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Automatic Product Callouts
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The Automatic Product Callouts Magento extension allows you to organize your top product sets in blocks in any place of your site. Help your customers to make the right choice with this powerful Magento extension!

Today we are glad to release the Automatic Product Callouts module v.1.3 with the following bugfixes:

  • work with large stores was improved
  • if visitors log is huge in Magento database, top viewed statistics are not updated
  • frontend translation issue
  • incorrect sort order in top blocks
  • minor bugfixes

Get more information about the Automatic Product Callouts extension on the product page.

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Subscriptions and Recurring Payments
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With the Subscriptions and Recurring Payments extension, you can accept recurring payments and sell subscription products in your Magento store easily and efficiently.

Today we are glad to release Subscriptions and Recurring Payments v.1.7. The module has been enhanced with the following features:

  • virtual products support
  • regular price is displayed on category page
  • CIM profile updating after billing or shipping address changing in customer area
  • ability to show ‘First delivery’ calendar at product page

Besides, issues with overdue subscriptions and special price displaying have been solved in the new version of this Magento extension.

Visit the product page of Subscriptions and Recurring Payments to find the complete description of the module and play the demo.

The Automatic Product Callouts Magento extension allows you to organize your top product sets in blocks in any place of your site. With this Magento extension, you will help your customers to make the right choice.

In Automatic Product Callouts v.1.2 that has been released today, AW_All is updated. Besides, new variables (category_ids, current_category_only) are added to block configuration.

Moreover, the updated version has the following bugfixes:

  • native MAP compatibility
  • SQL optimization

Get more information about the Automatic Product Callouts extension on the product page.

Automatic Product Callouts
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Product Updates Notifications
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With the Product Updates Notifications Magento extension, you can keep your customers informed about new products, stock additions or special promotions. It is a perfect tool to increase your sales and profits by bringing back existing customers and registered users to your site.

Product Updates Notifications v.1.2 that has become available has multistore support.

Besides, the following bugs have been fixed in the new version of the module:

  • localization problem
  • e-mail sending issues

Learn more about the extension features on the product page of Product Updates Notifications.

6 eCommerce Tools for Successful Cross-selling (Part 2)

I am back with my overview of effective ways to promote products at your Magento store. In the first part of the article, we have discussed the opportunities of previous purchases influence in pushing items. Today I am continuing the analysis of cross-selling software from aheadWorks.

Comprehensive promotion

Certainly, there are products at your website that need more attention in promoting. These can be not very popular or new items. Somebody, vice versa, tends to promote top and exclusive products. The following modules for Magento will be helpful in luring customers to make a purchase.

Organize your top product sets in blocks anywhere on your Magento website!

Automatic Product Callouts allows you to keep your Magento category pages up-to-date by organizing your top product sets in blocks. Though this Magento extension is most commonly used to enable an automatic category landing page that lists the category’s top products, it can also be used for similar outcomes elsewhere on your site.

We are glad to introduce the 1.1 version of Automatic Product Callouts for Magento. Since this new release, our Magento module works faster as the source code was optimized and the cron run was speeded up. These improvements will help reducing the server load while statistics gathering.

Please, find the extension demo and the complete list of features at the Automatic Magento Product Callouts page.

Automatic Product Callouts 1.0.1 released!

The changes taken place in this minor release have mainly touched upon the external view of the Automatic Product Callouts block – its vertical and horizontal displaying has been improved and now the block doesn’t differ anyhow from other native Magento blocks.

One more enhancement making the Automatic Product Callouts extension more flexible for configuration and eye-catching for customers is a new item_height variable which allows you to specify the height of the items displayed in the Automatic Product Callouts block and make the block exactly corresponding to your store peculiarities.

You can find more precise list of extension’s features and try how the extension works so as if it has been installed on your computer from the Automatic Product Callouts page.

New Extension – Automatic Product Callouts!

Automatic Product Callouts

The Automatic Product Callouts extension introduces top product sets organized in blocks in any place of your site. The most common usage is having completely automatic category landing page with top products from this category, but you can use the extension in any other place of your site as well.


Highlight your top products
Best Selling, Top Rated, Top Searched and Top Viewed automatically retrieved product sets are supported by the Automatic Product Callouts extension. Place any of the blocks into your pages – do it once and have them updated automatically with updated relevant products with zero maintenance efforts!

Configurable block displaying
Any block has its own configuration section in the admin section of your store. Besides, you can redefine any configuration directly from the block variables when inserting it via CMS.

Unlimited blocks
Have unlimited number of any type of the blocks at any place of your site! Even more, you can vary their content size, space orientation and other parameters, so even sets of the same type can look different.

Own extension cache
The Automatic Product Callouts extension has its own cache what dramatically reduces the extension load time to almost zero value! Your visitors won’t experience any delays and still you have fresh and actual automatic content on the store pages!

Products retrieval options
You can define where the products must be taken from – current store or just category, restrict to in-stock only items, set the collection size and other options are at you disposal.

Easy set up, trusted aheadWorks product quality and support

  • Easy 2-minute installation
  • 100% open source
  • 30 day money back – satisfaction guaranteed
  • Lifetime bug free guarantee
  • Meets Magento programming practices for most versions and customizations compatibility
  • Free upgrades at least in current version branch
  • Our excellent support team is waiting to hear from you each business day from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm GMT

If you want to view extension screenshots and find link to frontend demo, please visit the Automatic Product Callouts page.