Custom Stock Status Posts

Notify Customers about the Stock Status of Your Products and Accelerate Their Purchasing Decisions

Recent researches discovered that many customers save products in their carts for further consideration and do not purchase immediately.* These customers are in a situation of choice and mostly need some incentives proceeding their purchases. But they will certainly hurry with the decision, either positive or negative, if get a notification about a low stock of the product they intent to purchase.

* According to study.

Of course, some of customers need other convincing reasons: price cut, special offers or casual sales, but we understand that we can’t leave them alone with their hesitations. So, aheadWorks provides you with several really useful extensions which help you automatically notify customers about products stock status, product updates, and other product related changes held in your store.

Magento Product Updates NotificationsProduct Updates Notifications

The Product Updates Notifications Magento extension automatically sends price and stock changes notifications to your customers. The subscription is absolutely simple: logged in visitors just need to click the “Notify me about updates” link to subscribe and guests need to enter their name and e-mail.

Features for store owners:

  • Ability to manage your subscribers with ease;
  • Ability to place the “Notify me about updates” link in any place of your store;

Category Page Notifications

  • Allows you to configure notification defaults;
  • Reinforces key marketing messages with the option to include message signatures;
  • Macro fields contain all product attributes;
  • Fast-loading AJAX layer with a subscription form for guests;
  • You can include any content that Magento CMS can involve;
  • Transactional email templates;
  • Subscribers statistics.