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Magento Solutions – How to Make the Right Choice

MagentoWith growing popularity of eCommerce, it’s not surprising that more businesses move online where they can reach new customers.

Selecting which software platform you’ll use for your web store is an important decision. If you have fixed upon Magento to sell some products on the Internet, but you are still confused among choosing different solutions, this article is for you.

5 reasons to choose Magento:

1. Magento gains momentum every year and at the moment has over a third of the global eCommerce market.

2. The Magento platform is trusted by more than 150,000 businesses, including some of the world’s leading brands.

3. The platform suits not only for savvy merchants, but also for newcomers and those migrated to Magento from other platforms.

4. The Magento solutions enable businesses of all sizes to control and customize the look and feel, content and functionality of their online stores.

5. Magento offers their customers, partners, and community members a wealth of experience and resources in commerce – related technologies as well as access to world-class capabilities from eBay Marketplaces, PayPal, eBay Enterprise, and others.

Let’s compare the Magento solutions bringing out the best in each one.

aheadWorks Is First to Offer a Free Trial for Enterprise Extensions

We are announcing a free trial period for all Enterprise extensions in our store, aiming to support the Magento Enterprise Edition and demonstrate its high potential to incorporate extended functionality. All Magento Enterprise merchants are encouraged to try this service for free and leave us feedback.

At the moment the Magento Enterprise Edition is less widespread than the Community version and, in our opinion, is rather underused, although more eCommerce transactions flow through the Magento Enterprise. Being the first and so far the only company that offers a free trial service on Magento Enterprise software market, we intend to boost the EE popularity in the community and outside it.

Enterprise Free Trial

Trial conditions:

  • users may request at most 5 extensions per trial session
  • trial lasts 10 days
  • installation and deinstallation are free and provided by our support team upon request

As far as this offer is new to Magento ecosystem, I explain how to request a free trial for our EE extensions step by step.

1. Navigate to the Contact Form on our website.

2. Make sure the Enterprise Free Trial Request option in the Please select the type of your request menu is selected.

Enterprise Free Trial Request

3. Fill out the form and click Submit.

4. After a while our support team will contact you and provide the requested EE extensions (with free installation/deinstallation if needed).

5. 10 days later, our support team member will inquire whether you are interested in purchasing extensions. If yes – you will proceed with the purchase, if no – module should be uninstalled and nothing will be charged.

If you are the owner of Magento Enterprise-based store or do development and customization for Magento EE edition, do not hesitate to request a free Enterprise trial and test our EE modules on your particular website. Our support department will help you install and deinstall extensions at no cost when the trial period is over.

All aheadWorks extensions are officially compatible with Magento Enterprise

Today is December 28 and 2009 is almost over. Looking back we can admit that this year was rather efficient for aheadWorks. Much work has been done with great success and a bulk of our extensions has become “must-have” for many Magento-based store owners.

To end the expiring year on an optimistic note, we would like to share some good news with you – all aheadWorks extensions are officially compatible with Enterprise edition!

Now you can improve your online store functionality, increase the level of your sales and enhance your website management with aheadWorks extensions whether you are running Magento-based or Magento Enterprise-based online store.

We wish you a happy New Year and prosperity of your business. Stay with aheadWorks and we will do our best to make 2010 even more efficient for you!

Advanced Menu 2.0 released!

In many stores native Magento navigation looks rather clumsy. With aheadWorks’ Advanced Menu extension you finally have flexible menu configuration functionality! In just two simple clicks, you can choose any look of Header and/or Side Menu from the admin panel, making your store menu appear the way you want.

With intuitive Advanced Menu configuration you can display any redesigned menu type – whether vertical or horizontal – at the predefined position of the page. If you don’t like how your menu looks at the left, right or content column, place it everywhere on the page using CMS!

Want different menu types displayed on store pages? Advanced Menu allows you to do it in few clicks. Select the menu type for Home, Catalog and/or Product page and enjoy the navigation you were lack because of poor Magento functionality.

The new Menu Behavior options allow you to set up the menu functioning in the way you need:

  • keep menu items expanded
  • mark current menu
  • allow independent folding
  • disable native Magento Layered Navigation block

By the way, Enterprise-based store owners can appreciate all new and existing features of this extension as well – Advanced Menu is compatible with Magento Enterprise!

You can view screenshots with new menu types and find more information about Advanced Menu on the extension page.

Who Bought This Also Bought 1.1.1 released

Today we are glad to present one more our extension compatible with Magento Enterprise!

Now Enterprise-based store owners can influence their customers to spend more on products from their store easily by leveraging the ease and power of our Who Bought This Also Bought extension. Use the now popular recommendation software technique made famous by the world’s largest online retailer Amazon.com to boost multiply your sales.

Please find the complete changelog on the Who Bought This Also Bought page.

Subscriptions and Recurring Payments 1.2 released!

Today in advance of Christmas and New Year we are happy to present a new version of the Subscriptions and Recurring Payments extension. We hope that this release will be as warmly accepted by you as the previous one because new features implemented in Subscriptions and Recurring Payments make the extension work in the very way YOU wanted and required:

PayPal Website Payments Pro integration
The list of payment gateways available in the Subscriptions and Recurring Payments extension has been enlarged. Now you can allow your customers to pay for subscription products using one more popular payment gateway – PayPal.

Magento Enterprise Edition support
Subscription products and services are inaccessible option for Enterprise-based store owners no more! The new version of aheadWorks extension is now officially compatible with Magento Enterprise and can be installed and used on any Enterprise-based store.

New variable
Now you can make your notifications even more informative with the subscription.next_payment_date variable! Use it in your template for alerts and remind your customers about the date of the next payment!

The new version also includes fixing of some minor bugs:

  • Order Item template contains subscription even if no subscription selected
  • Transaction emails are saved but not selected after alert edit
  • subscription.getSubscriptionUrl()
  • In subscription events between 2010-01-01 and 2010-01-04 the year is treated as 2009

To find more information about Subscriptions and Recurring Payments – available payment gateways or complete list of features – please visit the extension page.

We are still waiting for the ideas what payment gateways YOU require! Visit our forum and request the payment processor you need!

Automatic Related Products 1.0.1 released

The very feature of Automatic Related Products 1.0.1 making this release quite notable is Magento Enterprise 1.6 compatibility. Now Magento Enterprise-based store owners can also make their related products displayed automatically on category pages as well as on product pages!

The new version of this aheadWorks extension also includes the following minor bugs fixing:

  • Visibility for inactive products
  • Mysql_real_escape_string function usage

Interested? Find more on the Automatic Related Products page.

Review Rotator 1.2.3 released

aheadWorks continues releasing extensions updates compatible with Magento Enterprise and today it is Review Rotator turn! Now you can install this popular aheadWorks extension on your Enterprise-based store and be sure that you won’t meet any difficulties.

The new version also includes changes making the extension work more stable:

  • Improved layout with extension’s own CSS
  • Random function fixed
  • Rotate block view fixed

You can find more information about Review Rotator on the extension page.

Minimum Advertised Price is now compatible with Enterprise!

The Minimum Advertised Price extension by aheadWorks Co. has caught your fancy but you are afraid whether it will work with your Enterprise-based store? No more doubts and fears – Minimum Advertised Price is now officially compatible with Enterprise 1.6!

Besides the new version of Minimum Advertised Price includes the following bugs fixes:

  • Add to cart for the item out of stock
  • Popup is broken when no thumbnail is available
  • Some actions work only for buttons

Learn how to sell the products at the price YOU want to on the Minimum Advertised Price page!

Frequently Bought Together 1.1.7 released

Today we would like to pay your attention at the Frequently Bought Together upgrade which includes following minor bugs fixes:

  • Considering primary product custom options in price
  • Magento Enterprise compatibility

Remember one of the advantages you always gain with aheadWorks products – free upgrades at least in current version branch? Then what are you waiting for? Update now and learn all the benefits you get with Frequently Bought Together on the extension page.

aheadWorks extensions compatibility

We always hitch our wagon to a star, what helps us to reach new heights in satisfying all your online store needs and requirements.

Today we are going to share a piece of news which will definitely become the most expected event in Magento Enterprise world. So the thing is that aheadWorks Co. has launched Magento Enterprise 1.6 compatibility tests!

In the nearest future Enterprise store owners will gain the whole bulk of our extensions 100% compatible with Enterprise 1.6. Not much time is left!

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