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Your Online Store Is Immune to a Fraud? Really?

Don BushEditor’s Note: This post is provided exclusively for our blog by Don Bush, Vice President of Marketing at Kount. Don works with online retailers, industry analysts, consultants, law enforcement and trade associations to determine the latest threats to eCommerce businesses. Don has been a regular speaker on fraud topics at several industry events in the U.S. and Europe.

Fraud is a nasty issue that most eCommerce business owners and managers don’t like to talk about. They see the detection and management of fraud as a cost center, a necessary evil the company has to deal with. While this attitude is pretty common, it couldn’t be more wrong.

According to a recent online business survey, the average order rejection rate due to the suspicion of fraud is 2.8% in the U.S. and 7.8% internationally. If your company is near the average, this means you spend valuable time, money and resources to drive traffic to your site, convert lookers into buyers and still end up rejecting a significant number of orders, because they look suspicious.

I will help you as much as I can by revealing types of online fraud to be aware of and a few ways to minimize fraud losses.

Attention – Phishing Web Sites

We detected some phishing web sites tricking you into believing you’re at a legitimate aheadWorks store. Often the web address of a phishing site looks correct but actually misses a letter or contains a common light misspelling.
Please, be attentive when purchasing products! The proper link to our website is

If you’re not sure about a web site, do not purchase anything there. The safest thing to do is to close and then reopen your browser, and then type the URL into your browser’s Address bar. Typing the correct URL is the best way to be sure you’re not redirected to a spoofed site.

If you accidentally bought a product from a phishing site, claim your money back on PayPal or Skrill.

Please feel free to contact us at if you face any problems or have any questions.