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New Bulk Image Uploader Enables You to Upload Up to 1000 Product Images at Once

The specific feature of ecommerce, its advantage and frustration, is that online stores actually sell ideas of products without any actual access to tangible items.

If you go deeper, physical stores provide the same ideas just perceived by a larger number of senses, such as smell and touch, as customers are certainly not able to evaluate all consumer goods qualities right at the store.

Do we able to substitute those senses online with something equal? Actually, yes. Perhaps, not completely, still we are able to narrow that gap using multiple product images, which describe all sides of the product. This makes your customers stand closer to the product and make only conscious choices.

Note: 90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual, and visuals are processed 60,000X faster than texts. Sources: 3M Corporation and Zabisco.

However, if your catalog contains numerous items, the number of required images will be just tremendous and take from you much time to upload and assign them to products. The best option here is to hand off this work to an automatic tool, such as the Bulk Image Uploader extension from our partners.

Bulk Image Uploader

The Bulk Image Uploader extension allows you to automatically upload multiple images to the Magento store and assign them to necessary products. The only thing you need to do is to gather all files in one destination folder, either on your server or in your Dropbox account.

Main Features

  • Uploading up to 1000 images at once;
  • Uploading images for multiple products;
  • Import of images from a Dropbox account or local folder;
  • Automatic assigning images to certain products based on their names;
  • Automatic product images management, including setting primary product images, removing existing images before the upload, renaming image files after the upload, or deleting source files from destination folders;
  • Extension activity logging;
  • Easy Dropbox authentication.

Extension Configuration
Most activities of the extension are exercised behind the scene, so most of its features are set up at the configuration stage.