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E-commerce in Our Lives

For many people, e-commerce has already become an integral part of their lives, since we regularly make online orders for products and services.

Ecommerce in Our Lives

E-commerce exists for more than 40 years, and it constantly develops. Every year, the world witnesses innovations, new technologies, as well as new online businesses starting to operate in this field. However, there was the time when the idea of making distant purchases was just a dream.

The History of E-commerce: From the First Inventions to Modern Innovations

The year 1960 is considered as the beginning of the electronic commerce era when the American Airlines and IBM companies began creating the SABRE (Semi-Automatic Business Research Environment) automation technology for reserving flights. This was the first experience of creating an e-commerce system. SABRE made air travel more accessible to ordinary citizens helping them to easily deal with the growing number of flights.

In 1964, the possibilities of the SABRE system allowed reserving flights for 26 thousand passengers per day. American Airlines terminals connected to SABRE via telephone lines were available in more than 50 cities.