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How to Use Coupon Codes in an E-commerce Store: Best Ideas

Customers love discounts, and one of the ways to provide these discounts in a web store is to use coupon codes.

How to Use Coupon Codes in an Ecommerce Store: Best Ideas

In fact, coupon codes with special offers contribute to building long-term customer loyalty. Today, we will talk about the most efficient ways of using digital coupons.

Coupon Code Key Stats

Last year, the Deal Nerd resource conducted a survey of coupon code usage in e-commerce stores. According to its results, 68% of respondents said that they would leave a store that doesn’t offer coupon codes.

Moreover, 54% of shoppers expect to receive discounts as coupon codes sent by email. As a result, 83% of the stores surveyed use email as the top channel for coupon code distribution.

The above figures just prove that coupon codes can greatly increase revenues of any e-commerce store. Now, let’s walk through several important tips telling how to properly utilize digital coupon codes.

Coupon Code Best Practices

Take Advantage of Customer Segmentation

The first thing that should be kept in mind when using coupon codes is that they should be segmented by a customer group. This way, your offers will always be presented to the right audience.

Notice that you can adjust your coupon codes not only for on-site visitors but also for particular email subscribers by sending them coupon codes by email. As a result, you will be guaranteed that your loyal shoppers will not miss any of your special offers.

Magento 2 Extension Update: Coupon Code Generator 1.1

Coupons are a well-known marketing tool and perfect sales incentive… But, why are they so cool?

Magento 2 Extension Update: Coupon Code Generator 1.1

Why Coupons

The main advantage of coupons is their universality and flexibility. Using coupons you can arrange and carry out both mass sales and selective promotions. You can either issue coupons for:

  • Markdowns – massive sales of all products in your store;
  • Loss leader sales – apply coupons to always demanded products at a loss to attract customers and build awareness;

Or you can promote a limited range of items or offer discounts to only certain customers:

  • Bundling products – “buy one, get one free” or “3 for 1 sale”, etc.
  • Provide coupons to only certain customer groups.

If used wisely, they do not destroy your profits and are able to attract more traffic and sales to your store.

The Coupon Code Generator Magento 2 extensionWhy Coupon Code Generator

All the above sales tactics and even more can be easily implemented in your Magento 2 store with the Coupon Code Generator extension. Combined with the high quality code and constant functionality development you can be sure of using a reliable and efficient sales and promotion tool.

Coupon Code Generator 1.1

As usually, new Coupon Code Generator 1.1 provides Magento 2 store owners with more valuable features and further code improvements.

Free Shipping Option for Coupons

If the existing competition makes you to constantly look for new purchase incentives, this functionality is able to help. In addition to the provided discounts or price cuts you can also provide coupon holders with the free shipping option. It increases the value of provided benefits and will ultimately convince visitors to make a purchase from you.

4 Ws of Effective Digital Coupon Campaigns

Using coupons in e-commerce is always a controversial topic. Some merchants consider them to be the “Holy Grail” of sales, while other are afraid of their negative sides able to break consistent cash flows.

4Ws of Effective Digital Coupon Campaigns

Walking through the coupons usage statistics we may say that in most cases coupons are still effective for increasing sales volumes and positively taken by the majority of customers. Just consider the following facts:

  • According to different sources, from 81% to 96% of customers use coupons on a regular basis;
  • 82% of customers find digital coupons more convenient options than the printed ones;
  • 79% of shoppers would not buy an item if they forget to bring a coupon in-store;
  • 83% of customers make unplanned purchases due to suggested promotions or coupons.

Sounds pretty good, doesn’t it? Still, there is always a “dark side”, e.g. you can not control distribution of universal coupons; discounts reduce AOV; there is a chance to drive accidental customers to your store, etc.

However, to our mind, you can overcome all possible negative effects and profit greatly from coupons in your store. You just need to follow some time-tested coupon usage tactics able to bring more sales without any devastating consequences. Below we present you 4 Ws of effective coupon tactics you can make a mental note of.


  • Abandoned Carts. That’s the first most evident use case for coupons making customers close their orders with purchases;
  • New Customers. One more effective and widely used tactic is to welcome new customers with first purchase coupons;
  • Old Customers. In order to appreciate long-term on-going relationships you can issue coupons for regular customers. They will certainly appreciate this kind of rewards and stay loyal much longer;
  • Inventory that doesn’t move. Using coupons to move unsold stocks is also a great idea, especially that here you can take advantage of really deep discounts and, this way, increase the efficiency of your pricing strategy;
  • Pre-orders. Discounted prices for pre-ordered products are traditional and you can use coupons for this very purpose;
  • Seasonal Sales. Seasonal sales are probably the best time for different discounts as reduced prices are just natural for high seasons. At this time it is better to have sophisticated opportunities for unique and focused coupon distributions;
  • In exchange of information. If you need some information from your customers, either reviews or brand attitude demonstrations, you can intensify their activity with some dedicated coupons;
  • In exchange of social media engagement. Ask customers to share and like you social media content in exchange of some kind of discounts;
  • Company’s birthday and other occasions. Coupons are also great for celebrating different significant dates in your company’s and brand’s life, including birthdays, historical achievements and other milestones;
  • Holding visitors. If a new customer is about to leave your store, you have a good chance to restrain him from this reckless move offering a discount able to reanimate the interest to your brand;
  • Retargeted visitors. Using remarketing campaigns is always beneficial, but they can become even more effective with some coupons attached;
  • National and Local Visitors. Sometimes you need to motivate only certain customer groups, e.g. visitors from certain countries or locations. Coupons are also indispensable in these cases.

New Coupon Code Generator for Magento 2: Create Smart and Compelling Incentives

Coupons are widely used in Magento and common for e-commerce in general. But, this widespread popularity poses a great challenge demanding efficient use of coupons to overcome the existing tough competition.

We can list a lot of time approved coupon best practices known and employed by multiple sellers e.g. coupons rewarding new customers, coupons for regular loyal shoppers, the ones convincing hesitant store visitors, coupons promoting newly launched products, holiday season coupons and many others. But, how can we stand out of the crowd with the offers we have?

New Coupon Code Generator for Magento 2: Create Smart and Compelling Incentives

On the one hand, we need to provide attractive and original offers; on the other hand, we cannot afford hurting sales with permanent discounts. The danger to compromise a brand as a result of deep and constant price cuts is high, because your products become available for casual customers that do not really need the items they buy. Consequently, they become unhappy about the products, start returning them and leaving negative reviews.

The Coupon Code Generator extension for Magento 2Coupon Code Generator for Magento 2

Realizing this clearly most smart sellers offer individual coupons and leverage the effectiveness tracking their usage and additional sales values. The newly released Coupon Code Generator for Magento 2 extension allows you to create personal coupons with individual expiration terms, send them to target customers, and easily track their use.

General Settings

This step takes only several minutes from you in order to specify the Email Sender contact and Email Template. Here you can either take advantage of the default Base Coupon Code Generation Template or create a custom one.

General Settings

General Settings

Coupon Rules

Managing Rules
All the coupons are generated based on the previously created coupon rules. The coupon rules section is located under Marketing -> Coupon Code Generator by Aheadworks -> Manage Rules and allows you to create new and manage existing rules.