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Back to School Contest Results

Most pupils and students have started their studies and now it’s a good time to finish all entertainments and sum up our competition started previous Tuesday.

Just to bring you back to the terms of the contest we remind you that we asked our readers to create some real (existing) words out of the acronyms of elements from our Periodic Table.

We can definitely say that it was a pretty difficult task, since we also tried to compose some words. The best our results were invariably made of maximum three elements, despite of our honest efforts. So, imagine our astonishment, when we received a word including four table elements. Here is the word:

Contest Results


Missus = M + Is + S + Us = Multishipping + Image Slider + Sociable + Ultimate SEO Suite

The author of this combination receives an aheadWorks Magento extension of his choice with the basic support period for free. Congratulations!

But, we also decided to award other participants of the contest with a bit shorter variants. They also receive any aheadWorks Magento extension absolutely free of charge.

Other Winners

Carrot = Ca + Rr + Ot = Customer Attributes + Review Rotator + Order Tags

Grass = Gr + As + S = GeoIP Redirect + Advanced Search + Sociable

We’d like to thank you all the participants and hope that you liked the contest and happy with the prizes.

P.S. For us personally this contest was a great occasion to remember our school years and feel nostalgic about the hilarious childhood. Hope that something similar happened to you too.

Add your comments below, please.

Periodic Table of aheadWorks Magento Extensions

These days we all recollect our school years sending our own children to schools or just passing by the well-dressed kids and teens smartly walking to their classes.

Influenced by this nostalgic mood we want you to feel the same inspiration. On this occasion, we assembled all our Magento extensions in the table, largely similar to the Periodic Table of elements.

Table 1. Periodic Table of aheadWorks Magento Extensions

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Static Picture

We made it not only to convey the spirit of this “Back to school” time, but also to provide you with the opportunity to have all our Magento products on hand and find them easily every time you need some additional functionality for your store. You will also have a chance to dive deep into the times, when learning was usual and not so awkward 🙂 , if you take part in our Back to School contest given below.

Imagine 2014 Lottery Results

Last Wednesday we announced a lottery for those Magento-passionate people, who would like to attend Imagine 2014 and save money for other Magento events.

We thank all the participants, those who added to favorites, tweeted and retweeted our post link. Special thanks to Keren Aminia for great tweets.

Lottery Results

Now, here are the results. Blind choice of Fortuna, represented by random number generator, spotlighted three lucky Twitter accounts, which get desired discounted Imagine 2014 full-conference passes. Here they are:

Scott Youmans


Karthik Chidambaram




Congratulations! Hope to meet you in Las Vegas.

Partners Lottery Results

But that’s not all. One more similar lottery was held among our partners and we also want to greet its winners.

Bluecom’s expertise is in planning, development, and support of complex e-commerce platforms from medium to large international B2C and B2B companies. Bluecom has offices in Shanghai, Hong Kong & Vietnam and focuses especially on the China and APAC online markets.

Unleaded Group provides a full suite of online and traditional marketing services including: Analytics and eCommerce Strategy, Email Marketing, Pay per Click Campaign Management, Display Advertising, Rebranding, Affiliate Marketing, SEO, Social Marketing, CRM Optimization and International eCommerce strategies.

We extend our warmest congratulations to the winners!

That’s really all for now, but we’ll continue providing more contests and valuable giveaways. So, stay connected and participate actively!

Imagine 2014 Discounted Tickets Giveaway

Imagine 2014 gradually seizes minds of the community and most of us live in a pleasant anticipation of this greatest Magento event of the year.

For now we seem to know almost everything about the upcoming event: the venue, keynote speakers, sponsors, and even attendees, but it is certainly better to see everything with your own eyes.

Today we have an excellent opportunity to push those, who are still hesitating, and fulfill someone’s dream.

We have three tickets to Imagine 2014 at a discounted price. To be precise, these are full-conference passes at the rate of $1,045. It’s a good price and you can easily save $250. So, let’s see, who is the luckiest of you.

Lottery Terms

Everything is simple. You should just click the button below and tweet this post.

That’s all. A week later we’ll randomly choose three lucky beggars and hand them tickets.
The game starts today, March 19 and finishes March 26, 8 a.m. PST. Good luck for everyone!

aheadWorks is a Gold Sponsor of Imagine 2014 and we warmly invite you to visit our lounge in the Marketplace, Las Vegas, Hard Rock Hotel, May 12-14.

Imagine 2014 Trailer