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Magento Events Enter New European Cities

Editor’s note: Every time I write about the next Magento event, it makes me travel overseas in my thoughts and imagine those amazing cities and places. Sometimes it is even more advantageous over physical presence, as you can totally concentrate on the history, architecture, and folklore of the place and have no distraction.

Meet Magento Italy 2014

Anna Akhmatova: Italy is a dream that keeps returning for the rest of your life.

Held in Milan, June 3-4 – the city of fashion, football, opera and reach antique history – Meet Magento Italy 2014 is, perhaps, the most thrilling Meet Magento conference. This year Italy takes its rightful place in the Meet Magento geography together with Germany, UK, Brazil, Russia, Spain and Netherlands.

The conference takes place in the Michelangelo hotel, which is a spectacular building around the corner from the Milano Centrale train station. It warmly welcomes attendees and offers special prices for them.

Board of Speakers
Meet Magento Italy 2014 is organized by Webformat – online solutions and service provider based in Milan.

The board of speakers includes Italian and international speakers, but seems to be oriented towards the domestic e-commerce market. Here are only several outstanding names, who will share  their expertise during the event:

Sebastiano Zanolli

Sebastiano Zanolli

Author and Motivation Speaker

Diego Semenzato

Diego Semenzato

CEO / Webformat

Federico Zambelli Hosmer

Federico Zambelli Hosmer

Head of Business Development / PayPal

Thomas Fleck

Thomas Fleck

Founder and CEO / Netresearch App Factory AG

Sylvain Raye

Sylvain Raye

Founder / Diglin GmbH

Ben Marks

Ben Marks

Magento Evangelist / eBay

Gianluca Diegoli

Gianluca Diegoli

Consultant /

Massimo Fubini

Massimo Fubini

Founder and CEO / ContactLab

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The conference is divided into two sections: business and technical. The business section addresses selling and marketing issues, while the technical one reveals useful tips for Magento extension, integration and optimization.

Magento Events Overview: Bargento Sao Paolo 2014

We are glad to welcome you aboard and want to continue our journey through Magento-related events. This time we are crossing the ocean on the way from Spain (Meet Magento Spain 2014) to Brazil and our point of destination is Sao Paolo, Bargento Brazil 2014.

Bargento Brazil unites some regular Magento events held in different Brazilian cities: Rio de Janeiro, Porto Alegre, Sao Paolo and some others.

It has its own format, different from most other Magento events. The organizers describe it as a meeting of like-minded people. Events usually take place in bars, where companies, developers, store owners and entrepreneurs carry on informal conversations. The first Bargento event of this year is Bargento Sao Paolo 2014, March 25.

aheadWorks Giveaway: Two Free Tickets to Bargento São Paulo

While the whole Magento world is expecting Bargento São Paulo 2013 to be held on April 9, we got two free tickets for the event from its organizers! We want to give them away to someone who is checking our blog regularly and rather active at the same time. Here are 3 simple steps you need to perform:

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Any Ideas on Brazilian eCommerce? Boleto Bancario, Installments, Bargento Brazil…

Since my first days in Magento ecosystem for over a year by now, I regularly meet smart, broad-minded and open folks who are passionate about Magento in a very extraordinary way, as it might seem.

These people educate themselves constantly and their Magento expertise is heavily based on their willingness to get and share knowledge they possess. They spend a lot to cross half the world to participate in Magento events and often invest their private funds to organize meetups and hackathons of their own.

It’s not fair that you may not know them well. From now, I will try to bring popular Magento enthusiasts to our blog and reveal their personality to you. And you can challenge them with questions and comments!

Today I’m glad to talk with Andre Gugliotti, Brazilian Magento Evangelist, the organizer of Bargento Brazil and the author of webinar series in Portuguese about basics and tricks for Magento developers.

Andre Gugliotti

Reports from Meet Magento Germany and Bargento 2012

aheadWorks team visits all the major Magento events. Here’s my report about our trip to Leipzig and Paris.

Meet Magento Germany 2012

Artyom Rabzonov, CEO, Petr Samoilov, CTO, and Dmitri Koteshov, Marketing Coordinator, had a pleasure to attend Meet Magento Germany in Leipzig on May 22-23, 2012.

The journey to the heart of Germany started in Minsk National Airport, where we got on a plane to Frankfurt-am-Main. The flight took us about two hours spent on talking, playing chess and having fun. Eventually, in Frankfurt, we found ourselves in a comfortable train to Goethe’s hometown. The travel by land was twice longer comparing to the flight, but the scenery behind the windows was amazing with all the country houses, castles, windmills and meadows.

Leipzig welcomed us by rather hot weather and hordes of cyclists. It took us just several minutes to reach the hotel, leave the luggage and join the pre-party in Westin Hotel where we met our partners from Netresearch and WebShopApps.

We must say that the organization of the conference was pretty much flawless. So thank you guys from Netresearch, you did a fantastic job.

Meet aheadWorks Team at the Main Magento Events!

aheadWorks team is an active participant of many Magento events all over the world. This time we are glad to greet our friends, customers, and partners at the main eCommerce conferences where we act as a Silver Sponsor. Three perfect opportunities to network, find out the latest trends, and see each other again!

Meet aheadWorks Team at Magento Events

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Let’s Meet in Paris

Bargento 2011 is taking place on June 20, 2011 in Paris, France. It is a perfect opportunity to learn about Magento from experts; to meet new partners, customers or service providers; to share your knowledge and discover new tricks; to find out the latest trends and innovations.

aheadWorks Co. is happy to be among the sponsors of Bargento 2011. Every participant of this Magento event will find a present from aheadWorks in a “Bargento 2011” bag which is given after registration.

We wish you to derive benefit from the conference!