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Meet aheadWorks Team at the Main Magento Events!

aheadWorks team is an active participant of many Magento events all over the world. This time we are glad to greet our friends, customers, and partners at the main eCommerce conferences where we act as a Silver Sponsor. Three perfect opportunities to network, find out the latest trends, and see each other again!

Meet aheadWorks Team at Magento Events

Happy Holidays!

On behalf of everyone at aheadWorks, I’d like to thank you for being with us. Your ideas, feature requests and sometimes even questions inspire us to update existing and develop new best-in-class solutions for eCommerce business.

2011 was another booming year for aheadWorks. It is particularly heartening that this year we’ve launched thirteen new extensions, and the leading ones among them are the well-liked Points & Rewards, Image Slider and Group Deals.

This year aheadWorks has become the first provider of Magento Professional extensions on the market. 50+ aheadWorks modules are now available for any PE store. Moreover, we’re very excited to become a Magento Industry Silver partner joining the fastest-growing wave in the eCommerce market.

We’ve also launched a new pre-order system, which makes all Magento store owners able to order the upcoming extensions half price. For example, everyone had a chance to get Advanced Search and Custom Stock Display with 50% discount.

The achievements above are only just a start, a good start! We have many plans for 2012 😉

Promising view out the MMUK window

Meet Magento UK conference has just started. Envying that I’m not there, I decided to monitor the tweet posts the attendees are sharing waiting for the open speech of Roy Rubin, Co-Founder and CEO at Magento.

“The room is full of orange badges!”
“Never seen so much orange in one place, like an orangutan’s birthday party…” 😉


Roy Rubin gives the keynote and shares amazing numbers at Meet Magento: 100+ new Magento Enterprise customers every single month; 18% annual growth rate of e-commerce in the UK; 1 billion parcels from e-commerce in the UK.

In his open speech he also says that UK is the leading commerce market and announced Magento 2.0 coming q4 next year.

Meanwhile, our company’s representative, Max Krukovsky, is already at our booth 16 getting ready to answer all the questions our friends, partners and clients might have and give away $100 coupon values for all comers.

The conference is in full swing. Stay tuned!

Guess the last two numbers to win $100

Meet Magento UK is approaching. Today we saw the aheadWorks team off to London and it looks like on Wednesday they gonna have a lot of fun.

Guess the last two numbers to win $100

Not going to the conference? You can take part in our awesome promotion right here! We know that many people like to play with numbers. Give your brain a workout and guess the last two numbers (between 0 and 9) in the MMUK coupon code below to win $100 added to your aheadWorks account.

Try your luck and share the results in the comments to this post. Anti-cheating measures are undertaken. 😉

Take part in our awesome promotion at Meet Magento UK

Here’s a sneak peak on what we’ve prepared for the Meet Magento UK attendees. The participants will have the chance to win $100 too. All they have to do is to fill in a small questionnaire and claim their coupons! As simple as that.

Be sure to visit our Booth 16 for the chance to get the prize amount to spend on the best Magento extensions by aheadWorks.

Meet our team

The aheadWorks team will be at our Booth 16 throughout the show. Be sure to stop by to meet Artyom Rabzonov – aheadWorks CEO, and Max Krukovsky – Lead Account Manager.

If you have any questions or want to set up a meeting, please feel free to contact Artyom at

We look forward to seeing you in London!

aheadWorks handed out $17,000 of total discount

We are proud to admit that aheadWorks Co. was the co-organizer of the Business Internet conference held on the 3-4th of October 2011 in Minsk. We had a great opportunity to share our experience with all Business Internet participants.

Cyril Holub, the co-founder of aheadWorks Co., delivered his report at the Internet marketing section. His speech on “5 unable- to-say-no offers for website visitors” is considered to be one of the most informative and highly appreciated by Twitter community. At the end of his speech, Cyril handed out $17,000 of total discount what became a pleasant surprise for event participants.

Meet aheadWorks team at Meet Magento UK

The X.commerce Innovate Developer Conference held in San Francisco on Oct. 12, 13 is almost over. This was a nice opportunity to help retailers connect with ecommerce software developers and to provide the technologies that consumers now expect a retail business to offer.

It’s time for all Magento folks to get ready for the next round – Meet Magento UK

Meet Magento is the leading conference in Magento eCommerce in the world and an official corporate event from Magento Inc. This year Magento is bringing the best of the United Kingdom eCommerce ecosystem together for the first annual Meet Magento UK in October 26.

The conference will showcase the latest news about Magento, educational lectures for merchants and developers and an exhibition area where you can speak to experienced eCommerce specialists.

Find aheadWorks Co. booth

aheadWorks supports the Meet Magento conference and is proud to be a Silver Sponsor for the leading UK ecommerce event.

Looking to launch a Magento store or customize the existing one? Interested in a win-win partnership with us? Want to increase your revenues? If your primary business is in providing eCommerce services and products we’ll be happy to chat with you in aheadWorks booth #16.

Get your meeting with aheadWorks team scheduled early

Meet Magento UK is a perfect place to do some networking. Before you know it, the cool guys will have a full schedule and you will not be on it. So do yourself a favor and email Artyom Rabzonov, aheadWorks CEO, straight away at to set up a meeting with him.

We are always open to partnership and new distribution opportunities.

Let’s Meet in Paris

Bargento 2011 is taking place on June 20, 2011 in Paris, France. It is a perfect opportunity to learn about Magento from experts; to meet new partners, customers or service providers; to share your knowledge and discover new tricks; to find out the latest trends and innovations.

aheadWorks Co. is happy to be among the sponsors of Bargento 2011. Every participant of this Magento event will find a present from aheadWorks in a “Bargento 2011” bag which is given after registration.

We wish you to derive benefit from the conference!

Free tickets from aheadWorks to Meet Magento event

The third Meet Magento Netherlands conference is taking place on May 19, 2011. Organized again by Magento’s Dutch Community Manager, Guido Jansen, the event will feature presentations on various Magento topics including tips, tricks, and the latest innovations in the Magento ecosystem.

As the conference sponsor, we can grant 10 Meet Magento event tickets to Magento store owners for free! To get the promo code just send an email to Matvei Krivoshein, Chief Marketing Officer at aheadWorks Co., at krivoshein[at] and let him know your name and your Magento-based website URL. You can use our Twitter account and DM the details.

Don’t miss a chance to become one of 10 lucky participants and visit one of the most tremendous events in the life of all Magento developers, enthusiasts, partners, and professionals.

Meet Magento in the Netherlands


Today on May 26, 2010 the Netherlands opens its doors to every participant of the Meet Magento in the Netherlands event – no matter if you are just curious about features, options and advantages (Community or Enterprise) Magento offers or eager to learn more about Magento internals and integration with 3rd party software.

Meet Magento in the Netherlands is the second Dutch Magento community event where over 200 Magento developers, community members, enthusiasts, partners and market experts are expected to attend. It is one of the four Meet Magento events held all over the Europe:

  • Developers Paradise in Spain
  • Meet Magento in the Netherlands
  • Meet Magento in Germany
  • Bargento in France

We have got only positive impressions from Developers Paradise in Palma de Mallorca and are looking forward to attend Bargento in Paris. Unfortunately we couldn’t be in the Netherlands today personally but we are happy to know that some of the participants will get presents from aheadWorks. We hope you will efficiently spend your time and get answers to all your questions!