights

Learn more about the Knowledge Base Magento extension on the product page.

Knowledge Base
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Treat each customer as your beloved child

Every online business owner knows that a web store has to be efficient, effective and easy to use. A truly successful e-commerce experience is a synergy of usability, power, and easiness. Through balancing these forces, e-tailers fulfill business goals and create a joyful user experience, so customers want to return again and again.

But what should you do to enhance your business? The answer is: act like a solicitous parent and treat each customer as your beloved child.

Make your Promotions Eye-Catching and Store Search Extremely Fast

Advanced Search

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Advanced Search is a perfect solution for search through Magento-based stores. This extension replaces an external search engine Sphinx so search works much faster, the server load is decreased, and the results become more trustworthy.

Some of the key improvements in Advanced Search v.1.1 include:

  • CMS pages index
  • Support of customer search terms
  • Sphinx 2.0.3 compatibility

Also the following bug has been fixed:

  • Incorrect attributes source

See the Advanced Search comparison table and play with the extension demo on the product page.

The On Sale Magento extension allows you to attract customers’ attention to any product by adding visually-appealing labels.

Only 10 items are left? New product is out? Inform your customers about it. You can specify two different label images and call-to-action text for each item on the Product and Category pages, and also set the number of days for the label to disappear.

Today we are excited to release the new 2.3 version of On Sale which is compatible with the Ajax Catalog aheadWorks extension.

The following bugs have been fixed in On Sale v.2.3:

  • Issues with multiple inquiries in database
  • Minor bug fixes
On Sale

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See the extension in work on the On Sale product page.

Rumours are justified – aheadWorks releases new search module

We have been talking about it in Facebook and Twitter for several weeks. And finally today we are ready to release it – the Advanced Search Magento extension which replaces native search with Sphinx, an external search engine.

100 000 inventory items and 10 000 blog posts search is not a problem now
If you run a really large Magento store, you definitely know how difficult it is for your customers to find something they require very fast. Advanced Search is a perfect solution for search through Magento-based stores.

If you have 10000 products in your store, our brand new extension will help your customers to find those which are required.

If you have 1000 posts in your blog from aheadWorks, it’s not a problem for Advanced Search as well.

How it works
Advanced Search uses Sphinx. Sphinx is an open source full text search server. This powerful search engine is used by different popular websites, such as,,,, etc.