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Offer more add-ons for customers with Automatic Related Products 2 Magento extension

Tired to manually assign related products to each item in your catalog? Do you have the time and staff to keep up these relationships? An empty ‘related products’ block looks really bad.

Cross-selling and cross-promoting has never been so easy than with Automatic Related Products 2 Magento extension. Choose any product attribute while defining the rules for items selection and let this software populate the related products block automatically!

Display auto-assigned related products anywhere on the product page or category page. Automatic Related Products 2 blocks may be noted as ‘We Recommend’ or ‘Similar Products’, but might also be rule-assigned ‘Daily Deal or even more generically entitled ‘People Who Viewed This Ultimately Bought’. Besides four predefined positions, you can also insert automatic related products as CMS block or widget in any place on any page.

Automatic Related Products 1.1 released

In the new version of the Automatic Related Products extension, the logic of displaying related products has been changed. Now if a product belongs to several categories, the choice of the related items is narrowed down to the currently viewing category only.

The following bugs have been fixed in the 1.1 version of this Magento module:

  • Full Page Cache in Magento EE
  • Incorrect CSS styling in Magento EE
  • Block name error
  • Products with ‘Search’ visibility displayed as related
  • Block variables error

You can find the description of all extension’s features on the Automatic Related Products page.

Automatic Related Products 1.0.2 released!

This minor release makes the Automatic Related Products extension from aheadWorks not only compatible with Magento v. but more flexible for configuration. Now you can specify more precise rules for automatic displaying of related products as the software allows you to define to which price type – Regular Price, Special Price or Final Price – the Price condition will be applied.

Besides the following minor bugs have fixed in the latest version:

  • Url rewrite doesn’t work
  • No related products on direct product page
  • Product in several directories

Please, find more information about Automatic Related Products on the extension page.

Automatic Related Products 1.0.1 released

The very feature of Automatic Related Products 1.0.1 making this release quite notable is Magento Enterprise 1.6 compatibility. Now Magento Enterprise-based store owners can also make their related products displayed automatically on category pages as well as on product pages!

The new version of this aheadWorks extension also includes the following minor bugs fixing:

  • Visibility for inactive products
  • Mysql_real_escape_string function usage

Interested? Find more on the Automatic Related Products page.

Automatic Related Products 1.0 released!


Automatic Related Products extension by aheadWorks allows you to automate the process of related products creation. The native Magento related products module is a good advantage for store owners but it has one fatal disadvantage – you have to add your cross-sells or upsells manually what is quite time-consuming, and just impossible for large catalogs. But now you can stop wasting time & money and let Automatic Related Products do it for you!

Automatic Related Products is extremely flexible extension which allows you to forget about outdated way of adding related products. Define the rules for products selection and let this software populate the block automatically! You can specify the following fetching options – random, last added or lexically similar products; their location – from the current store or current category only, or restrict in-stock only items to be retrieved. You can even specify a certain price range!

Besides standard control of the extension’s behaviour from the admin panel, you can also pass block variables what allows you to create several independent of each other related blocks with different content. Position the block anywhere on any page – have cross-sells and upsells at the same time, or use it on category page to create “Featured products” block. Enrich your store with Automatic Related Products now!


  • Automatic on-the-fly products relations – starts working immediately with no delays
  • Relating by lexical analysis (alike titles), recency or even randomly
  • Flexible positioning – use a CMS block or just display instead of standard related products option
  • Ability to fetch products from the whole store or only current category
  • Restriction by stock status
  • Price condition – fetch only products that are cheaper or more expensive than a defined price
  • Configurable number of items
  • CMS block supports variables that controls products selection – any condition can be overridden, what gives you ability to place multiple blocks in any place of your site with different content
  • Can be used for featured products, banners, promotions, callouts and anything else
  • Control the view of the block by editing a simple template
  • Easy 2-minute installation
  • 100% open source
  • 30 day money back – satisfaction guaranteed
  • Lifetime bug free guarantee
  • Meets Magento programming practices for most versions and customizations compatibility
  • Free upgrades at least in current version branch
  • Our excellent support team is waiting to hear from you each business day from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm GMT

If you need more information, you can find it on the Automatic Related Products page.