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10 Tips to Make Your Subscribers Open Your Next Email

On May 3, 2012, I held a webinar on “How to Use Email Marketing More Effectively” which was recorded and is in free access now. Although it was one of the Magento Go webinars series, every Magento store owner can find helpful information for him or her.

At webinar, I told about best practices for subject lines as well as explained how to set up the “From” and “Reply To” fields and how to avoid spam filters. Moreover, I’ve shared 10 tips for improving the open rate of the next newsletter which you can find below:

You can watch and download the presentation or slides.

Six Must-Know Facts about Emails

Email is one of the most trusted marketing tools. But are you sure you leverage this tool effectively? We often try to put customer satisfaction on the first place, but many times we miss the mark. Basing on the BlueHornet survey, we will try to find out what your subscribers really think about your emails and how to improve relationships with your consumers via email program.

Fact 1

76% of consumers expect to receive a welcome email once they’ve subscribed

Based on survey responses, consumers expect to receive a welcome email immediately upon signing up, as it’s essential to engage subscribers while they’re highly interested in you.

But remember, your customers don’t want to be bombarded by a flood of emails that are not relevant to their interests.

In the welcome email, you can introduce new subscribers to all the benefits of your email program: highlight your website, social media pages and SMS offering if applicable, provide links to helpful resources you offer, etc.

Why is it important to clean your subscribers base

Large list of email addresses doesn’t mean efficient email marketing building. You can send newsletters to thousands of your subscribers but only a few open them.

We use Advanced Newsletter + MailChimp for our email marketing purposes. The Advanced Newsletter extension allows us to segment our subscribers and send them the information they are interested in only. MailChimp is very cool and useful email marketing service which lets us to successfully send our campaigns as well as thoroughly analyze them afterwards.