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Divide and rule with Magento 2 Customer Segmentation

Segment customers according to their sales history, buying behavior and other particular details to further personalise their experience with your store. 

‘Divide et impera’ goes the ancient Roman maxima. It tells the strategy of gaining and maintaining power by breaking up larger concentrations of power into pieces. These pieces individually are ment to have lesser potential than the one implementing the strategy.

This is the very same control and aptitude you get with the Magento 2 Customer Segmentation extension from Aheadworks. The module enforces merchants with little but compelling effort on segmenting their shoppers. It further allows focusing more on marketing strategies for complete customer satisfaction, higher conversion rates ensured.

Ultimate control

Our unique algorithms explicitly utilize customers’ data, even those of the unregistered, logged out and guest shoppers. This key-finding further grounds our acknowledgement of and adherence to the latest trends in ensuring positive customer experience. Get use of as much information about your customers as they leave on the store: purchase track record, order details, addresses, personal info and etc.

Furthermore, the schemes for smart data collection and retrieval free merchants of routine rule adjustments to data storage nuances and significantly speed up processing of queries, fewer collisions provided.

Powerful rulemaking

Customer Segmentation brings forward a simple yet smart module to draw most demanded segmentation rules as per our in-house research. The module enables conditioning plausible rules which meet customers’ needs, reflect their buying behavior and degrees of bonding with brands, tell demographic and economic peculiarities and more. Indeed, this is when you exercise full power to have your Magento store as much for your customers as it could be.

Forward integration

The extension boasts a wide array of integration capabilities which boost the out-of-the-box Magento functionality and further empower your efforts for targeted marketing campaigns. Try out native Magento newsletter integration and Cart Price Rules to personalise your customers’ experience with the store. This way you are building a loyal community, united by appreciation of your sensitivity and care. In turn, expect higher conversion rates and customer retention, lower subscription refusal indices and minimal customer churn.  

Go ahead and read more on how to segment customers with the Customer Segmentation extention. See for yourself now what makes our product second to none. Expand your impression and learn other outstanding features of the extension. Take a look at how we do customer validation, rule reindexation. Try our demo scenario to move segments to groups or export them to your PC.

Collect Data about Your Registered Clients with Customer Attributes

Customer Attributes
Learn More
We are happy to inform you about the Customer Attributes release! The extension is officially available in our store, so you can order it right now to start gathering additional info about your visitors and their preferences.

Customer Attributes give merchants the ability to extend the number of fields on customer registration and personal account pages to have the additional info about clients at their disposal.

Here are some of the key extension features:

▪ Customer attributes on the registration form or in the customer account area
▪ Unlimited number of attributes
▪ Various attributes types support
▪ Ability to make attributes fields mandatory
▪ Option to filter customers by attributes
▪ Easy customer attributes management

You can find the full list of Customer Attributes features on the extension page. Feel free to play with this module in our demo store.

Customer Attributes Extension Is Available for Pre-order! Save 25% off the price until April, 12

‘Customers come and go’ – you have to take this simple piece of business wisdom for granted. In between coming and going they can register on your website and leave invaluable bits of private information that help you identify their traits. We want to assist you in collecting as much user data as possible and for this purpose we deliver the Customer Attributes extension.

Customer Attributes

Customer Attributes give merchants the ability to extend the number of fields on customer registration and personal account pages to have the additional info about clients at their disposal.

Save 25% on the extension from now through Friday, April 12! Pre-order Customer Attributes before its official release (a week from today) and pay $75 instead of $101.

We made it extremely easy to deal with Customer Attributes: no headache expected while installing and configuring the extension. The set of clearly defined features allows this extension to stand out among others of its kind.