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aheadWorks Giveaway: Two Free Tickets to Bargento São Paulo

While the whole Magento world is expecting Bargento São Paulo 2013 to be held on April 9, we got two free tickets for the event from its organizers! We want to give them away to someone who is checking our blog regularly and rather active at the same time. Here are 3 simple steps you need to perform:

1. Apply for free tickets here.
2. Enter your Email, Name and Twitter ID
3. Click “Enter Contest” and share the suggested tweet

When the contest is over on Friday, the system then will automatically choose two lucky devils and they’ll get 100% discount coupon codes from aheadWorks for Bargento São Paulo 2013.

Good luck to you!

The contest is over.

Heading to the Imagine Conference? Join Las Vegas City Tour with aheadWorks for Free

The biggest Magento event of the year, the Imagine eCommerce Conference, is almost around the corner and aheadWorks team is already packing its suitcases to fly to Las Vegas shortly. This time the third annual Imagine conference will be held in Las Vegas on April 8-10.

Being a Silver Sponsor of the event, we would like to offer you SOMETHING SPECIAL if you are also moving to Las Vegas to participate in the Imagine.

Join Las Vegas City Tour with aheadWorks on April 7 (Sunday) for free to get acquainted with this sin city full of temptation. To hop on a bus with us and make a short trip through all main attractions of Vegas, just REGISTER HERE with your Facebook account or by email and let’s have fun together before the main happening will take place next day.

The number of seats is limited, so be sure to register as soon as you see this announcement!

For all other participants: here are 4 big reasons for you to find aheadWorks booth in the exhibition hall and come talk to us.

  1. Claim the Certificate of your Imagine eCommerce Conference Attendance
  2. Get free tickets to Las Vegas Tour with aheadWorks on April 9 if you missed the first trip on April 7
  3. Learn about best deals and obtain discounts for all products in our store
  4. Find out aheadWorks Partnership Program benefits

aheadWorks team

I strongly recommend you to memorize these two smart, decent looking guys. You will get private coupon codes along with their business cards if you talk to them in person. Make appointment with them beforehand by dropping informal emails to the following addresses.

Artyom, Chief Executive

Matt, Chief Marketing

See you there! Do not hesitate to initiate dialogue with us anytime you meet our team at the Imagine, next to our booth or somewhere in the crowd. We’ve prepared for you much more. 😉

What’s New in Magento Universe? Learn More about The Community Events from Thomas Fleck

Thomas_FleckEditor’s Note: The series of posts are provided exclusively for our blog by Thomas Fleck, CEO of the Netresearch App Factory.

What is Meet Magento?

We started organizing Magento events back in 2009. The first Meet Magento took place in Leipzig, Germany with about 270 attendees. Since that, the event has grown steadily and also spread to other countries like the Netherlands, Belarus, Poland and Brazil. Last year all Magento events together reached more than 1,500 attendees.

The target group of the Meet Magento events is the whole Magento ecosystem. It is a platform to bring merchants, developers, agencies and partners together. There is no other event which facilitates such interaction with the whole community. Therefore, Meet Magento is the leading independent community-powered Magento conference.

Watch this video for a better understanding of what Magento community really is.

My Impressions on Magento Hackathon in Berlin: Everything Just Felt Right and Comfortable

Editor’s Note: This post is provided exclusively for our blog by Fabian Blechschmidt, a Magento Certified developer, organizer and one of participants at Magento Hackathon in Berlin.

My dreams and expectations mentioned in the blog post about Magento Hackathon in Berlin came true. I realized that it is easy to make Magento hackers happy: give them tables, electricity, Wi-Fi and the list of projects. And the freedom to decide what to do.

What we had and what we’ve done:

– around 2 days of hard hacking

34 awesome Magento developers

– built/extended 13 GitHub repositories. You can get acquainted with all projects here on GitHub.

The Dependency Injection and Magento report by Tim Bezhashvyly and the presentation of Karl Spies about doing Git right are also available.

Magento Hackathon Is Moving to Switzerland. Join Us!

Magento Hackathon in Berlin was a success and we wish you were there. “What’s next?”, you may ask. Are there any places in the world where you can continue grasping Magento wisdom, hack all day long and enjoy the company of soul mates? Yes, and this time we are moving to Zurich!

Join us for the Magento Hackathon in Zurich on March 8-10, 2013, inspired by the spirit of those held in Munich and Berlin. This international event is the first of its kind in Switzerland and aims at everyone who enjoys coding, learning and sharing Magento knowledge.

The Hackathon will gather Magento developers with different skill levels for collaborative projects provided by participants and picked by groups. Traditionally, the group provides project ideas and then splits up into teams to organize the work on their own.

Sylvain Rayé, one of Hackathon organizers, announces the preschedule.

Any Ideas on Brazilian eCommerce? Boleto Bancario, Installments, Bargento Brazil…

Since my first days in Magento ecosystem for over a year by now, I regularly meet smart, broad-minded and open folks who are passionate about Magento in a very extraordinary way, as it might seem.

These people educate themselves constantly and their Magento expertise is heavily based on their willingness to get and share knowledge they possess. They spend a lot to cross half the world to participate in Magento events and often invest their private funds to organize meetups and hackathons of their own.

It’s not fair that you may not know them well. From now, I will try to bring popular Magento enthusiasts to our blog and reveal their personality to you. And you can challenge them with questions and comments!

Today I’m glad to talk with Andre Gugliotti, Brazilian Magento Evangelist, the organizer of Bargento Brazil and the author of webinar series in Portuguese about basics and tricks for Magento developers.

Andre Gugliotti

Magento Hackathon in Berlin: Coding like Mad in Just 3 Days

Magento Imagine, MagentoLive, local Magento meetups…They are all great for general audience, interested in Magento this way or that. But what if you are a real coder with a strong desire to learn every single facet of Magento and its PHP base? Then the Magento Hackathon in Berlin will definitely draw you attention.

The first Mage Hackathon in Berlin will be held 3 days from now – on January 11 and last till January 13. aheadWorks is glad to be the part of it and support this event distantly as much as we can.

‘Learning Magento was hard at the beginning. I still find new angles of Magento everyday and it is fun. As soon as you’ve worked your way into it, you can do anything with Magento,’Fabian Blechschmidt admits. Fabian is a Magento developer and enthusiastic organizer of the Berlin Hackathon, and recently I got the chance to have a small talk with him.

Meet Magento Poland and How We See It 2 Days Later

We are back from the first Meet Magento Poland! Two days ago I could hardly collect my thoughts about the event – I was overwhelmed with emotions. Now with my excitement settled down, I feel ready to stop and analyze different aspects of the conference, its organization level, communication and Poland in general. So let’s get started!

       Artyom Rabzonov, CEO, and Dmitry Martsinkevich, CFO at aheadWorks

I visited Poland millions of years ago when I was a kid, so basically not many things were left in my mind and I discovered Warsaw for the first time. As soon as we arrived, I was immersed into this bright, shiny and luminous city that was already prepared for Christmas celebration. The early onset of Christmas came with decorated stores, Christmas songs and overall agitation in shopping malls.

Meet Magento Poland: Certificate from aheadWorks, 100 PLN Reward and Reduced Ticket Price

Magento ecosystem expands globally and locally, and despite the awesomeness and high magnitude of MagentoLive UK, it’s time to bring a difference to regions we live in. Rested a bit after London, we are moving to our closest western neighbor and a longtime comrade – Poland. Warsaw will host the first Meet Magento PL, which takes place on November, 23-24 in Hotel Mariott.

This local meetup consists of two days with a business track (general conference), developers track (developers day) and after-party, of course 😉 Attendees will have a chance to listen to best speakers from Magento, PayU, Baobaz, Divante, aheadWorks, Freshmail, MaxROY, Critical, Atwix and others.

Don’t miss a speaker from aheadWorks, Dmitry Martsinkevich, who knows how to find developer contractors of your dream and to choose them properly to keep Magento stores alive. His topic – “Guiding Rules for Choosing Reliable Magento Development Partner” – will be presented November, 23 at 5:05 pm.

MagentoLive UK Participants, Let’s Get in Touch!

aheadWorks team continues exploring the world with Magento and visiting different corners of the globe to embrace and shake hands with locals – the same Magento fans, as we are. Shortly after Meet Magento Brazil comes to an end, we will get packed again and land on Albion right away. This time we are heading to MagentoLive UK 2012 in London.

MagentoLive is a new form of Magento gathering that is intended to bring ‘more intimate, locally relevant, forward thinking experiences, besides existing meetups and annual Imagine eCommerce Conference,’ as organizers say. This year it will be held in London on Tuesday, November 13 with over 400 leading eCommerce store owners, partners and developers to learn, teach, share news and talk generally about Magento.

As one of the participants and a Silver Sponsor of the event, aheadWorks will be glad to schedule meetings with Magento professionals in advance. We might get really busy and overloaded with conversations, so we are afraid to overlook great partners and smart folks. This way we recommend you to send emails to Artyom Rabzonov – aheadWorks CEO – at or Matvei Krivoshein – aheadWorks CMO – at and make appointments beforehand to be sure you will have our full attention.

Keep in mind that the venue will be space-limited and it will be very easy to find aheadWorks booth in the center.

We love networking and partnerships and treat our companions generously. Therefore, we prepared something really special for MagentoLive attendees and will share a secret bonus (actually, there are a few of them) upon arrival.  See you soon in London!

AW Impressions from MageConf’12

Hello you all! This weekend was hot and I’m talking not only about the weather, but about MageConf’12 🙂 The conference took place in Kiev, Ukraine. It was divided into three branches: Magento, Workshop, and PHP. Though all reports were informative and worth listening, the PHP hall was much sought after.

aheadWorks Participation in Autumn Magento Events

The summer has passed, but the life in Magento community continues to gain momentum. This autumn is full of great events and we are glad to tell you about them.

aheadWorks, as Magento Silver Industry and Solution Partner, keeps abreast of all Magento events, and this autumn is not the exception. As always, we are pleased to contribute the common cause of the Magento World Community. It’s fun to get together and share the experience in a pleasant family atmosphere, so can’t wait to start!

aheadWorks is pleased to assist in the organization of events in the USA, Brazil, United Kingdom, Spain, Ukraine, Poland and many other countries. Such events help create strong relationships inside the Magento community, so our company plans to continue work in this direction.

The autumn marathon of the Magento events starts today in San Paulo, Brazil! We wish the very best of luck to all participants!

Our company looks forward to meet you! If you have any ideas or suggestions, we will be glad to discuss them. Feel free to contact us. 😉

Reports from Meet Magento Germany and Bargento 2012

aheadWorks team visits all the major Magento events. Here’s my report about our trip to Leipzig and Paris.

Meet Magento Germany 2012

Artyom Rabzonov, CEO, Petr Samoilov, CTO, and Dmitri Koteshov, Marketing Coordinator, had a pleasure to attend Meet Magento Germany in Leipzig on May 22-23, 2012.

The journey to the heart of Germany started in Minsk National Airport, where we got on a plane to Frankfurt-am-Main. The flight took us about two hours spent on talking, playing chess and having fun. Eventually, in Frankfurt, we found ourselves in a comfortable train to Goethe’s hometown. The travel by land was twice longer comparing to the flight, but the scenery behind the windows was amazing with all the country houses, castles, windmills and meadows.

Leipzig welcomed us by rather hot weather and hordes of cyclists. It took us just several minutes to reach the hotel, leave the luggage and join the pre-party in Westin Hotel where we met our partners from Netresearch and WebShopApps.

We must say that the organization of the conference was pretty much flawless. So thank you guys from Netresearch, you did a fantastic job.

aheadWorks at Meet Magento Germany

The 6th Meet Magento Germany conference has just taken place in Leipzig. Over 500 Magento retailers, developers, technical experts and partners gathered once again in a yearly conference to learn more about Magento keynotes, current trends and the latest business models.

aheadWorks at Meet Magento Germany

This year program is rich and divided into English and German sessions. There are lectures, discussions and user-oriented case studies from renowned Magento speakers and technical experts.

Be sure to come today at 16:30 (CET) to the Extensions Panel section where aheadWorks team will discuss the development process of our most popular extensions for Magento.

aheadWorks at Meet Magento Germany

At the Meet Magento Germany, we act as a Silver Sponsor. Find AW booth to say ‘hello’ to our team and ask any of your pressing Magento questions. Don’t forget to claim your 50 Euro coupon to spend on the best Magento extensions by aheadWorks.

50 Euro coupon

Take a picture of our booth at Imagine eCommerce conference and win $20

This Monday Magento enthusiasts will gather for the 2nd annual Imagine eCommerce conference held in Las Vegas. The tickets were sold out long before some of you ever thought of attending it. 🙂

This year’s conference will host 1,300 Magento merchants, partners, and developers from over 25 countries to participate in three days dedicated to collaboration, learning, networking, inspiration and imagination.

As we’ve already told you in our previous post, aheadWorks is an active participant of all Magento events. At the Imagine eCommerce conference 2012 we act as a Silver Sponsor.

For those people who are attending the conference we’ve prepared a challenge: take a picture of our booth at the Marketplace area and share it on Twitter with the hashtag #magentoimagine and @aheadworks reference. Get $20 in reward!

Looking forward to your pictures!

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