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Prepare your Magento Store for Valentine’s Day and Make the Most of this Event

Valentine’s Day is one of the major events on the retail shopping calendar and one of the largest spending holidays following winter shopping season. According to Statistic Brain, the average annual Valentine’s Day spending is $13.19 billion.

To attract the attention of your customers and make the most of this holiday, you have to start preparing your Magento store right now.

Consider the following ideas for your To Do List, which, by the way, show great results for our own store too.

Big promotion on homepage

Make sure visitors know you have something they will be interested in right from the home page. Prominently displayed Image Sliders on your site is a sure-fire way to boost sales and attract holiday shoppers. Configure the animation, speed, and effects of banners rotation and let this Magento module do the whole job for you.

Image Slider

Image Slider

Grab your visitors’ attention with a limited time offer

You may also want to consider putting in a countdown promotion showing how much time longer the sale/promo is going to last. The visitor will see an eye-catching timer on Home page or any product pages with a small description and call to action text, e.g.: ‘Hurry up, this knock out offer only available for 24 hours’. Countdown has proved to be a great ready-made solution that will do this for you.

Countdown on aheadWorks home page

Countdown on aheadWorks home page

aheadWorks Extensions, Which Improve Native Magento Checkout

Editor’s note: Checkout page is the last thing that separates customers from their purchases and merchants from revenues. How to prevent customers from cart abandonment? The only rational answer is to improve checkout process constantly.
According to numerous statistics, customers abandon their carts because of several reasons:

  • Registration before checkout;
  • Numerous checkout steps;
  • Slow checkout;
  • Unclear delivery details;
  • High shipping costs;
  • Hidden charges.

It’s clear that people want to make a purchase quickly and easily, and checkout process plays here a very important role.

We have several extensions in our portfolio, which greatly enhance native Magento checkout functionality.

One Step Checkout Magento Extension1. One Step Checkout

It is a must-have extension for any Magento store. It reduces the number of steps necessary for checkout. This extension contains multiple features, which will make checkout simple and quick.

  • Checkout on a single page

This is the main feature of this extension. During the checkout process customers see the full checkout page. They do not need to press annoying “Continue” button when filling the form. Six native Magento checkout steps are transferred into single checkout operation.

  • Login/registration option on the checkout page

Registered customers are able to log in on the checkout page. Unregistered customers can fill a registration form directly during the checkout. However, customers can easily make their purchases without any registration.

  • Ability to save address in address book. Auto-fill billing and shipping addresses for logged in customers

Customers are able to save billing or shipping addresses in the address book and use them for further purchases. For logged in customers corresponding fields are filled automatically.

Increase your up-sells with new Checkout Promo

Customize and enrich your promotion strategy with Magento Checkout Promo extension v1.2.0.

To be a successful retailer. It’s simple.

You are free to easily push up your up-sells and cross-sells. The Magento Checkout Promo module offers a number of motivation options:

  • Placing configurable blocks both on checkout and shopping cart pages
  • Targeting your promotional messages basing on customers’ groups or websites
  • Differentiate all your promos by creating various rules, thus making them appealing to all customers

In the new version of Checkout Promo we have fixed the following bugs:

* admin.xml file added
* Rules based on payment method don’t work
* Some other minor bugs

Find more information on the extension page.

Checkout Promo – now with Market Segmentation Suite integration!

We continue releasing extensions compatible with the Market Segmentation Suite module and now it is Checkout Promo’s turn to become extra-customizable.

With the Market Segmentation Suite support of the Checkout Promo extension you can organize target promotions for concrete buyers, regular customers and separate customer groups, consumers who have already bought some products, or set up any other conditions unavailable in Checkout Promo before.

In the new version of the Checkout Promo module you can define the Market Segmentation Suite (MSS) rules as additional conditions for promo-blocks displaying. Moreover, when creating Promo rule you can determine MSS conditions only and the banner will be displayed to:

  • “Retailer” customer group


  • customer who has already bought X products in your store


  • customer who viewed a concrete product for X times


The following minor bug have been fixed in the latest version of Checkout Promo:

  • Incorrect saving of Date Start and Date Expire options

You can find more information about Checkout Promo on the extension page.

Note: Market Segmentation Suite is a separate aheadWorks extension and does NOT go with the Checkout Promo package.

Checkout Promo: user’s guide

Checkout Promo allows to display promo blocks basing on rules given. The blocks can be shown on Shopping cart and/or Checkout pages.

Every rule has one condition or a combination of them. The rule will be applied in case when the condition is met. You can set conditions of different type, e.g. quantity of products put in the cart, certain total price of the products in the cart, product brand, size, color, etc. As far as the customer adds products meeting the flexible conditions of the rule to the cart, the rule will be applied and the promo block will be displayed on the Shopping Cart and Checkout pages.

You can set several conditions for one rule. That’s why it is very important to set logically correct conditions – otherwise the rule won’t be applied.

If all the settings and conditions are set correctly, your customer, having the products put in the cart, can see such a promo block:

The Shopping cart

My Cart

Checkout page


To get such a result follow the steps described below.

At first go to Rule information tab. The interface here is similar to Magento’s native “Shopping Cart Rules” so it should be familiar to you.

  1. To create new rule go to Promotions->Checkout Promo Rules.
  2. Click Add New Rule button.
  3. Enter the rule name (required) and its description (optional).
  4. Set status to Active.
  5. Select websites to apply the rule to.
  6. Define customer groups which will be able to see the promo.
  7. Set the time period of rule acting. If you leave the date range empty the rule will be enabled as soon as it is created.
  8. In case when several rules exist, you can set rule priority.

The result of your actions should be similar to this:

Rule Information

The second tab is Conditions.

You are to set the conditions for rule to be applied. You can set as many conditions as you like.

In this guide we limited ourselves to 1 condition:


Actions is the last tab here. You can define the actions when the rule is met.

  1. Select the existing CMS block or create a new one (see below).
  2. If you have several rules you are able to stop further rules processing.
  3. Define whether to display the block on the Shopping cart and Checkout progress pages or not.
  4. Click Save Rule button.


If you want to create a new block and insert there some HTML and CSS elements or images, follow the standard steps of a New Block Creation.

  1. To create a new block go to CMS->Static Blocks.
  2. Click Add New Block button.
  3. Type in the block title and its identifier.
  4. Select the store if necessary.
  5. Set status to Enabled.
  6. Enter the block content. You can insert plain text as well as HTML and CSS elements and images.
  7. Click Save Block button.


Now when you’ve carefully put the data in all necessary fields, set statuses to Enable and defined correct conditions, make the order which will meet the defined rule and go to cart to enjoy the results of the work done.

My Cart

Then click Proceed to Checkout where you will also see the promo block


If the promo block is not displayed check the conditions and block/rule status.

Checkout Promo 1.0.1 released

Bug fix release:

  • Bug with not working coupons is fixed

Custom checkout for Magento

Checkout Promo 1.0 Released

Checkout Promo Magento ExtensionsThis is another powerful sales motivation extension – you can entice your customers to spend more to receive this or that benefit. “Buy X to get a discount”, “Spend not less than Y to get a gift”, “Buy product N to get K for free” and many other sales formulas can be successfully implemented using this extension. You can create as many rules as you wish and satisfy requirements even of the biggest ecommerce players.

Sample View


  • Multiple configurable blocks positioning on checkout and shopping cart pages
  • Customizable rules based covering any combination of order and cart items attribute set
  • Rules priority, start and expiration datesRule information
  • Websites and customer groups based rules
  • Customizable blocks defined in CMS Static Blocks section
  • Unlimited number of rulesRules List
  • Multiple promo blocks on page
  • Easy 2-minutes installation
  • Meets Magento programming practices for most versions and customizations compatibility

Extension page: