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Aheadworks Products Made and Updated in August

Here comes the next business year and we’d like to tell our customers about the work that have been done by our team in August.

Aheadworks Products Made and Updated in August

Today we’ll present a new product and latest extension updates of Magento 1 and Magento 2 extensions.

Marketplace Theme for Magento 2

What is the ultimate goal of any Magento store? You may say that they are multiple, and will be be just right. However, if expressed in two plain words it’s something like ‘excellent look and great performance’. And that’s exactly what the new Marketplace Theme by Aheadworks is made for.

Event Tickets Ver. 1.1 – Printable Tickets and 8 More Features

The Event Tickets module update to the 1.1.0 version enriched it by numerous extremely valuable features and capabilities.

Many of them introduce absolutely new functionality and provide Magento store owners multiple options for managing and selling event-based products.

New Features

Printable Tickets

Order confirmation emails may contain printable PDF ticket copies. This option is enabled from the backend: Catalog -> Event Tickets -> Manage Products -> Edit Product -> Event Booking tab -> General Settings section -> Generate PDF Tickets.

PDF copies are individual for each ticket and contain general information about the event, unique QR codes, event logos, or any other dedicated information.

Customers may use included QR codes and get detailed information about the event from the My Account area on your site.

The size of QR images can be easily configured from the admin panel.

QR Images Configuration

QR Images Configuration

Flexible Tickets Redeeming System

Starting from the 1.1 version, the Event Tickets extension obtains a powerful and flexible redeeming system. The system allows Magento store owners to keep records of sold tickets and assign unique IDs to them.

Magento administrators can redeem tickets in three ways:

QR codeVia QR code scanning using any mobile device
This functionality is available, if PDF tickets generations is enabled. In this case, the extension adds QR codes to every ticket and allows logged-in admins with corresponding permissions to redeem them.

Manual ticket code input
The extension generates an alphanumeric code for each ticket with an option to add code prefixes per ticket type. Product detail pages contain a link to the code submission page, where admins can enter and redeem necessary codes.

Sell Bookable Products in Your Magento Store

A huge piece of the global economy is related to and trades by date-dependable products and services and particular date or time are very important for these products. For example, you can’t buy flights or accommodation services without their date or time specification. Date or time here defines the product itself and influences all other product’s parameters, including price.

Booking and Reservations extensionBooking and Reservation module by aheadWorks makes Magento products date-based. So merchants are able to start a new business related to booking and reservations with the help of this extension. Not only the module converts products into date-based ones, but also maintains the whole process of sales with flexible configuration, customer notifications, enhanced pricing, etc.

Numerous pricing rules allow store owners setting various prices for the same products depending on the date and time of sale, quantity of products, date and time of the event.

The module includes multiple configuration options to fit different types of business. You can set “excluded dates” not available for purchasing, certain time periods when purchases can be made, set multiple purchases available for the products with the same date or time, etc. Instant price changes when you choose different dates or time periods for your reservations and AJAX-based calendar are also included.

As well as other aheadWorks Magento extensions, Booking and Reservation extension contains multiple additional options for admins and customers.

Create Events and Sell Tickets for Them Online with The Event Tickets Magento Extension

If your e-business deals with distribution of tickets for various events, this news is for you! Today we are glad to introduce our new Magento extension Event Tickets. You can order it for $199.

The module helps with creation of numerous events such as concerts, seminars, conferences, moving-picture shows, theatrical performances, and selling tickets for them.

As a rule, tickets differ according to the quality of seats or the date of purchase. The extension solves this problem dividing tickets into classes: VIP and Standard, Free and Paid or Adult and Child. The quantity of classes is unlimited. Each class has its own price and quantity. These figures are taken into account in the process of selling.