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Countdown v.1.1 Schedules and Displays Countdown Blocks on a Recurring Basis

The Countdown Magento extensionSince customers got accustomed to see online stores covered with diverse promotional appeals, marketing managers invent more and more sophisticated tricks to catch customers’ attention and affect purchasing behavior.

Countdown timer has proved to be one of the non-fading and efficient tools that will do this for you.

The Countdown extension inserts eye-catching timers on your Magento site and makes your promotions look really noticeable for customers. Recently we’ve updated the functionality of the module and added some valuable features to it.

Countdown v.1.1 New Features

Schedule and show countdown timers on a recurring basis
Since 1.1.0 version, the Countdown extension allows you to schedule countdown blocks and display them according to the specified schedule: every day, every X day(s) or every defined day. You can also indicate start and end time, including hours, minutes, and seconds of recurring countdowns.

Recurring Countdown Timers Configuration

Recurring Countdown Timers Configuration

Display countdown timers inside product lists on category pages
This feature introduces new display opportunities for countdown timers. Now the timer can be shown both on the product page of a certain product, and in the product list of the corresponding category.

Countdown Timer in the Product List of the Category Page

Countdown Timer in the Product List of the Category Page

Possibility to enable/disable product
Using this option, Magento admins are allowed to enable certain products when the countdown is started; disable products when the countdown has finished; or enable products during the countdown period.

Note: If you haven’t specified any product conditions for the countdown timer, turning this option on will enable or disable ALL the products at your store.

Prepare your Magento Store for Valentine’s Day and Make the Most of this Event

Valentine’s Day is one of the major events on the retail shopping calendar and one of the largest spending holidays following winter shopping season. According to Statistic Brain, the average annual Valentine’s Day spending is $13.19 billion.

To attract the attention of your customers and make the most of this holiday, you have to start preparing your Magento store right now.

Consider the following ideas for your To Do List, which, by the way, show great results for our own store too.

Big promotion on homepage

Make sure visitors know you have something they will be interested in right from the home page. Prominently displayed Image Sliders on your site is a sure-fire way to boost sales and attract holiday shoppers. Configure the animation, speed, and effects of banners rotation and let this Magento module do the whole job for you.

Image Slider

Image Slider

Grab your visitors’ attention with a limited time offer

You may also want to consider putting in a countdown promotion showing how much time longer the sale/promo is going to last. The visitor will see an eye-catching timer on Home page or any product pages with a small description and call to action text, e.g.: ‘Hurry up, this knock out offer only available for 24 hours’. Countdown has proved to be a great ready-made solution that will do this for you.

Countdown on aheadWorks home page

Countdown on aheadWorks home page


Countdown Magento Extension
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Make your promotions more challenging and incentive with the newest Countdown Magento module.

The Countdown extension counts backward to indicate the time remaining for/before promotions, sales, discounts, registrations, or whatever else.

This module allows you to insert block which counts days, hours, minutes and seconds in reverse order to zero before or after the specified event triggering.

And what’s even better, you can insert the countdown on different pages of your Magento store, customize the view of your countdown block and specify parameters for each block.

The Countdown Magento extension works with Catalog Price Rules and Shopping Cart Price Rules so that you can inform your customers when the sale will start or end.

Use the Countdown extension for Magento to attract additional attention to your promotions.

Take advantage of the last minute feeling!