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New Coupon Code Generator: Magento Coupons in a Few Clicks

What is the best price for a customer? It’s not the lowest one, which seems to be obvious, but the “best, greatest, coolest, and finally fantastic deal price”. Customers are happy, when they are sure that the deal they make is apparently the best one around.

Coupon Code Generator

So, they do not necessarily appreciate lowest costs, but prefer lowest costs as a result of insane chases for savings or as pleasant unexpected acquisitions. That’s what makes the price valuable – satisfaction.

Coupons are the tool, which makes customers satisfied both, if they find codes on coupon sites or suddenly get them from merchants effortlessly. Still, generating multiple coupons each day is a pretty difficult mission, so we offer you the way to streamline this routine.

Coupon Code Generator

The Coupon Code Generator Magento ExtensionThe Coupon Code Generator Magento extension allows you to create coupons in just several clicks and send them to customers easily. Magento admins are able to create an unlimited number of coupons based on once settled rules without leaving the Generated Coupons grid.


General Settings

The module’s general configuration sets up notification properties specifying the email sender contact and template. The Configuration section is available in two paths: System > Configuration > aheadWorks extensions > Coupon Code Generator or Promotions > Coupon Code Generator > Settings.


attention_greenFor your convenience, the question button to the right of the Email Template field reminds you the variables available in email templates. They are the following:

  • var_name – customer name;
  • var quickCoupon – coupon code;
  • var quickCouponDiscount|format – discount amount (percent or amount);
  • var quickCouponExpirationDate – coupon expiration date.

New Rules

At its core, rules determine the conditions, under which coupons become active, and performed actions, including percent of fixed discounts and free items added to carts.

The dedicated Shopping Cart Price Rule section contains four pages: Rule Information, Conditions, Actions, and Labels.