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Images Are the Best Way of Grabbing Attention

According to the recent surveys, visitors need only 4 seconds to decide to leave or stay at a site. When people visit a web store for the first time, they instinctively scan it. Images can capture visitors’ interest immediately and maintain it for a few seconds, long enough to stick around and explore your Magento store.

Today we release new versions of Magento modules that will be helpful in making your website appealing for your clients.

Easy Categories
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The Easy Categories extension is a perfect tool to provide your customers with easy-to-understand navigation. Your clients will be able to find what they need without efforts.

Best of all, you can place your category listings wherever you’d like — home page, a special category page or another CMS page.

Easy Categories v.1.1 has been released today. The new version of the module includes minor bugfixes.

Besides, flat category problem has been solved.

Learn more about the extension features on the product page of the Easy Categories Magento module.

With the Image Slider Magento extension, you will improve your banner advertising experience. You can use this module to display random linked images at any place of your store with nice visual effects.

Image Slider v.1.3 is available now. The new version contains AW_All update.

Moreover, the following bugs have been fixed in Image Slider v.1.3:

  • images uploading problem
  • wrong date format for sliders
  • incorrect URLs to images
  • CSS issues
  • incorrect translation in locale

Visit the Image Slider product page to find the complete description of the module.

Image Slider
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Treat each customer as your beloved child

Every online business owner knows that a web store has to be efficient, effective and easy to use. A truly successful e-commerce experience is a synergy of usability, power, and easiness. Through balancing these forces, e-tailers fulfill business goals and create a joyful user experience, so customers want to return again and again.

But what should you do to enhance your business? The answer is: act like a solicitous parent and treat each customer as your beloved child.

Easy Categories 1.0.2 released!

The Easy Categories extension has become more flexible – now you gain an ability to show category thumbnail without category name. Quite handy if your category images say more than words!

Besides, subcategories displaying has become more eye-catching – only current category’s child-subcategories are displayed. This feature allows you to avoid long lists of subcategories especially inconvenient for stores with multiple categories and subcategories.

The last change of new version – incorrect Category list view in categories has been fixed – makes the extension work more stable.

You can find the whole list of Easy Categories features on the extension page.

Easy Categories 1.0 released!


Have you ever wanted to showcase the product categories in your virtual store quickly, cleanly and easily? Then the aheadWorks Easy Categories extension is the perfect tool to help you design a page devoted to making it even simpler for customers to find what they need.

In a few simple steps, you can provide your customers with an overview of what your store has to offer. With 2-minute installation and an easy-to-use interface, Easy Categories is the software extension you need to increase your sales!

Easy Categories displays your store’s product categories so customers can rapidly find what they want. Best of all, you can place your category listings wherever you’d like – your store’s home page, a special category page or another CMS page.

Features of this exciting new extension from aheadWorks include:

  • The ability to place categories on any page you’d like.
    The Easy Categories extension gives you the freedom to choose how best to provide your customers with quick links to merchandise categories.
  • The ability to lay out your categories in columns or lines.
    If you have more than one page devoted to category listings, you’ll appreciate Easy Categories’ separate CSS files for each layout.
  • The opportunity to include images with your category listings.
    Just use the category attribute “Thumbnail” and your chosen image will be displayed next to the category name. This is especially beneficial for product categories whose images could greatly entice customers to make purchases.
  • The option to specify the thumbnail size of photos.
    If you’re using the category attribute “Thumbnail”, you can make your image smaller or larger.
  • The speed needed to upgrade your storefront quickly.
    You don’t have to spend hours determining how to hyperlink or list categories on a web page. Use Easy Categories and within 2 minutes, you’ll be up and running. Plus, thanks to this extension’s straightforward interface, you don’t have to be a webpage design expert to create professional pages that sell.

Get more information about the extension on the Easy Categories page.