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DiscountCoffee.com: “…We Partnered Directly with Aheadworks for Their Highly Rated Extensions”

Nothing makes a provider pleased more than happy and successful customers, and below we present the next success story in our blog.

Discountcoffee.com: “…We Partnered Directly with Aheadworks for Their Highly Rated Extensions”

The story started years ago, but continues till our time with the deserved success of DiscountCoffee.com – the U.S. online office coffee service provider. Today the company celebrates its 20-th anniversary and makes optimistic plans for the future.

DiscountCoffee.com Success Story

“DiscountCoffee.com began on the back of a napkin.  Perhaps not the most glamorous of beginnings.  It’s 1996 and the Internet was proving itself to not be a fad. Our goal was to provide value, speed, convenience and customer control to the Office Coffee customer.

DiscountCoffee.com began on the back of a napkin.

The old fashioned OCS (office coffee service) was now eclipsed by the NEW ICS industry; the Internet Coffee Service industry, for which we are given the credit of developing by our industry peers.  DiscountCoffee.com provides offices unique new items not available through OCS.  Items Such as: Starbucks, Tazo Tea, Folgers Black Silk, Java One Pods, Keurig, True Lemon, Organic, Kosher, Sugar Free and breakroom supplies.

DiscountCoffee.com joined up with Aheadworks Ajax Pro many, many years ago.  We needed to roll out a modern website and provide a custom shopping experience for our B2B customers. Ajax Pro back then, came as an addition through our development company and we really did not know who this wonderful company was.

Aheadworks commitment to customer service is Best of Breed!

When we again expanded our website capabilities with Magento, we partnered directly with Aheadworks for their highly rated extensions.  Their commitment to customer service is Best of Breed!  They offer hands on, customer service oriented support for all of their Magento Extensions.  With this partnership between DiscountCoffee.com, Aheadworks and Magento, we have been able to quickly change with customer demand and keep a fresh interactive website.

AJAX Cart Pro – Almost Invisible Still Powerful Functionality for Your Shopping Cart

The aheadWorks store contains numerous high-quality Magento extensions and themes, and sometimes it’s easy to get confused with all this variety of products.

In this case, we suggest you refer to our blog and get comprehensive information about the module you are interested in. For easy browsing, each product page in our store contains the “Docs & Articles” tab, where you can find all blog articles related to one or another product.

This time, the AJAX Cart Pro extension is in focus; and in this post we’ll revise the features of the module and benefits you can get.

5 Reasons to Use AJAX Cart Pro

Allows you to retain shoppers as long as possible
The AJAX Cart Pro extension allows customers make purchases seamlessly and add products to carts directly from category sections without jumping to product pages. Customers should not continuously click the “Update” button during adding products to carts and can continue their shopping process without any distractions.

This functionality makes the purchasing process easy and seamless and allows you to retain customers’ attention on your products and services.

Note: The extension supports all native Magento product types.

AJAX Cart Pro in Action. Ideas for your Magento Store

Our AJAX Cart Pro extension doesn’t need an introduction. This tiny module has made online shopping easier for thousands of customers all over the world, as well as it has increased the sales volumes for thousands of store owners.

Modesty aside, the AJAX Cart Pro module is brilliant as it is, and it keeps gaining new features with each update. The recently-introduced rule system now allows turning this must-have customer experience improver into a flexible promotional tool.

Basing on our experience, we have compiled a short list of interesting use cases*. See below – we are sure you will be inspired by these ideas.

*NOTE: these use cases are generic examples; depending on the peculiarities of a store’s custom theme, and other specifics of the given environment, the applicability and implementation may vary.

Here’s how we can insert a Login form into the Confirmation Pop-up screen. Note, this form will only show up for Not Logged In visitors.
ACP: Login Form

Should a customer be aware of the updates in your catalog? Sure they should!

Welcome AJAX Cart Pro 3.2 with Two New Long-Awaited Features

As you know, we constantly improve our products and strive to make them almost perfect and today we’ve got a pleasant occasion to draw your attention to them – the AJAX Cart Pro Magento extension is enriched by several remarkable features. The new features allow merchants to use “Add to Cart” confirmation pop-up more efficiently with additional valuable content, configure pop-ups displaying extra options and work with all Magento product types.

Magento AJAX Cart Pro extension

Display Pop-up for Products with Required Options Only

This feature is configured in the “General Settings” tab and allows you to manage the behavior of the extension when an item is added to cart from the “Category View” page.

The feature gives you two options in the drop-down list:

  • if “Yes” is selected, the extension will only show the product configuration pop-up if an item has any “Required” options;
  • if “No” is selected, the extension will show the pop-up if a product has any options.

Top 10 aheadWorks Bestselling Extensions of 2013

Editor’s note: 2014 is here, and at the beginning of each year we are used to sum up the results of the previous year and make plans for the future. Today we highlight the most successful aheadWorks extensions of 2013 and give you their following characteristics: MC star rating, number of reviews, and updates frequency.

Magento Follow Up Email extension

Follow Up Email

  • Magento Connect star rating: 4.6 (4.6/5)
  • Reviews: 95 (44 in 2013)
  • Version: 3.5.8 (ver. 3.5.2 – 3.5.8 released in 2013)

New features added in 2013:

+ SKU limit of 255 characters was eliminated;
+ Option to disable triggering of duplicate events;
+ Brazilian Portuguese (pt_BR) locale added;
+ Abandoned cart emails can contain cross sells block.

Boost the Effectiveness of One Step Checkout with 7 Magento Extensions

Recently we have released the One Step Checkout Magento extension. As you have probably guessed (or know), this must-have module reduces the number of checkout steps and allows customers to buy products in one simple click.

Besides a lot of cool features, One Step Checkout has one more great advantage – it is compatible with 7 aheadWorks extensions for Magento! Together they make shopping in your store much easier and faster for customers. Keep reading to learn all the details!

AJAX Cart Pro

Everybody knows how cross-sells and up-sells can boost sales. The Checkout page is a great possibility to stimulate your customers to spend more. The One Step Checkout extension doesn’t remove the related products block, so your customers can always add something else to cart until they click the Place Order button.

Nevertheless, there is one important “but” – interested in related product, customers leave the checkout page and can never come back! They can be distracted by various product options or change their mind, or… anything else can prevent them from completing the order. It means that all your efforts to reduce the number of abandoned carts are in vain!

The AJAX Cart Pro extension from aheadWorks can rescue you and your business in these situations. No annoying redirections, no distracting moves. With AJAX Cart Pro installed, your customers can add related products to cart and select all required options directly on the checkout page.

One Step Checkout + AJAX Cart Pr

AJAX Cart Pro v.3.1 is out!

A variety of factors influence the shopping experience: website usability, client’s mood, customer service and many others. When visits bring pleasure and delight, clients come back to the same store over and over again. When shopping is accompanied with negative emotions, users leave and never return. To avoid this outcome, all frustrating and annoying things like page reloads that frequently occur when users choose the “add to cart” and “delete from cart” options must be eliminated.

Our must-have extension AJAX Cart Pro makes shopping convenient and emphasizes your caring attitude to the customers. This module allows to add and remove items from the shopping cart instantly with appealing animation effects. Your store clients will buy goods without waiting for pages to reload. It helps keeping them in a good mood, so a large number of visitors will be converted into regular customers.

Today we are glad to release the AJAX Cart Pro v.3.1. Take a glance at new features we have implemented in this version.

Top-10 aheadWorks Extensions of 2012

Year 2012 didn’t fade into obscurity and be sure we didn’t cover up the results of the year and its accomplishments. Let’s open the calendar and take a look at milestones that defined the past 12 months for aheadWorks team. Amazing thing – this “apocalyptical” leap year turned out to be really successful and rich in pleasant events for us and our partners and customers.

As one of the leading providers of Magento extensions, aheadWorks joined the conferences in the USA, Germany, France, Ukraine, the UK and Poland. In most of them we were entitled to Silver Sponsorship.

We are not used to rest on laurels and 2012 proved it right. As many as 9 new extensions were released, including your favorite One Click Checkout and Magento Affilate. A lot of existing extensions were updated as well as 6 significant themes that are compatible with Magento CE v. and v.

We are also proud of a new service, aheadCommerce, an innovative solution for creating tablet storefronts, released in 2012.

To complete the picture of the previous year, we display the Top-10 bestselling aheadWorks extensions of 2012. This top-listing also includes the quantity and quality of extensions feedback, written by our customers. The most interesting reviews accompany the modules below.

Welcome AJAX Cart Pro v.3.0 with 7 New Features

AJAX Cart Pro v.3.0 is out

The completely refactored AJAX Cart Pro 3.0 has been released today as promised. This bestseller and must-have extension effectively removes those annoying page reloads that frequently occur when users click “add to cart” and “delete from cart” options. Instead of reloading, items are added instantly with appealing animation effects.

A lot of new features as well as improvements have been implemented in this new version of AJAX Cart Pro. All of them are significant and claiming your attention, so it is hard to select the one to start with. That’s why I’ll begin with the one I like most of all 🙂

Provide Convenience for Your Clients

Your business should be open to meet the convenience of your clients. You’ll be much more successful in making customers to purchase at your e-store if you make it easy for them to do so.

AJAX Cart Pro
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The AJAX Cart Pro extension for Magento contributes into making your online store convenient for clients. The module helps your customers avoid annoying reloads, save their time and speed up the process of shopping.

Show caring attitude to the customers, pay great attention to their needs and interests.

Today we are glad to release AJAX Cart Pro v.2.5 that is compatible with Magento v. One more great feature of the updated version is virtual products support.

Besides, the following bugs have been fixed in AJAX Cart Pro v.2.5:

  • custom options were not selected in ACP pop-up
  • catalog price with paid options didn’t change after clicking Cancel in pop-up

To find the complete description of the module features, visit the AJAX Cart Pro product page.

Make buying process comfortable with new AJAX Cart Pro version

AJAX Cart Pro
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Help your customers avoid annoying page reloads with the AJAX Cart Pro Magento extension.

AJAX Cart Pro allows your clients to add and remove products from the shopping cart without refreshing the whole page. With each addition or deletion, only the shopping cart is refreshed.

Now your customers can continue shopping without pauses. AJAX Cart Pro for Magento makes the buying process comfortable and enjoyable.

Today we are happy to release AJAX Cart Pro v.2.4 which is compatible with the One Click Checkout extension from aheadWorks.

The following bugs have been fixed in AJAX Cart Pro v.2.4:

  • Pop-ups size
  • Error when “custom.js” file missed

Learn more about the extension and try the AJAX Cart Pro demo on the product page.

Improve your Magento site – make users’ life easier

No matter what kind of store you’re running, or what kind of goods you’re selling – turning visitors into customers is the main goal of every online business owner. So if you’re getting enough targeted traffic but aren’t making many sales, it’s time to try to identify the potential hot spots and improve your site. What always works – is to make user’s life easier. The more difficult it is to use a web site, the less people buy.

Are you Sure you Don’t Distract your Buyers from Making a Purchase?

AJAX Cart Pro

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Annoying page reloads that frequently occur when users click the ‘Add to cart’ button can distract your buyers form making a purchase.

Add and remove products from your shopping cart without refreshing the whole page with the AJAX Cart Pro Magento extension. Select options for configurable and downloadable products in the pop-up dialogue from the category page with appealing animation effect.

Today we’re releasing AJAX Cart Pro v.2.3 which is now compatible with:

We are also glad to introduce per product option that is responsible for enabling or disabling Ajax Cart Pro for a particular product. More over the updated version supports wishlists.

The following bugs have been fixed in AJAX Cart Pro v.2.3:

  • Popup price changing problem
  • EE gift card block disappears after product removal
  • Error on a product page on ACP installation
  • Incorrect product editing in minicart
  • Impossible to add product to the cart when HTTPS is enabled
  • Minor bug fixes

Learn more about the extension features and try the AJAX Cart Pro demo on the product page.

Improve user experience in a jiffy

The AJAX Cart Pro Magento extension effectively removes those annoying page reloads that frequently occur when users click “add to cart” and “delete from cart” options. Configurable, downloadable, and products with custom options are added instantly with appealing animation effects.

Today we released the 2.2.2 version of AJAX Cart Pro. This minor version makes our module fully compatible with the Checkout Promo Magento extension and now they cooperate without a hitch. Moreover, AJAX Cart Pro has become more stable as incorrect work with custom options, which have checkboxes, radio buttons, or files, has been fixed.

If you need more information about this add-on for Magento store, you can find it on the AJAX Cart Pro page.

AJAX Cart Pro 2.2.1 – now with downloadable products support

Today we released the 2.2.1 version of the AJAX Cart Pro extension. Now this Magento module supports downloadable products and allows your customers to add them exactly from the category page without being redirected to the product page.

Some minor bugs have been fixed in this new version as well.

To get more information about this aheadWorks extension, please visit the AJAX Cart Pro page.