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Never Lose Track of Customer Requests with Help Desk Ultimate v.2.10

 Help Desk Ultimate module
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It’s wise of you to stimulate dialogue with customers and listen carefully to their needs and complaints. But here we expose one major problem – numerous customer requests can be mixed, lost or left unnoticed. Sounds familiar? Prevent this from happening once and for all with the Help Desk Ultimate extension.

Help Desk Ultimate is a perfect customer care and support Magento module with an efficient case tracking and resolution system indispensable for a successful eCommerce business.

We never stop improving our products, and this is the main reason why we release the Help Desk Ultimate 2.10 version. If you are itching to know about 7 new features this extension possesses, welcome to read further.

Treat each customer as your beloved child

Every online business owner knows that a web store has to be efficient, effective and easy to use. A truly successful e-commerce experience is a synergy of usability, power, and easiness. Through balancing these forces, e-tailers fulfill business goals and create a joyful user experience, so customers want to return again and again.

But what should you do to enhance your business? The answer is: act like a solicitous parent and treat each customer as your beloved child.

Take your customer service to the next level

The RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) Magento extension from aheadWorks provides the highest standards of customer service. With this module, you can allow your customers to return the products bought to have them replaced or refunded within the admin specified warranty period.

Today we are glad to announce that the features asked-for in our Forum have been implemented in the 1.1 version of RMA:

  • Ability to create RMA request from backend
    The new extension version allows store administrators to create return merchandise authorization requests for orders in one click from the backend.
  • RMA requests grid on the order page
    With RMA v.1.1, you can track and control the return or exchange of items sold to customers exactly on the Order page.
  • Ability for guests to insert order ids with hash signs

The following bugs have been fixed in the RMA module:

  • RMA requests grid filter
  • New request type didn’t appear in a single store mode
  • Incorrect CSS
  • Wrong notification template

Get more on the RMA Magento extension page.