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Sales Gamification: Beneficial Mix of Business and Fun

Selling online becomes more and more complicated, and it is not always about the sophisticated and ruthless competition. Often, it’s about the lack of unique shopping experience and fun.


In most cases, offline shopping is entertainment and customers want to have fun online, as well. Digital games are the greatest gain of the virtual world and their power of engagement is not yet completely used in ecommerce and gamification is one of the ways to leverage their impact on sales.

There are several definitions of gamification, but most of them converge in one interpretation. Gamification is the way to intensify users’ engagement and contribution through the application of game playing principles (personal or team scoring, competition, badging, etc.) in non-game areas.

This is a both-sides advantageous technique usually implemented in marketing, personnel management, education, competitive intelligence, market researches and online sales, of course. Usually gamification is used in conjunction with loyalty programs and other promotional tools.

Gamification Advantages

  • Engagement. Engagement is the main advantage of gamification and can be numerically measured in visitors, sessions, page views, etc., which is very important to determine its effectiveness.
  • Motivation. Providing clear goals and explaining the ways to achieve them gamification intensifies efforts and make customers to get involved. And, the competition with other participants makes this process even more exciting.
  • Influence. Defining game rules you can directly manage both the results and ways of their achievement. You can set up own milestones and final targets, e.g. ask for more sales, visits, or other leads, and make the game suitable just for you. This also makes gamification a universal tool, applicable to different online stores.

Useful Solutions to Prevent Cart Abandonment

Editor’s note: Cart abandonment is one of the most disturbing problems for online merchants and the most complex one. Its solution is based on numerous practical experiments and at the same time requires substantive analysis and statistics to be successfully resolved. In this article we’ll highlight some modules you can use to reduce cart abandonment in Magento-based stores.

Abandonment rate constantly increases. The aggregated data from several sources shows the following trend:

Abandonment Rate
Source: Baymard Institute

As you see, for seven years abandonment rate increased by 11.47% and seems to continue growing. Average abandonment rate really disappoints when you get the insight that customers abandon nearly four of the five shopping carts.

According to statistics customers mostly abandon their carts due to price issues (see the diagram above). Almost all of these issues are aside from the particular ecommerce software functionality and depend on specific pricing policy of every single online store.

However, aheadWorks offers some effective solutions for Magento-based stores which will mitigate customers’ perception of price and prevent them from abandonment.

Magento eCommerce Gamification Suite Involves Your Customers into Exciting Game

A large number of companies try to integrate game mechanics into different kinds of consumer-facing websites. Now, when the eCommerce Gamification Suite extension is officially released, this business practice is also available for Magento stores owners.

eCommerce Gamification Suite

Due to eCommerce Gamification Suite, merchants can drive wanted behaviors and promote friendly competition within the site community. The module brings game fun and excitement to the shopping process. It allows to stimulate users with game points, achievements and ranks for performed positive actions.

Customers are involved into the catching game created by the eCommerce Gamification Suite extension. Clients do their best to fulfill the conditions set by store administrators and occupy the leading positions in the Top Chart.

We are glad to inform that the eCommerce Gamification Suite extension is available in our store to help you motivate the activity of users.

Look at the key extension features:

  • Points
  • Achievements
  • Ranks
  • Live Stream
  • Top Chart
  • User Public Profile

Interested in this module and want to get it? Visit the eCommerce Gamification Suite page right now.

Turn Shopping into Game in Your Store! The eCommerce Gamification Suite Extension Is Available for Pre-order

Gamification model is finally adapted for Magento stores! Merchants tell us every day that they are daydreaming of gamification functionality: the way it will affect customer shopping experience and the amount of money clients will be eager to spend. Magento gamification solution from aheadWorks is currently baked in the development oven, and it’s a high time to introduce it to the public.

The eCommerce Gamification Suite Magento extension is an absolutely new solution that allows to engage customers and stimulate desirable user behavior. This module is built on people’s natural tendency to strive for high statuses via competition and achievements.

eCommerce Gamification Suite embraces the strategy of game rewards for customers who accomplish certain conditions. These rewards include points, achievements and ranks.

Pre-order this unique new eCommerce Gamification Suite extension for $159! Save $90 before its official release, when the price will be increased to $249.

eCommerce Gamification Suite

Look through the list of implemented features.