Better PDF Invoice Posts

New Better PDF Invoice Creates Exclusive PDF Documents

There are no trifles, when you sell products online.

The native Magento PDF printouts configuration is pretty scarce and requires from you significant programming skills, if you want to breathe more uniqueness to your order accompanying documents.

But, you still have a chance for an elegant overcoming of this obstacle and create professionally looking and respectable invoice and shipment printouts using the Better PDF Invoice extension from our partners.

Better PDF Invoice

The advanced functionality of Better PDF Invoice allows you to design your own nice-looking printouts from the Configuration section of your Magento.

The Better PDF Invoice Magento extension

General Settings
The extension allows you to provide design consistency for your PDF documents as it has general settings for order confirmations, invoices, shipments, and credit memos.

New configuration options include:

  • General custom logo;
  • Margin and font settings;
  • Barcode inclusion;
  • PDF compression;
  • Table settings, including borders, headlines, cell paddings;
  • Postal codes and postal address position swaps;
  • Adding a phone number to the delivery address.