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Sell Bookable Products in Your Magento Store

A huge piece of the global economy is related to and trades by date-dependable products and services and particular date or time are very important for these products. For example, you can’t buy flights or accommodation services without their date or time specification. Date or time here defines the product itself and influences all other product’s parameters, including price.

Booking and Reservations extensionBooking and Reservation module by aheadWorks makes Magento products date-based. So merchants are able to start a new business related to booking and reservations with the help of this extension. Not only the module converts products into date-based ones, but also maintains the whole process of sales with flexible configuration, customer notifications, enhanced pricing, etc.

Numerous pricing rules allow store owners setting various prices for the same products depending on the date and time of sale, quantity of products, date and time of the event.

The module includes multiple configuration options to fit different types of business. You can set “excluded dates” not available for purchasing, certain time periods when purchases can be made, set multiple purchases available for the products with the same date or time, etc. Instant price changes when you choose different dates or time periods for your reservations and AJAX-based calendar are also included.

As well as other aheadWorks Magento extensions, Booking and Reservation extension contains multiple additional options for admins and customers.

Updated Solution for Booking-Related Services is out!

Booking and Reservations
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If you are a business owner of booking-related service, we have a great Magento extension that will help you efficiently manage your booking and reservation work.

The Booking and Reservations Magento module allows you to offer and manage all kinds of bookable products. Whether you are a travel operator, run a cinema hall or organize events, this module will make your job an absolute breeze.

Today we are glad to release Booking and Reservations v.1.3 compatible with the latest versions of Magento: CE v. and EE v.! New version is enhanced with the following features:

  • booked dates are marked with red color at backend
  • if product has been booked but available quantity is not exceeded for that date, this day is colored green at backend

Also some bugs have been fixed in Booking and Reservations v.1.3:

  • issue with product editing from shopping cart
  • after changing booking period, configured price wasn’t updated automatically
  • impossibility to add product to shopping cart if “Period Type” was set to “Time” or “Date and Time”
  • incorrect work of {{var order_date}}
  • product with incorrect time range was added to shopping cart
  • incorrect CSS-style on product page in Enterprise Edition

Remember, If your support period is active, you can download the latest version of the extension absolutely for free!

Find the complete list of features on the Booking and Reservations product page.

Manage your booking and reservation work efficiently and with ease!

The Booking and Reservations Magento extension allows you to offer and manage all kinds of bookable products efficiently and with ease. Whether you are a travel operator, run a cinema hall, or organize events, this module will make your job an absolute breeze.

Today we are glad to release Booking and Reservations v.1.2.2 which is now compatible with Magento EE 1.10 and Magento CE 1.5. Moreover, the following features have been implemented:

  • Speed increase
    In the 1.2.2 version, booking product pages are loaded much faster than before.
  • Notification to admin about wanting product quantity in completed order
    Sometimes 2 customers add the same product to cart at the same time. But the quantity available is less than customers ordered. Now if such situation occurs, admin gets the warning notification.
  • Tiered price support
    Promote your booking\reservation products by pricing items differently when higher quantities are purchased.

Some bugs have been fixed in Booking and Reservations v.1.2.2 including the following:

  • incorrect extension work if two customers add one product to cart at the same time
  • incorrect work with orders which don’t need invoice
  • fatal error while filtering “Last order” at Booking/orders grid
  • “‘opConfig’ is undefined” error at product page in IE 7/8
  • incorrect work at product reviews page
  • impossibility to add booking product from wishlist to cart
  • unlimited product quantity in shopping cart
  • wrong extension behaviour at reviews page
  • incorrect work with percent price type in custom options
  • incorrect price rules validation
  • wrong calculation when price rules added
  • wrong calculation of billable period
  • wrong calculation with “Date and Time” period type
  • CSS bugs
  • minor bugfixes

Please find more information about this Magento module on the Booking and Reservations page.

Taking advantage of online booking for Magento

E-Tourism Frontiers CEO Damian Cook pointed out that approximately 56% of travel is now booked online. No wonder! Booking has never been so easy before. 24-hour booking facility, process simplicity, less time consumption – it is only the beginning of the list of online booking advantages.

Looking at the needs of entrepreneurs for whom booking-related services is the crux of their business, aheadWorks Co. introduced Booking and Reservations for Magento – a feature-rich extension that helps you efficiently manage your booking and reservation work.

Today we are glad to announce the release of the Booking and Reservations User Guide which will assist you in configuring different booking products:

  • Prague Walking Tour
    You can find an example of a daily reservation product with excluded recurrent day of week.
  • Hotel Room
    A room can be reserved for 2 persons with ability to specify reserving date and time. Several single days are excluded and price rules are specified.
  • Specialists Accepting
    An example of product with custom options available for booking on time basis – from Monday to Friday 10.00-19.00.
  • Tickets
    Tickets can be reserved for a certain time during specified period.

Download the Booking and Reservations User Guide from the extension page:

Booking and Reservations 1.2 released!

The painstaking work over the Booking and Reservations extension by aheadWorks has been finally completed! We are glad to announce that the software has become more appealing and easy to use both for customers and store owners as a number of new features has been implemented:

AJAX support
The AJAX technique makes the Booking and Reservations extension more user-friendly. It implies that now while changing reserved period at frontend, the price is changed dynamically. Besides calendar loading and navigation occurs with the AJAX technology usage as well.

Moreover, now it supports the AJAX Cart Pro extension by aheadWorks what allows your customers to avoid annoying page reloads after adding booking products to cart.

Extended admin options
From the Booking module configuration page added you can specify:

  • how many calendar pages will be displayed on the Product page
  • how many days the booked item is kept in abandoned cart and the booked period is unavailable for reserving even without being checked out

Booking and Reservation Configuration


“Live” price
Want to know the product price after changing custom options? Tired of necessity to visit shopping cart to learn the product price every time after changing item’s options? With new “live” price feature of Booking and Reservations you can always trace how the price increases or decreases immediately after changing item’s options.

Live price


Supplemented order and invoice data
Booking and Reservations v.1.2 adds booking period to Order details page and invoice. Thus you can view the whole information about the item ordered/invoiced – its name, price, quantity, period of reservation, etc. – from one current page and avoid additional pages loading. The invoice which customers receive contains the reservation period as well.


Items odered


Now the work of Booking and Reservations is more stable as the following bugs have been fixed as well:

  • “Recurrent day of week” option works incorrectly
  • Possibility to order a bookable product on excluded days
  • “Duplicate” button disappears
  • Wrong custom options summing
  • IE incompatible JSON notation
  • Backend crash after exporting/re-importing all products to CSV
  • Some minor bug fixes

Please find the complete changelog on the Booking and Reservations page.

Booking and Reservations 1.1 released

The hottest aheadWorks Co. news of today is the long-expected release of the Booking and Reservations Magento extension. We have analyzed the necessities, requests and wishes of our customers and implemented the asked-for features in the new version. The main of them are:

  • Price rules (seasonal pricing). The extension allows setting different prices for different time periods, e.g. you can specify prices for hotel rooms to be higher in summer and lower in winter. There is also a possibility to make prices rise or reduce gradually during some period of time. The automatic character of prices calculating and displaying saves much of your time.
  • Excluded days. You can specify the days or periods when the products/services are not available for booking.
  • Reservation details in cart and orders page. The customers have a possibility to view the details of the reservation in their cart.
  • Ability to switch off shipping for exact product. The Booking and Reservations Magento extension allows you to disable shipping for a specific products/services.

To observe the whole list of features please visit the extension page.

Admin Panel Demo launched!

We are happy to present you a remarkable opportunity to look at the work of our three extensions — Booking & Reservations , Follow Up Email and Help Desk Ultimate — from the inside. The extensions in this Admin Panel Demo can be used practically without any restrictions as if they have been installed on your store.

Within the demo you will be able to log in to the Admin Control Panel and examine for yourself all the options that are available to administrators. Demo allows to work with different data including products, users and their orders. That’s why we strongly recommend to input only fictitious titles, names, addresses, dates and any other information.

Take a test-drive of Admin Panel!

Booking and Reservations extension – finally available!

Booking and ReservationsWe are glad to announce the release of our most complicated and anticipated by many users module – Booking and Reservations. Despite there are many things are to be implemented in the future versions, the first release is stable and suitable for many industries.

Booking and reservations extension introduces a new product type, which as follows from its name allows you to create all kinds of bookable products – tickets, tours, attendances, all kinds of scheduled services, rentals, workshops, lectures, hotel rooms etc.

Some of current features are:

  • Integrated admin interfaces – new “Booking” tab when editing a product, orders overview page, orders overiew calendar widget
  • Integrated customer interfaces – visual calendar and busy/free time periods for easy ordering, customer orders view page
  • Day or hour billable periods
  • Date/time/date and time based products, e.g. hotel room/consulting attendance/rental
  • Specify available time frame, e.g. 8 AM – 6 PM, all reservations can only be in this period
  • Specify date period of product availability
  • Quantity for the same time, e.g. car wash with 3 boxes would allow 3 reservations on the same time period
  • For admin: instant orders review on the product edit page using the calendar widget; separate orders page with

Extension page: