Custom Static Blocks for Magento 2 Posts

New Custom Static Blocks for Magento 2: Always Relevant, Always on Time

Useful – Interesting – Beautiful – Beneficial – Well-timed – Various – Plentiful – or Cool…

In fact, you need different types of content properly displayed in your store and it is not just about texts. Banners, videos, images, charts, diagrams, etc. make your web site look professional or amusing, funny or trustworthy, modest or welcoming. You can implement any idea in your Magento 2 store by means of an appropriate content management solution.

Today we are presenting our next Magento 2 extension aiming to enrich your stores with a powerful static blocks management system.

The Magento 2 Custom Static Blocks extensionMagento 2 Custom Static Blocks

The Custom Static Blocks Magento 2 extension provides you with the opportunity to place different types of content anywhere on your web store taking advantage of efficient timing, precise customer audience segmentation and relevant content targeting. You can add content to home, category, product, cart and checkout pages and locate it almost anywhere you like within the current layout.

Custom Static Blocks Functionality

Manage Blocks Grid

As far as this extension changes the appearance of the Magento 2 store, you need to perfectly understand the final result of your modifications. As soon as designing is finished you can proceed to the implementation phase starting from the Manage Blocks grid (Content -> Custom Static Blocks by aheadWorks -> Manage Blocks).

Manage Blocks Grid

Manage Blocks Grid

The Manage Blocks grid enumerates all static blocks and their attributes, including names, statuses, customer groups, positions, timing, etc. It also enables you to filter, edit or delete existing blocks, add new columns, and create new blocks.